Acne Care Part 2 – The Key Dos

Acne care - the key things to do

Hey gang, Beth here again. This article is a lead on from the “Acne Care: The Key Do Nots” piece that I recently wrote. As with that topic, this is also an area of which we receive tonnes of great questions and personal stories from you guys.

Acne is a real pain, it’s something that can knock the confidence of even the most self-assured individual. However, this bacterial infection is also very much treatable.

This article will look at some key points that you should keep in mind when it comes to acne care. By being aware of these points, your ability to both prevent and treat breakouts will be greatly improved. Big promise I know, but it’s true! 😊

So, without further ado, let’s get to those all-important Key Dos….

The Key Dos

Do Use Clean Tools

This is one that is often overlooked, and it really shouldn’t be! When it comes to cleansing our skin, we use a whole host of different implements to get the job done. This can vary from tweezers; to combs; to towels; to face cloths; to nose trimmers; to razors; to scissors; et cetera et cetera. The list really is quite endless!

Though these health and beauty tools are without doubt effective and worth their place in our routines, they can soon turn harmful if they are not looked after properly. This makes perfect sense if you take a moment to think about it.

These implements are used to clean dirt and other things from our bodies. Due to this, they then get dirty themselves. This means that these tools need to be thoroughly cleansed or else you’ll just end up using contaminated implements the next time you want to cleanse. This can then easily lead to pore blockages which in turn can cause acne breakouts. Yeuck. ☹

Do Take Your Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are correctly seen as being essential mainstays in our diets. These super little bits of mother nature are key in helping our bodies maintain their optimum functioning levels.

As such, the benefits and uses of vitamins and minerals are endless.

With regards to acne and treating/preventing this bacterial infection, vitamins and minerals are necessities as they supply strength; flexibility; regenerative capabilities; and many other benefits that our bodies need.

Below is a quick list of these benefits:

Vits & Minerals
  • Repairs damage & decay at a cellular level
  • Turns food into energy
  • Improves the running of the immune system
  • heartbeat
    Increases strength of both bones & tissue
  • heartbeat
    Works to heal internal & external wounds
  • heartbeat
    Provides flexibility to the skin

The above are just a few of the many benefits that these natural agents can supply to our bodies, but even these few examples show how essential vitamins and minerals are to our health. So, get them in! 😊

Do Be Wary of Generic Soaps/Shower Gels

A tonne of people (mostly men, it must be said) don’t really pay too much attention to the products that they use in the shower. If it says shampoo on the bottle then they’ll use it to wash their hair, and if it says soap or shower gel then they’ll use it scrub their skin.

For the most part, there is no particular problem with doing this. Once the products in question are of a good quality then there shouldn’t be any issue for your hair or body. Yes, some people might need anti-dandruff shampoo or the like, but the majority of people can get away with using ordinary, generic products.

However, this all changes when it comes to washing your face. Our facial skin is far more delicate than any other part of our body. This means that what works for cleaning our bodies is probably not best suited for our faces. Many generic soaps and shower gels contain ingredients and agents that are only really designed for bodily use.

As such, these products can cause irritation and even pore blockage if used to scrub our faces. My personal advice would be to simply wash your face with water while in the shower, and then also incorporate a top-class exfoliation routine into your weekly habits as well. This will result in your body and face both getting a good, healthy cleanse.

Do Try Tea Tree Essential Oil

Essential oils are rightfully seen as being miracles of nature. The benefits and uses of these brilliant all-natural essences are numerous and super effective when it comes to the health of a human body. Acne is one such health issue that a top essential oil can help with.

Tea tree oil is very productive when it comes to battling the bacterial infection that is acne vulgaris.  Why is this? Simply, because the tea tree essence works to actively attack and kill the bacterial infection that is acne. Brilliant 😊

The great thing about this oil, and all essential oils, is that they are perfectly safe to use. They can be applied directly to the skin with minimum risk of negative side effects.

Of course, there is always the risk of an allergic reaction occurring, but this is a rarity when it comes to tea tree oil.

Tea tree

To be safe, employ a spot test when first using any essential oil. This way you’ll be to see if there is an unwanted reaction to the essence.

Do Use Concealer

This is one technique that has saved my bacon on more than one occasion! Zits and acne have a nasty habit of rearing their ugly faces at the most unfortunate of times. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had a breakout the day before, or the day of, a big social event. It’s maddening. ☹

Now, there’s very little you can do within such a short period of time to fully remove the offending zit – you can bring down the swelling a bit and ease the redness perhaps, but the pimple will still be evident for the most part. This is where a quality concealing method could save the day.

A concealing agent can effectively hide the offending pimple and get you through the night in question. The trick to this method is get the blend of concealer spot on (no pun intended). If you use too dark or too light a tone of concealer, then the pimple can actually be made to look worse.

Another key tip is to take special care to blend the edge of the area your concealing with the surrounding skin. By doing this, it should all look perfectly seamless and the zit should be pretty much invisible.

KEY NOTE: As with every type of makeup, it’s absolutely vital that you remove it when the day is done and you’re heading off to your dreams. Leaving makeup on while you sleep will only exacerbate any existing acne issues and could even lead to other breakouts.

Do Use Ice to Reduce Swelling

This is a common technique that many people use to bring instant relief to acne breakouts or the emergence of a rogue zit.

Such ailments are characterized by being swollen, red lumps that aren’t particularly easy on the eye.

Ice can be a source of short term relief for the redness part of this issue as the coldness will reduce swelling and ease the redness from the affected area.

This technique will not remove the zit, but it can minimize the appearance of it.

Reduce swelling with ice cubes

Below are a few key points to keep in mind when it comes to utilizing this particular technique:

  • Apply the ice for no longer than a minute - any longer can cause irritation

  • Rub the ice in circular motions to avoid it becoming stuck to the skin's surface

  • Wrap a cloth or tissue around the ice cube to avoid your fingers being affected

This technique will not work for everyone, and it does have varying levels of success. However, it’s a free method and very simple one to utilize so it’s definitely worth a shot in my opinion.

Concluding Thoughts

That brings an end to my article, I hope that you found it a worthwhile read. If you are interested in learning more about acne, then please take a look at the Health Base’s related content which I’ve placed at the bottom of this page.

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