Treating Rosacea with a Vitamin C Serum

Treating Rosacea from home

What is Rosacea?

Hello and welcome to my article where I will be discussing a specific skin problem that many people suffer from.

 I will also examine a possible treatment method that comes highly regarded – this being a top-level Vitamin C Serum.

To begin with, what exactly is this issue? Pronounced rose-AY-sha, this skin affliction is most commonly evident on the facial area, though it’s not limited to just the face.

It is a problem that is closely linked and related to acne.

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There are actually four Rosacea types, each with varying level of severity. Below, I’ve outlined these types:

Erythematotelangiectatic Type


Symptoms include redness; visible blood vessels; & flushing



Symptoms include a lumpy complexion and hardening of the skin

Papulopustular Type

Symptoms include swelling; redness; & acne breakouts

Ocular Type

Symptoms include irritated eyes & swelling in the eyelids

These are the main rosacea types and a general overview of what this ailment is. Next, I’ll look more closely at the actual symptoms.

Common Symptoms

As seen in the above paragraph, a major symptom of this skin affliction is the appearance of redness on a person’s face to some degree. This redness usually appears in a gradual fashion in and around the nose and cheeks. Then, over time, this red irritated blemish will spread outwards and become more intense.

This can result in a large portion of your face; chest; ears; or back being affected by this red, angry rash of sorts. As noted above, there are quite a number different effects of this affliction. Below, I’ve further explained the different degrees of rosacea symptoms:

Degree 1: Erythematot​​​​elangiectatic Type

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Flushing & redness in the center of the face
  • Visible broken blood vessels (also known as spider veins)
  • Swelling in the skin
  • Skin will become very sensitive, even beginning to sting or burn
  • Skin will become harder & dryer in complexion
  • Face will appear to be in a constant state of blushing

Degree 2: Papulopustular Type

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Acne-like breakouts will occur periodically
  • Skin can adopt an oily like complexion
  • Skin will become more sensitive
  • Stinging &/or burning sensations may occur
  • Spider veins will emerge
  • Raised patches of skin called plaques will appear

Degree 3: Phymatous Type

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Skin will adopt a bumpy texture
  • Skin will begin to thicken in complexion, most notably around the nose
  • Chin, forehead, cheeks, & ears may also exhibit skin hardening
  • Spider veins will become apparent
  • Pores will enlarge
  • Skin will become oilier in complexion

Degree 4: Ocular Type

Signs & Symptoms:

  • Eyes will appear bloodshot & watery
  • Eyes could also begin to burn or sting
  • Eyes can start to become dry & itchy
  • A sensitivity to light will occur – this can lead to blurry vision
  • Broken veins will appear in and around the eyelids
  • Cysts may appear
  • Dramatic reduction in eyesight capabilities

As I’m sure you’re beginning to realize, this affliction is a real problem for many people and thus the reasons why a rosacea cure is such a sought-after solution. Before thought we get to the solution, let’s first look at the causes of this ailment.

Possible Causes

According to a recent report from the United States, roughly 14 million people suffer from this affliction on a daily basis. This is a staggering amount of people. These people usually fall into one of the following characteristics:

  • Aged between 25 - 60 years of age
  • From a family that has a history of rosacea or acne
  • Possess physical characteristics such as fair-skin, blonde hair, blue eyes
  • From a Celtic or Scandinavian background

While we do not know for absolute certainty why this skin ailment occurs, there are a few triggers and reasons that are seen as being key factors. Five of these main ones are outlined below:

It’s Hereditary 

Unfortunately, this skin problem can indeed be passed down from one generation to the next

Skin Mites

These little buggers live on the surface of our bodies, especially around the nose and cheek area.

 It’s been proven that people who suffer heavily from this ailment have a large number of mites present in the area of infection

head lice

Immune System 

It’s been tested and proven that the immune systems of people who are prone to skin problems like this one react differently to negative bacteria. Unfortunately, this is as much as this research has been able to ascertain

The H Pylori Bug

This particularly nasty bug is commonly found on people who suffer from rosacea. Again, scientists have not categorically linked this bug with the emergence of this ailment

Production of Cathelicidin

This protein, when being processed, has been known to cause redness and swelling in a person’s face and on the body

The Best Treatment

OK, so now we have fair understanding of this skin problem and why it occurs – even though the why is still a hotly debated topic of converse. Now, let’s get to the meat of the issue; that being how to get rid of rosacea. This is the question that really needs to be answered so allow me to set out some possibilities.

To begin with, there are three common logical steps that people can take in order to both prevent the appearance, and treat existing, cases of this particular skin issue:

1 – Locate Your Triggers

“Triggers” is actually a common term that doctors, dermatologists, and skincare specialists use when it comes to this skin problem. Triggers are factors that might cause your rosacea to flare up and make your skin become inflamed.

The following are common triggers: your body overheating; eating excessively spicy food; allergies; or a strong cold wind. People have different triggers but these are the four most common ones so it’s worth keeping them in mind.

2 – Watch Out for the Sun

This is absolutely key. If you are susceptible to this skin issue, or indeed any skin issue, then it’s very important that you avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight of an excessive nature.

In order to prevent the sun from adversely affecting your skin, there are several steps that you can take which include applying a high SPF sunscreen; wearing sunglasses when outside; seek shade during or even avoiding the midday heart; and really just being conscious of the sun and the damage that it can do.


3 – Choose Your Skincare Products Carefully

Whether it be moisturizers; acne serums; emulsifying agents; shampoos; or makeup, it’s important to pick products that will work well with your skin type. There are so many products and brands on the market today that sometimes this can be easier said than done.

Unfortunately, a large part of getting this right is very much trial and error. A key way of skipping parts of this process, however, is to identify agents and ingredients that you might be allergic to or perhaps react negatively towards. Jot these things down and then check if they’re on the product’s list of ingredients. Then avoid. Simples 😊

These are very pertinent steps that everyone can take. Next, I will look at some treatments that can actively treat this skin issue. As always, a natural treatment is what we always want so let’s get to it!

Rosacea Natural Treatment

When it comes to treating skin problems in a natural fashion, the use of vitamins is an obvious and trusted method that has been used since the beginning of time…or perhaps a little after. 😊

In terms of rosacea, there is one options that stands head and shoulders above the rest – this being Vitamin C.

This particular agents has a whole host of marvelous benefits for our skin. The one that is important when it comes to the topic of this article is that Vitamin C is exceptional at reducing inflammation that can occur in our skin. This is why this is one of the best choices for rosacea.

Vitamin C

Now that’s the actual vitamin located, the next important question is what’s the best delivery system? It’s agreed upon in the health and beauty industry that a quality serum is the best method of getting the best out of this mineral.

A top-quality serum maximizes the benefits of Vitamin C and this is why this method is believed to be one of the best homemade remedies for rosacea. By using a serum’s specially formulated ingredients to treat the affected area, quality anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent flood your skin which will reduce any redness or irritation in no time at all.

Important Note

It would be remiss of me to not say that the best course of action when it comes to any persistent skin ailment is of course to visit your local doctor or/and dermatologist. These are the guys and girls who have done the years of learning and possess the experience in order correctly treat your condition.

Though, if you want to try a Vitamin C Serum in conjunction with visiting a specialist, then my personal piece of advice would be to stick with a serum that has a Vit C concentration of 10% or under. Any higher concentration levels might very well be too much for your skin to handle. This could then lead to your condition worsening.

For a look at a few examples of quality brands and their products, check out our comprehensive guide on the issue:

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