Best Foods that Make your Breasts Bigger


 If you are looking for a natural approach on how to increase breast size with food, you'll be delighted to know there are numerous options that can help. Certain foods can actually increase the  size of your breasts, at least temporarily. If you follow the right diet, you could maintain larger breasts on a daily basis.

This article will list some of the most effective foods for increasing breast size. Many of these foods are also very healthy and good for you   anyway. You will also likely enjoy the taste, which is just an added bonus.

 For the best foods that will make your breasts bigger naturally, keep reading. We don't just have 10 but 25 different foods that means there's   something there for everyone.

25 Foods To Increase Your Breast Size

1. Seeds


There are many different types of seeds that can increase the size of your breasts, including flaxseeds, fennel seeds, and sunflower seeds. They also make for a healthy snack and are generally pretty cheap. If you want to increase the size of your breasts without surgery, this is one food you should start eating lots of. These seeds contain a lot of lignin, which are polyphenols that can increase breast size in a very noticeable way.

2. Milk


It is important to drink milk on a regular basis for a number of reasons. Milk is loaded with calcium, which can make your bones stronger. This delicious dairy drink can also contains a lot of protein, which can potentially augment breast size in women. The hormones that are also in it contribute to this particular effect as well. You can choose to drink soy milk if you prefer, as it offers the same effects.

3. Dong Quai Root

Dong Quai root can provide you with a boost of energy and can help you increase your breast size faster. It can also help you maintain a strong immune system, which is crucial in staying healthy in the long term. You can consume this root in its raw form, or boil and strain it into a soup.

4. Papaya


Payapa is yet another food that is known for increasing breast size and other benefits.

Simply add half a papaya to every meal throughout the day. Y

ou should start noticing at least a slight difference in your breast size within a couple of weeks.

Patience is key but it's not very difficult when it's so tasty!

5. Nuts


There is no question that nuts are good for you, and they make for a nutritious snack between meals. They contain a significant amount of healthy fats, isoflavones, and proteins that are great for your overall health. Most nuts also contain a certain compound that is similar to estrogen and has been known to cause breast augmentation in women. This is one of the best foods to eat for noticeably larger breasts.

6. Vegetables

Vegetables are essential for a healthy and well-balanced diet, and certain ones can even increase breast size. Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale are all known for their ability to block testosterone production. This in turn can really help you with getting larger breasts without having to undergo any invasive producers. They are also great for maintaining a strong immune system and fighting off dangerous free radicals. These vegetables have powerful antioxidant properties to keep you healthy as a whole. Everyone should make a point of eating these foods on a daily basis.

7. Fruit

Certain fruits like raspberries, apples, oranges, peaches, melons and plums can also be incredibly effective at increasing breast size. Everyone should eat their fruit on a daily basis, but this is just another reason to do so. They can provide you with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy.

8. Dairy Products

Many dairy products can increase breast size as well. Cheese and milk both have certain hormones that behave in much the same was as estrogen, which is why they are so well-suited for this purpose. Raw dairy products are always a good choice when you want to get larger breasts in a natural but effective way. Look for dairy foods that do not contain any rBGH, which is a bovine growth hormone.

9. Seafood


Some types of seafood like seaweed, shellfish, prawns and oysters are loaded with manganese, which regulates the thyroid gland as well as estrogen and progesterone. This in turn can help you increase your breast size in a fast and noticeable way. You will, however, have to eat a significant amount on a regular basis. There are other seafood options that can do the same thing more or less, but these are the best ones. Seafood is very healthy in general and can help you maintain a proper diet.

10. Leafy Greens

Leafy green vegetables are loaded with all sorts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can keep you healthy. They are a particularly good source of iron and calcium. These vegetables contain phytoestrogens that can help women get larger breasts in a highly effective and natural way. Everyone loves a good salad, and there are many different things that you can do with it.

11. Dandelion Roots

Dandelion root has been used a natural remedy for all sorts of things over the years, and it can be incredibly effective for amplifying breast size. You can choose to consume this root raw or make a tea from it, which is a much more palatable option. This tea can increase hormone levels in the body, which is ultimately what makes it so good for breast enlargement.

12. Tofu

Lots of people love eating tofu, and for good reason. It is a very healthy food that can supplement estrogen production, leading to an increase in breast size. One of the best things about this food is that there are so many different things that you can do with it. It doesn’t take much time or effort to prepare either. This is an especially good choice for women who follow a vegan diet.

13. Red Clover

Red clover consists of chromium, phosphorus, thiamine, vitamin C and potassium. It is an excellent source of isoflavones, which serve as a natural way to enhance breast size. You can make a tea out of red clover very easily. All you have to do is just add a few teaspoons to some boiling water. Make sure to steep it for at least fifteen minutes before consuming the drink.

14. Oils

There are certain healthy oils that can also be quite useful when it comes to increasing breast size the natural way. Sesame oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil are just a few great examples of oils that you can cook with. These oils are very healthy and can also help you achieve a larger overall breast size. You can use these oils as salad dressing and an extra ingredient for various dishes when cooking. It is one of the best ways to increase breast size without putting your health at risk.

15. Vitamin Supplements

Vits & Minerals

Vitamin A and D are just two vitamins that can help you achieve larger breasts in no time.

They can also strengthen your immune system so you don’t get sick nearly as often. Lemons and oranges are two fruits that will provide you with lots of healthy vitamins.

Fatty fish such as tuna are also a great source of these vitamins. You can always take a supplement in capsule form, which is very simple and convenient.

You won’t have to deal with any cooking.

Just make sure that you get the proper dosage. Consult with your doctor before starting on a vitamin supplement. 

They can tell you exactly how much you need.

16. Chicken

Chicken is by far one of the healthier meats you can consume, and it is a great source of protein. If you want to stay in shape while increasing your breast size, this is an excellent option. You want to grill it as opposed to deep frying so you can get the full health benefits it has to offer. Cook it in essential oils for the best results. It will make your chicken taste great while making you healthier as a whole.

17. Fennel

Fennel seeds are commonly used in cooking and can really help with breast enlargement. In fact, they offer one of the most effective natural methods of increasing breast size. The phytoestrogen in this food makes it a great overall solution for women who want larger breasts. Cook these seeds with some healthy oil for a delicious snack. You can also eat them raw right out of the bag or container. It is a great snack for those who are trying to lose weight because of the low calorie count.

18. Dried Apricot

Dried apricot is also worth considering when it comes to getting larger breasts naturally without any surgery. They contain high concentrations of estrogen, which is why they are so incredibly effective for breast augmentation. It should only take a couple of weeks for you to notice results when you eat this food on a daily basis. Apricots are also great for skin, which is a nice added bonus.

19. Date Palm

Dates contain lots of important vitamins and minerals that can help you stay healthy while increasing your breast size significantly. The thiamin, niacin, folate, and vitamins in this food help as well. There are lots of general health benefits from this food, including increased energy levels, stamina and heart health. It is considered to be a “super food” because of all the benefits it offers.

20. Alfalfa



Alfalfa sprouts are yet another very healthy food that can provide you with a fast and effective way to increase the size of your breasts.

It contains lots of vitamin K, calcium, and vitamin C. Many people who eat this food on a regular basis find that they also notice a significant improvement in their skin. It is also good for strengthening your immune system.

21. Hops

While a lot of people associate hops with beer, the fact is that it can be very healthy as a whole. It also contains a lot of phytoestrogen, which has been proven to increase breast size. It can also act as a mild mood enhancer, which is an added bonus. One study that was conducted in 2013 showed that taking 125 micrograms of hops per day is best for this specific purpose. Not everyone is a big fan of the taste, but you can make it into a tea.

22. Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a very common ingredient in lots of health supplements because of everything it has to offer. It has been used by Native Americans for many years because of its numerous medicinal benefits. This food plant is completely edible and able to increase breast size by stimulating the production of estrogen in the body. It also prevents testosterone from forming, which also helps a lot for this purpose. There is even some scientific evidence to suggest that it could be an effective natural remedy for impotence. You can get saw palmetto supplements from most health food stores as well as online.

23. Wild Yam

Wild yam grows in North America and certain parts of China. It has been used in natural supplements for decades because of its many benefits. It contains a significant amount of phytoestrogen, making it a great way to increase breast size. This ingredient can be immensely helpful for women who want larger breasts.

24. Black Cohosh

Black cohosh is another edible plant that can be used as a natural means of achieving larger breasts in a completely safe way. This is a great alternative to hormone replacement therapy that many people have used over the last thirty years or so. This plant has many medicinal benefits, including the ability to strengthen your immune system.

25. Chaste Tree Berry


Consuming the chaste tree berry on a regular basis can do essentially the same thing as hormone replacement therapy.

There is a good chance that it can help you get bigger breasts within a matter of weeks.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways for your to increase your bust and your diet can certainly assist in that. It worthwhile noting if you're looking to increase your boob size by a cup or two then this isn't going to work for you. It's also extremely important to mention that through diet and eating the right food, patience is necessary for any noticeable results. 

If you’re looking to quicken up the process and get faster results there are other options available to you such as breast actives. This is a natural solution that can work in conjuction with eating the right foods to get your desired results, while also maintaing that perfect bust size.

Now the major question to ask, which food are you going to try first? 

Take care & be well,



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