Aroma Ace Review – Best Diffuser in 2018

Aroma-Ace Atomizing Diffuser

What is an Essential Oils Diffuser?

In case you are new to the world of EOs and diffusers, let me briefly explain what these two things are and why diffusing these natural oils is such a popular activity in today’s modern world.

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These natural substances are a treatment that have been around for centuries. There are numerous different types, with each supplying its own benefits and uses. Take a look at our top rated five essential oils for some prime examples.

Essential oils take the best elements of different types of plants, herbs, and compounds and distill these elements into liquid form. They are, pretty much, perfect little encapsulations of nature. The uses and benefits of these substances are wide ranging and incredibly powerful. I’ll mention some in a little bit.

Essential oils

Diffuser for Essential Oils

What then is this machine? Well, just as modern science has managed to distill the benefits and positive elements of nature into oil form, we have also created the best method in which to circulate all this goodness.

EO diffusers are machines that have been specifically designed to create an environment filled with the essence of the oil that you’ve chosen to use. Whether it be basil, peppermint, frankincense, rosemary or oregano, a top-quality product will release the essence into the air at the perfect rate and texture so that you can absorb it into your body.

This carefully controlled rate of release and fine mist form is the key behind the success of the diffusing technology. By dispersing EOs with one of these handy machines, you can soon enjoy all the many benefits and positives that these substances are renowned for. Speaking of…

Diffuser Benefits

The key benefit of using a diffuser for essential oils is that this method has been proven to be without question the best delivery system. It results in the oil becoming a vapor like substance that can easily be inhaled and absorbed by the body.

This then results in you gaining the maximum benefits of whichever essence you have chosen to use. In terms of what these benefits actually are, they vary depending on the substance in question. However, below are some reoccurring benefits that all EOs can provide in some form or another.

Benefits of aromatherapy oils

The Aroma-Ace™ Atomizing Diffuser

So, we’ve seen the benefits that a top quality essential oil diffuser can deliver. Now let’s look at an example of such a device. As always, we at the Health Base did our due diligence when we went about searching for a top-grade unit.

After trying several of the leading brands, as well as taking into account the mountain of customer feedback, reviews, and testimonials available nowadays on the web, we settled on the Aroma-Ace™ Atomizing unit. Below are the key aspects of this device which will help explain why we were so taken with this product.

Physical Components

Personally, I love the actual look of this particular machine. I think it looks super slick and even a bit futuristic.

This of course is perhaps not a massive concern, but still, it’s nice to think that some time and effort has gone into the design. I for one wouldn’t exactly be excited by something that resembles a toaster!!

The Aroma-Ace™ diffuser is also available in five different color codes – they being black, green, blue, bronze, and lavender.

Again, not top of the list in terms of things to look for, but it’s always preferable to have few different colors to choose from.

Aromatherapy diffusers

The really cool thing about this product is that the power source is compatible with all types of plugs. This means that it can be used all over the world due to this universal plug type. This is a weight of the mind for anybody living outside the US.


When this machine is in operation, it covers roughly 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. This is a massive area of coverage when you think about it. It’s certainly more than you would ever actually need.

This coverage will ensure that you can set up this diffuser in any room of your house, or indeed in your office at work, and know that the diffusing essential oil will reach wherever you are sitting. A friend of mine actually is very fond of using his own unit when he’s sitting down to work on his laptop.

This is a great idea as a key benefit of these substances are that they help to relax and focus the mind. Having such a machine in operation in the background while you are doing some work is therefore a clever way of boosting productivity.

The Warranty

The is an area where the Aroma-Ace™ Atomizing Diffuser really stands out from the rest of the pack.

This product comes with a massive FIVE year warranty – this length of warranty is quite honestly spectacular when compared with the other leading brands.

Warranty is something that should always be taken into account when making a new purchase.

5 year warranty

 This is doubly true when that purchase involves a machine based product. It’s a consumer’s hell to be stuck with a faulty or broken machine and having no warranty to fall back on

Thankfully, this won’t be an issue with this diffuser – therefore peace of mind guaranteed for a whole five years. 😊

How does it work?

The Aroma-Ace™ Atomizing Diffuser is operated by atomization technology. This technology is quite new and is an improvement on the standard vaporizing technology that most competitors use.

Atomization employs a cold air pump that transmits the essential oil through an atomizer which thus transforms the essence into tiny particles. These particles are then expelled from the machine in the form of a super fine vapor that will begin to fill the room with all the goodness that nature has to offer.

This method of atomization has been proven to be the most effective delivery system in which to both maintain the scent and healthy properties of any given EO. All it takes is for you to twist a new bottle into the port of the diffuser and off you go.

It only takes a matter of seconds to set up the Aroma-Ace™ unit. Also, because this machine has built in timers, it means you can control the length of your diffusing session down to the final second. 

Below is a quick breakdown of the key features of this device:

The Key Features

Key features of the Aroma-Ace diffuser


The following reviews are a sample screenshot taken from the Aroma-Ace's official website.


Video Testimonial From a Professional Aromatherapist

Final Word

There you have it, folks – that is what we at the Health Base believe to be the best EO diffuser on the market today and why exactly we think this is the case. I hope that you found this review helpful and perhaps even a little be enlightening. 😊

As always, feel free to get in touch with us regarding any health or beauty related questions. Also, if you’ve some time to kill, go ahead and browse the rest of our knowledge base. I’ve attached some related content to the bottom of this article that you might find helpful.

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