Celebrity Skin Lightening – Who’s Bleaching Their Skin?

Maria back again 🙂 Today I wanted to dive into a topical subject around what celebs are whitening their skin tone.

Without a doubt the art of skin bleaching has become extremely popular in the last number of years, extending to the mainstream with celebrities getting involved. 

Albeit controversial, in the limelight you can't blame these celebrities for wanting their desired appearance. 

We hadn't realised how popular this subject was until we received many comments on our Facebook page about which skin products are best for lightening skin.

A lighter skin-tone is the in fashion look and many celebrities are exploring their options.

If you're as excited as I am to dig deeper into these celebs then you're going to love this article. 

They are some you'll be shocked with.

How do we know these famous people have gone down the route of obtaining lighter skin? These pictures will tell you everything you need to know.

Bleaching At Its Best - Who Are The Culprits?

Let's jump right into who these people are and the likely method they have used to achieve these results. 

Remember these celebs have a lot of money and resources at their disposal so just because it worked for them doesn't mean it will instantly work for others. 

1. Beyonce


That's right everyone, Queen B herself has gone through extensive treatment. Whether she looks better now, we can't really say. She looks fantastic in both her before and after picture. 

This became apparent that she truly did in a daily mail article that highlighted her fairer appearance.

This major figure head who happens to also be really down to earth and wealthy also took a desire to have whiter and brighter skin.

Millions of people around the world want to be her but I can guarantee not many people are aware of her insecurities in her skin tone color. 

This look you can see in the image has taken a number of years to achieve but you can certainly classify it as a success.

You'll also clearly notice that her fairer hair has led to more accentuated and noticeable results.

The results itself appear to be from a brightening product as opposed to full on bleaching. 

We compiled a detailed article on the many different ways to naturally brighten your skin.

Although she likely takes extreme care with her golden skin color, our guess is she is using multiple products, exfoliators and chemical peeling treatments. These are all methods in which you can get brighter skin.

With or without this treatment, Beyonce is beautiful in our eyes.

2. Rihanna

ri ri

Whether you agree with it or not, the aspiration for lighter skin is growing phenomenally. Ri Ri is an acclaimed celeb skin brightener.

A trip down memory lane to her younger days really highlights the difference between now and then.

Although it feels her look changes as often as the weather, it's evident she has successfully achieved the brighter tone she set out to get. She hasn't publicly stated that she has carried out bleaching of her skin but through analysis of the pictures says otherwise.

Here at thehealthbase, we love Ri Ri and everything she stands for. Whether she's using a product such as Illuminatural 6i to master up these results is still unknown. Whatever she is using is providing a natural glow that allows her to look young and vibrant.

3. Lil Kim aka Kimberly Denise Jones

lil kim

Amidst rumors that Lil Kim was bleaching her skin, many pictures revealed this wasn't just a rumor.  

The rapper famous for her songs such as "Nasty One" and "No Matter What They Say" has come under the radar for her visible change over the last number of years. 

The real question is whether this is make up or it's actually intentional whitening of the skin.

Lil' Kim is no stranger to the various cosmetic procedures around.

Fact of the matter is Kim looks Asian nowadays, a complete 180 degree turn to her previous look.

Let us know what you believe down below.

4. Nicki Minaj

nicki before and after

When Nicki was highlighted as an avid user of whitening treatments, it didn't exactly come as a shock to the team. We've suspected this for quite a while.

Unlike Lil Kim, it's highly unlikely her appearance today is as a result of makeup. 

You don't transform in the way she has without undergoing laser or rigorous treatments. It's possible she also dabbled in skin injections, something we ask our users to avoid at all costs.

Many highly acclaimed bloggers and journalists have reported that she has undergone treatment but the star herself has not referenced this in an interview.

Her progress also appears to be inline with consistent use of our recommend products, as she has undoubtedly set out and achieved the outcome you see in her appearance today.

It's difficult to say that these results can be easily achieved, they certainly will take time. She also has the best advisors and skin therapists.

5. Keri Hilson


Allegations of Keri Hilson lightening her skin have been on the horizon for some time now. The well renowned singer writes about acceptance, beauty and love in many of her songs. She is up there with the celebs who have sought to get that fairer skin ton definition.

Did it work? You bet it did.

Her results aren't as evident as some of the other celebrities we've highlighted on this page but all the same she's on a mission to reduce the melanin in her skin. (Something we've discussed on this site before, here)

Having looked into more and more photos we've come to the conclusion that Keri is using high factor sun lotion in conjunction with makeup and skin brighteners.

The question we want your help with is the following - Do you think it looks better before or after? We're undecided.

6. Latoya Jackson

We wouldn't have conducted proper research without including Michael Jackson's sister Latoya. She has been rumoured to have gone under the knife and a heavy proponent of bleaching procedures. Her skin tone over time has certainly reflected that of MJ's.

Did she do this to look more like her brother? We'll never know but she hasn't amassed the same level of fame, that's for sure.

Are they really rumours? We don't think so. 

7. Hallie Berry

It hadn't crossed our mind until we started to do some research for this topic that Hallie Berry had joined the "I want to be whiter" club. She's one of our icons and definitely beautiful the way she is.

The Hollywood A list actor has without a doubt reduced the level of melanin in her skin to a noticeable level.

This Bond girl has had speculation surrounding her based on photos of her early years circulating. Her skin tone is noticeably lighter and must be using strong factor to prevent getting darker.

8. Mindy Kaling Whitening


Mindy Kaling has achieved amazing results that have to be admired. She has been applauded by many of her supporters on different social media channels. 

Her whitening efforts have absolutely worked for her and certainly for the better.

What solution did she use? It's without a doubt her skin was poor in the limelight and she wanted to do something about it.

It's likely that she was using strong sun factor in combination with a skin-fairing cream that assists in reducing melanin

9. Azealia Banks Bleaching


The image above depicts the reality of one celebrity who has publicly admitted to bleaching her skin. According to a Dailymail article the writer outlines how she compared it to a nose job or every day hair extension. The controversial rapper has even compared it to plastic surgery.

Her 'laissez faire' approach has come under scrutiny. She even went live on Facebook and Youtube. A video that has amassed 92k+ views today.

It goes without question that she achieved the results she searched for from the outset. Her bleaching efforts have clearly worked.

Do you think she looks better, that's the question?

Either way, her openness on the subject is refreshing and gives her unique spin on why she did it.

10. Sammy Sosa Skin Bleaching

Sammy Sosa was a pro baseball player from the Dominican Republic. Even though he's a major ex baseball player he was still keen to change his appearance.

“Those people they sometimes criticize me, they don't know me" Sosa states.

He has certainly been at the forefront of the limelight due to his newly lightened skin tone, however has publicly addressed the comments. He explained that he was using a cream that reduced the melanin in his skin but the main purpose was for softer skin.

He spoke out stating that he hasn't purposely gone down the route of getting a whiter tone.

“What happened was that I had been using the cream for a long time and that, combined with the bright TV lights, made my face look whiter than it really is,” according to the ex Dominican star


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