Best 5 Essential Oils

Best essential oils

For a more thorough look at this topic, please feel free to hop over to our EO reference guide. In this guide we delve into the world of these aromatherapy oils - including the key benefits; uses; and methods of incorporating them into your daily routine.

P.S. "EO" = "Essential Oil". 🙂

No. 1 – Lavender

Lavender is widely known as being one of the most effective methods of inducing relaxation and calming the human body and mind.

In fact, the power of this natural substance has been known for so long that it can be traced back to an old folk remedy in which pillows were stuffed with lavender flowers.

Over time this method was refined and thus the substance was created. Below are some examples in which the use of lavender EO can be of great help.



We all suffer from anxiety at one point or another – this is just a common consequence of living in a modern, busy, fast and free flowing world. The trick is to know how to manage and ease the times when anxiety kicks in.

Many people use methods like yoga, exercise, or meditation. These work great. Lavender is also an excellent method of which to ease anxiety. How though?

Well, when we inhale lavender it instantly interacts with the central nervous system which then causes a relaxing and soothing experience. This, overall, will greatly help to reduce anxiety levels.


Again, as with anxiety, we will all suffer from sleeping problems in some form throughout our lives. It really cannot be helped, but it can definitely be minimized. 

There have been many studies conducted with lavender with regards to its impact on people who suffer from insomnia. These studies categorically prove that regular use of lavender can greatly help with insomnia – noticeably providing a better sleeping patterns and improving the energy levels of those involved in the case studies.

Stomach Pain

Again, as with insomnia and anxiety, pain in the stomach/gut region is something that we will all come across in our lifetimes. This pain can come in many forms, from period cramps to stomach bugs. Whatever the form, this pain is usually quite crippling and can severely affect your standard of living until it finally passes.

Because lavender has the benefit of providing relaxation to the area in which it is administrated, this makes it an ideal cure for menstrual cramps or stomach pain. It has been proven that either inhaling the smell of lavender oil, or rubbing this substance into the stomach area, can be of great help in easing stomach difficulties.

These qualities also make this oil very suitable in dealing with hemorrhoids. 

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No. 2 – Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Tea Tree, or Melaleuca oil to give it its original name, is a substance that has been used for centuries as a medical solution to many issues. The substance itself is derived from a specific tea tree plant found in Australia. 

The history of tea tree oil can be traced back to the Aboriginal people of Australia who used it to heal wounds as well as avoiding infections.

Below are some ailments that this tea tree compound is very effective at dealing with.

Tea tree


Acne may be a bit of a first world problem in that it’s purely based in aesthetics, but it’s still a horrible affliction to suffer from. Really bad acne can have serious impacts on a person’s overall image of themselves and their self-confidence.

Therefore, it’s quite natural to want to rid yourself of any acne as soon as possible. While it is always advised to use a top-quality acne treatment tea tree oil is a super effective addition to combating any acne. Using this oil in conjunction with an acne treatment can provide the perfect one-two combo in the fight against acne.

Athlete’s Foot

This skin infection can prove to be quite bothersome and even harmful if not treated soon and effectively. A study conducted in recent years unearthed evidence that tea tree EO has a super effective impact on dealing with Athlete’s Foot.

This study, conducted over a period of time, resulted in 60+% of the candidates being cured of their Athlete Foot condition. This a remarkable success rate for a product that does not need to be bought via a doctor’s prescription. It’s certainly well worth a shot before going to the doctor and having to fork over an appointment fee.

If you do want to try melaleuca oil on Athlete’s Foot, then give it three to four weeks to see if there’s any improvement.

Dandruff and Head Lice

head lice

Again, another case of first world problems here as they’re certainly not ailments that are going to cause you major problems in life. But, as with acne, dandruff or head-lice can be incredibly vexing – even to the point where you want to pull your hair out…quite literally. 😊

As with most EOs, there are many studies available that testify to the benefits – the same can be seen for both dandruff and head lice.

These studies, along with consumer reviews, have proven that tea tree EO is effective at combating both these types of scalp maladies. One study showed results of helping 40+% of candidates with dandruff, while another saw that the use of just a 1% concentration of tea tree EO resulted in a 100% kill rate of head lice in the administrated area. These results, as with the other varieties, really do make the tea tree option a very attractive option for dealing with the issues outlined above.

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No. 3 – Peppermint

Peppermint is one of those elements that is universally known to have hugely beneficial attributes. It comes in many forms, with the most prominent types being the oil and tea variations. It also known as mentha arvensis.

The reason for its popularity lies in its antispasmodic function which works to calm the muscles of the stomach and gut. This thus improves the digestion of food and prevents stomach issues.

In terms of the substance, when applied to skin peppermint can aid in soothing any irritation as well as proving relief from any skin aberrations such as bites, spots, wrinkles, sun spots et cetera. Below are some of the key uses of peppermint.


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

IBS is a horrible affliction that can cause great discomfort for anybody unlucky to be afflicted by it. Over the years, there have been many studies conducted in order to find a way of lessening the impact of IBS.

Applying peppermint EO to the affected area was one such tested method which proved quite effective. The peppermint works to relax the stomach muscles which greatly eases the discomfort associated with IBS.


As mentioned previously, peppermint, in all its forms, is a great way of increasing and maximizing the digestive capabilities of the human body. Such is its benefit, that drinking peppermint tea after a big meal is something that many a person adheres to.

There is nothing worse that being struck with bad heartburn after a meal. Bloating and nausea can also be a problem when it comes to digestion issues. Peppermint oil applied to the stomach area can greatly reduce the effects of this issue as it will ensure your digestive system runs smoothly.

Hair Growth

This is quite a surprising one – I was certainly caught off guard when I came across this benefit of peppermint during my research! Why or how I cannot answer, but someone somewhere decided to experiment on mice with peppermint with regards to hair growth. Huh?!

These researchers proved that applying peppermint oil to an area struggling with hair growth over a period of time does indeed boost the chances of hair propagation. The mice in question experienced increased growth in hair follicles – both in depth and thickness.

I may add that Rosemary EO is also a very good treatment for hair issues.

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No. 4 – Oregano

Oregano is not quite as well known as the three mentioned thus far, but it is still a common mainstay in many homes.

Most people, when they think of oregano, their minds jump to the herb rather than the oil version.

This is quite understandable as oregano is a herb that’s used all over the world in countless households. The oil version is distilled from the leaves that this herb originates from.

The massive benefit of oregano comes from a chemical known as carvacrol which oregano has in abundance.


Carvacrol is famous for having massive antibacterial and anti-fungal powers. This then makes oregano a hugely attractive medical supplement. Below are two of the key ailments that oregano excels in dealing with.

Fungal infections

Due to the benefits outlined in the above paragraph, oregano is naturally incredibly good at dealing with infections. By supplying the body with its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, this oil is a great weapon in the fight against infections.

Obviously, if you are to get an infection of any type then it’s prudent to seek medical advice as early as possible. However, while waiting for your appointment to come around, it’s a good idea to give oregano a go – there’s a solid chance it’ll have a very quick positive impact on the infection.

Food Poisoning 

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “I’m too careful to get food poisoning!” I used to think that…until the day I manage to poison myself with a dodgy pulled pork burger!! The next six to eight hours were some of the worst of my life. ☹

Even if you are super health conscious and extremely prudent when it comes to your cooking, there is always a chance that you might get food poisoning. That’s not even mentioning when you eat out or at friend’s house! It’s rare, it’s only happened to myself on the one occasion, but if it does happen then it’s pretty horrific.

While there’s little you can do in terms of eating out at a restaurant, incorporating a little oregano essential oil in the food that you prepare at home is a super way of avoiding any nasty surprises. The carvacrol that is present in oregano is incredibly effective at neutralizing agents such as salmonella that are notorious for spoiling food.

I still shudder at my own food poisoning experience and, as such, I don’t cook anything nowadays without adding a few drops of oregano. I just wish I’d known about this super EO BEFORE my ill-fated pulled pork burger!! Live and learn, I guess. 😊

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No. 5 – Sage (Clary Sage) 

Much like oregano, clary sage would be more famous for being a cooking herb rather than an EO. However, I’ve included it my list of the best five because it is actually an incredibly popular choice.

The medicinal potential of this particular oil is nicely epitomized by the Latin meaning for the word sage – this being “salvere” which translates into “save”.

This is very apt as sage has a whole host of medicinal properties.


These properties include aspects such as antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. It pretty much covers all the main areas! As you can see, sage is a next level type of EO and thus this is the reason why it costs that bit more. While it can treat a whole host of ailments and maladies, below are two of the most common problems that is used for.

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol and getting older, unfortunately, go hand in hand. It mightn’t even have anything to do with age – a bad diet or lack of an exercise regime can also lead to high cholesterol. Heck, my cholesterol went up recently because I wasn’t eating enough bananas!! Ye, I didn’t really get that one either!

A recent enough test has shown that using sage in your cooking can have a marked impact on lowering cholesterol levels in the body. This is because this oil improves the body’s ability to metabolize fat. This results in noticeably lower blood sugar levels which then means your cholesterol will then be at a healthy level.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is profoundly sad. The way it is affects the human mind can truly be heart breaking for loved ones. As such, every and all options should be explored when it comes to trying to prevent this disease occurring.

Due to the massive natural benefits of clary sage essential oil, it is widely believed that people who incorporate this oil into their daily diets boosts their chances of maintaining their cognitive functions for a much greater extent. This substance has even been proven to help those who have already been struck down with Alzheimer’s.

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Aromatherapy – Essential Oils Home Machine

As I’ve explained in this article, EOs can be administrated in a number of different ways. The majority of them can be inhaled or rubbed directly into your skin. They can also be incorporated into your cooking as I do with the oregano. 

However, another great way of getting your weekly dose of EO is to use them with a top quality home machine. This is a super effective method as a warm mist will fill the air with all the goodness of your chosen EO.

This means that you can breathe in the essence of the oil and get the maximum impact. I personally have such a session every second week or so in which I add a drop or two of peppermint or either basil into my own personal machie. It smells amazing and boosts the relaxation element of the session to the next level!

“A steamer is like an inhaler, so you can inhale this oil or frankincense or eucalyptus. Before I go onstage, I spend half an hour taking in that steam, and it saves my life!”

- Rita Ora

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Video Tutorial - More Great Oils!

As I was doing my research into this area, I came across this great little video that reviews and discusses some of the best EOs.

If you like the look of some of these oils, then click here to see where you can get them for a great price.

Final Word

There you have it – that is what I believe are the five EOs on the market today. There are, of course, many more and these are just the five that I believe are most commonly used.

I personally incorporate several essential oils into my health, beauty and cooking routines. I believe the benefits of these substances are impossible to ignore and well worth what I believe are pretty affordable pricing.

If you’re thinking of trying out an oil or two, my advice would be to pick a few that you like the sound of and experiment with them – whether it be using in your cooking; working in conjunction with a qulaity unit; or perhaps applying the compound directly to your skin. If you’re like me, you won’t look back once you’ve found your favorite ones. 😊

To Your Health,


The Health Base Team