We used to meet for coffee two or three times a week – or rather, I should say coffee and green tea, just to ensure I include everyone! 🙂 The group varied depending on people’s schedules, but there was usually no fewer than six of us, sometimes even double this number.

          As tends to happen with such friendly gatherings, our topics of conversation were wide-ranging and rambling. However, we soon realized that the conversation would usually be dominated by three topics: health, beauty, and fitness. No matter what route the chat might go – and sometimes it got bizarre! – we’d inevitably end up discussing an area from one of these three topics.

          This wasn’t particularly surprising. As a group, we’ve always been hugely interested in these areas of life, whether it be professionally or personally. The great thing about these chats was that we’d all come away feeling that little bit more knowledgeable about, and capable of, caring for our bodies.

          Despite this bonding, though, there was a common regret that we all shared. We all felt that we were only scraping the surface with these random and unstructured chats. We knew that there was so much more than we could learn from one another. Then, one day, it struck us - why not pool all our knowledge and life experiences into one place? A place that we could all access as well as add to. From this idea, the Health Base was born...and we've yet to look back 🙂


   ~ Adam 

   Senior Editor of the 

Health Base Team 

The above is a long story made short about how the Health Base came into existence. As with everything that’s worth doing, there were many failed ideas and dashed hopes included in the formation of our dream. 

It took countless hours, unfathomable energy, and it strained the friendship of more than a few! Despite this, we persisted, because we knew that what we were attempting was worth the trials and tribulations.

The Health Base’s ethos is a simple yet important one – all of us here feel that by sharing knowledge and life experiences we can achieve a better society in which to live. Yes, this sounds incredibly corny, but it’s also incredibly true. The human race functions at its absolute best when it’s unified and working towards a common goal – we at the Health Base aim to exemplify this.

Thank you for reading.

(Proofread & approved by the rest of the Team!!) 😉


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