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Essential oil starter kits

Hello and welcome to the Health Base’s review of the nest Starter Kits. For a full overview of everything to do with this topic, please take a look at our Comprehensive Essential Oil Reference Guide.

We at the Health Base have constructed a number of these reviews over the past few years. Through the feedback that we received, we soon understood that a certain percentage of people who visit these review pages aren’t all that interested in reading all the material. Instead, they simply just seek the answer to question which is the best product/brand for whatever the issue may be.

This is perfectly fine. While we always recommend that you read our reviews in full, there’s no problem if instead you just want the bottom line. If this sounds like you, then feel free to simply click on the Summary Table link provided below and you’ll see which products we believe are the top ones.

P.S. The following terms "oils", "essences", "EOs" and "substances" all mean the same thing! Often when it comes to this particular topic these terms are interchanged, so it's good to get used to them so as to avoid confusion.  

Summary Table

Cheap Essential Oils

When it comes time to buy any sort of product, or availing of a service, the decision-making process comes down to two things – cost and benefits. What is the cost of the product? And are the benefits of the product worth this cost? The answers to these questions will ultimately decide whether or not your part with your money.

The Uses & Benefits

When it comes to EOs, the benefits really do speak for themselves. These benefits, and indeed the uses, are both incredibly positive for our health as well as being wide ranging in variety. Below is just a sample of some of these benefits:

Uses and benefits of natural essences

For a full breakdown of the pros and uses of these amazing oils, please take a look at our comprehensive guide on the matter -

The Cost

So, that’s the benefit question answered. But what about the cost? Are there such things as cheap essential oils and should we be buying them? Well, the simple answer is absolutely yes and also most definitely no! In that order!!

As with every product that has ever existed, there are cheap versions that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, there is a reason why this is the case. Products that are sold for a disbelieving low price usually have one of the following problems: 1) they have inferior ingredients 2) shortcuts have been made in the production step 3) ingredients have been left out, replaced by filler ingredients 4) the product is a complete fraud.

Cost Effect

When it comes to EOs, any one of the above factors will result in the oil in question being severely diminished in terms of quality and effectiveness. You see, the key to a great end essence is that the distillation process and the ingredients used are both top drawer – this is the only way to guarantee that the final result is a top-grade creation.

Due to this, quality aromatherapy oils really cannot be classed as cheap. In saying this, these products are by no means exorbitant in terms of price and are actually incredibly good value when you weigh the cost with the abundance of uses and benefits that they can deliver.

So, to summarize, yes, there are cheap versions out there, but no, you really shouldn’t be purchasing them! Stick with the quality brands, pay that little bit more, and you’ll be thankful in the long run. 😊 This brings me nicely to…

Where to Buy Essential Oils?

This is another vitally important question…where can I buy EOs that are both quality and cost effective? If you were to do a quick Google search on this topic, then you’ll soon discover that there is no end to the places you can buy them.

Whether it be online vendors or wholesalers, there are tonnes upon tonnes of places that supply these substances. Now, when it comes to figuring out where to buy from, I have one simple piece of advice for you – that is that you buy directly from the brands that create the oils rather than from wholesalers like Amazon who supply multiple brands.

Why? Well, because there is…

A Problem with Amazon

Amazon are a hugely trusted wholesaler, don’t get me wrong, but they don’t actually manufacture essential oils. They just provide a platform for brands who want to sell their wares. This means that it can be hard to discern which brand is better than the other. Yes, Amazon do rate products with regards to quality and they do allow reviews. The problem with this is that sometimes the Amazon rating system is not reflective of which brand is actually the best.

Let me explain – if a particular brand pumped massive money into advertising – let’s say they hire a celebrity figure to promote their range of products – then this brand would more than likely sell well on Amazon. People would see the promotional work and then search for the brand’s wares on Amazon. This would result in Amazon rating this line of oils highly because they are selling well.

So, as you can see, sometimes the data may not be a fair representation of which brand is the best. Therefore….

Buy From the Source

We at the Health Base highly recommend that you buy from the brand’s website. A key reason for this is that the brand’s websites are often a lot more affordable than wholesalers. Also, brand’s regularly run promotions on their websites which could save you a buck or two.

But, before we can get to the actual website, there’s the little matter of identifying which is the best brand. 

When it comes to doing this, there is one course of action that is vital – a sure fire way to separate the quality brands from the dodgy ones. This is….


Essential Oils Reviews

This may seem a tad obvious, but it’s often the simplest solution that is the best! Reviews and testimonials are key when it comes to determining the quality of a product or the dependability of a brand.

Now, we’ve all heard the scare stories of fake reviews being created online in order to sway consumers. While this is a tactic some brands and companies use, allow me to ease your worries somewhat. Such dodgy tactics only make up a tiny percentage of reviews posted online – there’s no doubt that the vast majority of reviews that can be found online are genuine. They come from people like you and I who are only interested in leaving their honest opinion on a certain product or service so that others can benefit from our experiences.

Reviews play a key role in separating the best brands from those that you would be better off staying away from. This is something that is badly needed. As I said before, there are literally tonnes of competing brands! So, having the aid of other people’s experiences and insider knowledge really is invaluable.

As we did our research for some related content  – examples being our comprehensive guide; the best 5 EOs, and the top Diffuser – we naturally reviewed quite a few different brands. Of all these brands, there were several that stood out in terms of providing the Starter Kit.

Below is a quick word on each of these products – a quicker breakdown of their important info. can be found in the summary tables located at the beginning and ending of this review.

Best Starter Kits

1: Artisan Aromatics – Professional Aromatherapy

The Brand

The Artisan Aromatics brand has been a prominent supplier and manufacture of essential oils for over twenty years – bringing 150+ essence types from 6 different continents to the market place. 

All of the Artisan formulations are sourced from either organic, wildcraft, or conventionally cultivated methods.

Every product supplied by this brand have undergone GC-MS testing by independent laboratories in order to verify their purity and quality. 

These reports are available on the official website of this brand.

Artisan Aromatics starter kit

The Artisan Aromatics Starter Kit

Known as the Professional Aromatherapy Starter Kit, this is the most expensive option that we have included in this review – though, in saying this, it’s only slightly dearer than some of the others.

The reason for this slightly higher cost is because this pack supplies 16 different oils, that’s between 3-9 more EOs than the other starter kits. 16 unique options mean that you get a whole range of different options for your aromatherapy sessions.

This wide range of choice is the star element of this product as each essence has its own unique scent; set of uses; and litany of benefits. If you’re new to EOs, or indeed if you’re an experienced hand, then this starter kit is a great way to experiment with new substances as well as to pinpoint which ones are your favorites.

Have a look at some testimonials.

2: Diffuser World – Baker’s Dozen Collection

The Brand

Primarily known for their top of the range Diffusers, the good people at Diffuser World have been involved in the aromatherapy/essential oil niche since 1999. 

Run by Earl and DeAnn Sevy, this company has strived to raise the bar when it comes these natural substances and the diffusing technology that is widely regarded as being the best delivery system for aromatherapy.

Diffuser World starter kit

This brand possess a very flattering consumer feedback history and go out of their way to include their consumer’s input into their products and services when possible. This customer friendly approach is epitomized by the brand’s top-grade customer service approach.

The Diffuser World Starter Kit

Known as the Baker’s Dozen Collection, this starter kit includes 13 top quality EOs that cover a large spectrum in terms of the differing variations.

Supplying a massive 195ml of varying options, this starter kit is a great way to get introduced with the art of aromatherapy. This kit also includes some addons which allows you to mix some of the essences if you’d like to experiment with some different blends.

Have a look at some testimonials.

3: Official HCG Premium Kit

The Brand

Originating in India in the 1950s, the Official HCG brand really came to the fore in the past few years. Being the brainchild of Doctor Simeons, the Official HCG brand primarily focuses on, and specialises in, weight loss treatments and techniques.

The name HCG comes from the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This water-soluble hormone has been identified by Doctor Simeons as being vital in aiding the body to metabolize fat stores rather than lean muscle – this obviously then results in weight loss.

Official HCG starter kit

The Official HCG Starter Kit

Also known as the Premium Kit, this pack contains 7 of the best aromatherapy oils that the Official HCG brand has to offer. While this obviously is a lesser amount of individual EOs than the Artisan Aromatics starter kit (16) and the Diffuser World starter kit (13), the HCG essences come in 30 ml bottles compared to the 10 ml and 15 ml bottles supplied by the other two brands.

This results in less choice but more volume with regards to the oils contained in the HCG kit. This starter kit is ideal for those who want to try out a few specific EOs rather than a whole host. It’s also perfect for those who know something about the different options and want to restock on their favorite ones.

The Official HCG kit also comes with 5 eGuides which are really helpful at supplying some tips and advice when it comes to certain elements of aromatherapy – for example: how to correctly use essential oils in a massage session.

Have a look at some testimonials.

Summary Table


Artisan Aromatic

Diffuser World

Official HCG


Professional Aromatherapy

Baker's Dozen Collection

Premium Kit

artisan aromatics
diffuser world
official hcg

Number of EOs:




Bottle size:




Total Oil Volume




Essences included:

- Lavender

- Ylang Ylang

- Rosemary

- Peppermint

- Lemon


- Cedar wood

- Tea Tree

- Geranium

- Orange

- Bergamot

- Cypress

- Frankincense

- Marjoram

- Palmarosa

- Petitgrain

- Lavender

- Ylang Ylang

- Rosemary

- Peppermint

- Lemon

- Eucalyptus

- Cedar Wood

- Tea Tree

- Cinnamon

- Sweet Orange

- Clove Leaf

- Lime

- Grapefruit

- Lavender

- Ylang Ylang

- Basil

- Roman Chamomile

- Clary Sage

- Geranium

- Orange

Free Add-ons:

- Doctor Power’s Aromatherapy Study Guide

- Blending Kit

- 15ml Amber bottle x 3 w/ Lid + Reducer

- Pipette Plastic Dropper x 10

5 eGuides:

- Starter Guide

- Massage Guide

- Health Guide

- Beauty Guide

- Childcare Guide

Visit Website:

The Health Base Verdict

In terms of which starter kit is best…that’s really up to. 😊 We at the Health Base would never instruct you to buy a certain product or brand, that’s just not how we operate. Instead, we simply offer our opinion and knowledge on what we think were the best brands that we came across.

In saying this, you really couldn’t go wrong with the three beginner kits that I’ve mentioned in this article – all three tick the important boxes of quality and cost effectiveness. Also, there’s not a massive difference in terms of price or overall volume of the three kits so it really comes down to which oil combinations you like the look of best.

Essential oils are brilliant tools that have multiple uses and benefits for our health and our overall well-being. There really is no down side to using them once you pick a brand that supplies the best of the best in terms of ingredients. Artisan Aromatics, Diffuser World, and Official HCG all have proven without doubt to do just this.

So, whichever of the three you decide to go for, or indeed if you choose another top brand, I can promise that you and your health will be better off for that decision!

Before I wrap this review, I’d advise you to also look at our other related pieces of content – especially if you are still undecided about a certain issue. In particular, I’d recommend our review of what we believe is the top rated Diffusing unit; diffusing EOs is the undisputed king when it comes to getting the best out of these oils.

Wishing You the Best Health,


The Health Base Team