Acne Care Part 1 – The Key Do Nots

The key do nots of acne care

Hello there! Beth here once again with another acne related article. As always, we at the Health Base listen to what you guys are saying to us as this helps us to write our content accordingly.

A common question that we are always being asked is what exactly are the important “do nots” when it comes to acne care – we’re asked about this pretty much on a weekly basis!

Therefore, due to this interest level, I’ve decided to put some time and effort into focusing on this particular issue. In order to do this, I asked the rest of the Health Base Team; I took into account what our community was saying to us; I bullet pointed my own experiences; and, of course, I did some thorough research from several trusted online sources.

I took all this information and condensed it down into what I believe are the key points. I hope that you find it helpful. Let’s get to it, shall we! 🙂

The Key Do Nots

Do Not Touch Your Face With Dirty Hands

The key word in the above heading is definitely “dirty”!! There are some health and beauty specialists out there who will tell you that you should never touch your face, even though this really isn’t all that practical.

We touch our faces pretty much every day, most of the time completely subconsciously – i.e. scratching an itchy eyebrow or nose, or brushing a stray hair from our face.

So, while I agree that you shouldn’t over touch your face, I think it’s more logical to ensure that you don’t touch your face when your hands are excessively dirty.

This is just common sense. Over the day, dirt accumulates on our hands at a steady rate – this is something that cannot be avoided, no matter how many times you wash your hands.

dirty hand prints

The last thing that you want to do is to then transfer this accumulative dirt to your face. This will lead to pores becoming blocked and breakouts occurring in the form of whiteheads. So, just try to keep this in mind if you’re over fond of bringing your hands to your face.

Do Not Scrub Your Face

This is a major mistake that so many people make when they are cleansing. It stems from a simple belief – the more elbow grease applied while cleaning will result in more dirt being removed! This line of thinking might work perfectly well when it comes to cleaning your car, but it’s a bit of a disaster with regards to exfoliating your face.

Why? Again, because our faces are quite delicate in nature. The skin that adorn our faces is quite complex and can easily be aggravated. This is why it’s important that you don’t wash your face in the same manner that you do the rest of your body.

Excessive scrubbing, or even repeated washes, will only result in the skin on you face becoming raw and irritated. It’s far more beneficial to exfoliate your face rather than wash it – the difference between these two being that the former is a more delicate process.

For an example of such an exfoliation process, please refer to our article which can be located by clicking on the below image:

Do Not Squeeze a Zit 

This is such an oh so tempting thing to do!! Trust me, I’ve been there! When a whitehead occurs it’s incredibly annoying. From that point on all you want to do is to get rid of the offending zit as quickly as possible.

Thus, the urge to squeeze the life out of it enters your mind!! 😊

This stems from the reasoning that the quicker the pimple gets popped and all the gunk is removed, then the sooner the healing process can begin.

The problem with this is that the zit needs to be allowed to mature to the point where it’s ready to be popped.


If squeezed too early, then only bad things will happen unfortunately. To begin with, popping a zit prematurely is a sure-fire way of causing the bacteria to actually spread to other areas of your face. 

It will also cause the offending pimple to become even redder and more irritated.

Therefore, even though it’s very annoying, you have to be patient when it comes to treating a zit. Allow for your body to fully push the blockage to the surface, then pop that zit and begin the cleansing process. Trust me, it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Do Not Over-Wash

As alluded to in the previous point, over-washing one’s face can also be very counter productive when it comes to cleansing. This is quite prevalent when it comes to acne care as washing you face too often could very well lead to breakouts.

Why, I hear you ask? Well, you see, every time that our skin gets washed, vital nutrients and agents are removed during this exfoliation process. This is just a natural result of this process and one that isn’t a major problem once you’re aware of it and take the necessary steps.

If you apply a moisturizer after exfoliating, and give your skin time to recover, then there will be no adverse effects. However, if you wash too regularly then you won’t be giving your skin the necessary time to recover.

This is when problems can occur. People often get hooked on cleansing their faces, wrongly believing that more is better when it comes to exfoliating. They ignore, or not aware of, the fact it is definitely possible to overdo it when it comes to cleansing. So, keep this in mind!

Take a look at what we believe is a top class exfoliating routine:

Best Exfoliation Routine

Do Not Go Picking

This is a direct lead on from the previous point. When a zit has been popped at the correct time, it is then time to clear out all the gunk that has caused the problem in the first place. This can be achieved by gently squeezing the zit.

After this, the body will naturally cover the injured area with a scab. A scab is a natural barrier that our bodies use to cover an open wound. It does this so as to provide some cover while it goes about fixing the underlying issue.

Therefore, the last thing that you should be doing is going and picking off this scab! This is a really terrible idea for two reasons. Firstly, this will interrupt the healing process and thus extend the time that it takes for the offending zit to vanish.

Secondly, picking a scab can actually lead to a scar being left as the body won’t be able to fully heal the injured area. So, resist the urge, my friends, and don’t go picking!! 😊

Do Not Be Impatient

This point reaffirms the ones I’ve already mentioned. Whether it be over-washing; picking a scab; scrubbing your skin too roughly; or prematurely squeezing a zit, acting in such a manner will only result in your acne or zit situation becoming worse.

Patience really is the key when it comes to acne care. You must allow your body to respond to the bacterial attack in a timely manner. 


Our bodies are marvelous pieces of natural machinery, and they are fully capable of dealing with acne.

However, if we actively interfere with the natural processes of our bodies, then the result could very well be that the situation will only be made worse. Being patient can be a tricky thing, especially when it comes to acne treatment, but I hope you now see why it’s absolutely key.

Do Not Use Toothpaste

If you search online for this method with regards to acne treatment, then you’ll no doubt come across numerous sources that will both adamantly encourage toothpaste use, and others that will vehemently discourage it! Such is the joy that is the internet 😊

But which one is true? Can toothpaste really be used to heal zits and whiteheads? The answer to this really is a double-edged sword. It’s technically true that some toothpastes are effective at drying out pimples and acne which will reduce the inflammation and reddening.

However, toothpastes have also been known to irritate acne and even cause it to spread. Also, drying out a zit may reduce the redness, but it’s not necessarily great in the overall scheme of things. You want a zit or acne infected area to be moisturized as this will ensure that the proper nutrients and hydration are reaching the troubled area.

My personal advice is to stay away from the toothpaste technique. I’ve tried it in the past and didn’t really see much of a difference whether it be good or bad. If you’re curious, then sure go ahead and give it a go. Just be careful, though.  

Concluding Thoughts

I hope that you’ve learnt something new from this article and please feel free to drop myself or the Health Base Team a message if you found something unclear or if you just want a chat.

I would also recommend that you take a look at our comprehensive guide on the issue of acne in which we cover all aspects of this irritating infection. The guide can be located by clicking on the picture below:

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