What is the Correct Alpha GPC Dosage?

Alpha GPC v Choline

What is Alpha GPC?

Short for L-Alpha Glyceryl phosphorylcholine, or choline alfoscerate, this ingredient is extracted from either soy or sunflower lecithin and is a quality source of choline.

It can also be gained from eating organ meats, wheat germ, or dairy. Furthermore, this element can actually be found naturally recurring in small doses in your body.

But what is choline and why is it important for our health? Choline is an essential nutrient that your body needs for two key reasons:

  • To aid with the production of a neurotransmitter known as an acetylcholine
  • To help with the formation of phosphatidylcholine (PC) which is key in the creation of cell membranes

These two above factors are so vital that it is widely believed that a lack of choline in our bodies would drastically affect our ability to do even the simplest of tasks. This is because this agent is agent ensures that our cognitive and nerve functions are working in proper order.

The Problem

As I have outlined above, choline is super important when it comes to the functioning of our bodies. This is why it is known as an essential nutrient. However, despite this importance, it’s a fact of life that our bodies actually use up our stores of choline at an alarming rate – far quicker than the amount that we can naturally replenish.

This is where using a supplement like Alpha-GPC is vital because it supplies a top-quality source of choline for your body to use, thus filling back up your body’s natural amount.

The reason why this type of choline is such an attractive option for modern day supplements is because of its suitability with regards to interacting with the human brain. Due to its physical makeup, Alpha GPC is a far more accommodating source of choline to other the options such as choline citrate or choline bitrate.

The reason behind this suitability lies in the fact that this ingredient is highly bioavailable which makes it able to cross the blood-brain barrier with ease. This is obviously key when it comes to cognitive enhancing supplements as it delivers super quick positive impacts.

How Does it Actually Work?

I touched upon this in the previous sections, but now let me explain in more depth how exactly Alpha GPC works when it is introduced into your body. The key benefit that it bestows onto the human body is that it works to boost brain functions and overall health. It does this in the following two ways:


Boosting of Acetylcholine

This is a neurotransmitter that is heavily linked with a person’s ability to remember as well as the overall function of our brains.

Alpha-GPC is essentially a precursor to acetylcholine and is vital in boosting the way neurons in the human brain interact with one another.

This increase in neuro communication then has a massive positive impact on such mental areas like clarity; memory; ability to learn; critical thinking; and overall cognitive functioning


Development of Cell Membranes

The Development of Cell Membranes: Alpha GPC has been proven to actively help in the development of cell membranes within the cerebral cortex.

This area of the brain is known as “gray matter” and it is vital as it houses the information processing centre of our brains.

By boosting this overall process with this added supplement, you can then see improvements in your mood; ability to organise and make coherent thoughts; motor functions; and overall intelligence.

So then, this brings us to the headline question of this article. That being what is…

The Correct Alpha GPC Dosage

When it comes to any type of supplement, a consideration that should be at the forefront of your thinking is the dosage. As such, there are several different things that you need to think about when it comes to dosage. I’ve listed them below.

  • How much should I take at any given time?
  • When in the day should I take it?
  • How long should I stay on it?
  • What is the best delivery method?

These four questions are very important as answering them correctly will result in you getting the most out of your supplement. If you get one of these wrong, however, then the supplement could be wasted, or even worse could be potentially harmful.

For example, unbelievably there are quite a large number of people who take supplements in haphazard manner. They don’t pay attention to the instructions and instead just take the supplement in question in a random manner. This is a mistake.


Simply put, because these supplements have been calibrated and measured to the final milligram. Extensive studies and research have been done in order find out the perfect dosage. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you follow the recommended dosage that is supplied with the supplement in question.

Now, as far as the correct dosage goes for Alpha GPC, below I’ve supplied the answers to these four pertinent questions:

How much to take?

The standard measurement of this supplement usually comes in 400mg tablets/powder form and this is the maximum that you should take in one go.

This dosage has been calculated by professional scientists to be the best amount in which to ingest at any given timed. Any more, or less, will be a waste.   

It is usually advised that you take three 400mg doses per day to get the desired results.

When should I take it? 

It is advised that you spread out your daily 1200mg (400mg x 3) of this supplement throughout the day. This easily done in a morning, afternoon, evening fashion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are taking Alpha-GPC for athletic purposes, then it’s best to take one 400mg 30 minutes before you begin your daily training session.

This will give you a brilliant boost of mental energy for the coming workout.

How long should I stay on it?

When it comes to any type of supplement and the long term taking of it, the best course of action is to cycle on and off. This is a widely recognized industry practice.

By giving your body a break from the supplement, it negates the risk that you will get accustomed to it and will thus keep the positive effects fresh. 

This can lead to the positive impacts of the supplement actually decreasing.

What is the best delivery method?

While it is possible to take this supplement on its own, there are two problems with this option. Firstly, it can be quite expensive if you’re just buying Alpha GPC capsules or powder. Secondly, taking this supplement on its own is not necessarily the best way in which to get the maximum out of this source of choline.

So, what is the best method?

One word. Stacking! Stacking is where you combine several cognitive boosting ingredients into one super supplement. These ingredients, when properly refined and then combined, actually enhance one another’s positive attributes. This then results in a supplement that is tremendously helpful for the mental output of our brains as well as the overall health of this most vital of organs.

If you would like to no more about stacking, then click on the image below to read all that we at theHealthBase know of this topic:

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Getting the Dosage Wrong – Potential Side Effects

An attractive element of Alpha-GPC is that it is a very safe supplement. If taken in a mature, logical manner then you will have no issues with it. In saying this, it’s worth noting the two potential issues that might cause negative impacts. I’ve outlined them below:

  • Overdosing: if you do not stick to the daily recommended dose, then it is possible for you to introduce too much choline into your body. This could then result in such issues like fatigue; nausea; agitation; headaches; or stomach issues. These side effects will only happen if you abuse this supplement so simply stick to the correct dose and you will have no issues.
  • Night Time Consumption: this supplement has a natural effect of giving your brain a mental boost of energy, thus the reason why a lot of athletes take it before a training session. The downside of this is that if you were to take it late into the evening or at night, then it could result in you being unable to sleep.

Getting the Dosage Right – Guaranteed Benefits

The positives of using this supplement in the correct manner are really quite marvelous. These benefits are enhanced even further were you to stack Alpha GPC with other top-rated brain enhancing ingredients.

Here are the top benefits that this natural supplement can bring into your life:

  • Optimizing Cognitive Functions: by helping in the creation of new brain cells, this supplement can maximize the ability of your brain in terms of clarity, coherency, and concentration

  • Boosting Mental Energy: moods are improved and regulated due to the steady stream of mental energy that is supplied

  • Ease of Use: a huge benefit of this supplement is that it is so easily absorbed by the human brain. This means that it can begin working its magic as soon as possible
  • Actively Fights Mental Disorders: such cognitive maladies like Alzheimer’s are ideally suited to be targeted by Alpha GPC because of the positives outlined in the above sections

  • Improved Memory: the bioavailability factor results in the creation of acetylcholine which is essential for sharpening our memory

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    Built for Stacking: due to its super adaptable nature, Alpha-GPC is a common ingredient in some of the leading cognitive enhancing supplements on the market today

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