CapillusPro Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth


Today we're covering a product on the market that many of the healthbase readers have requested. This is a continuation in our series on the best hair growth products on the market.

There are many different companies that specialize in hair restoration products, but Capillus is among the most well-known.

Their products have a reputation for having extremely innovative and effective designs. If you are interested in growing back the hair you have lost, it’s important that you learn about this company’s most popular product. It could completely change the way you look and feel for the rest of your life.

What is CapillusPro?

The CapillusPro is a cap that goes over the head for the purpose of both treating and preventing hair loss.

It is designed to help those who suffer from alopecia, which is the most common form of hair loss in the world.

It uses a total of 272 laser diodes to stimulate hair growth in a way that no other device on the market can.

One of the things that make this particular device unique is that it doesn’t use LEDs.

It resembles a traditional baseball cap, giving it a discrete look.

There are three different hair growth caps available from this company, but the Pro model is by far the most effective.


How It Works

The laser diodes that cover the entire interior lining of the cap emit powerful laser energy on the person’s head.

It has the company logo on the front. The lasers trigger cellular activity within the individual hair follicles, resulting in hair growth.

The increase in available oxygen makes it easier for the follicles to get the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. 

The science behind this device is very solid, unlike many other hair regrowth products.

Top 5 Benefits of Using CapillusPro


Hair Regrowth

The main benefit that you will get from using the this product is getting back hair that you have lost. You can even get hair back in bald spots that haven’t had any hair for years. It is completely safe and painless as well. You won’t even notice that anything is happening while the cap is working its magic.


Stylish & Discrete

This cap has quite a stylish and discrete aesthetic, so you can look good without anyone knowing what is happening underneath. It has a black and teal color scheme that is quite attractive. It is designed to fit most people’s heads without any issues.


Ease of Use

Another great thing about this device is that it is very easy to use. You can turn it on with the switch of a button and let it work while you simply go about your day. There is nothing special that you have to do, so it’s never an inconvenience. It has quite a comfortable design, so you can keep it on for hours without feeling the need to remove it. A lot of people enjoy wearing the cap on a regular basis because of how comfortable and good-looking it is.


FDA Approved

The versatile design of this device makes it a viable hair regrowth option for men and women. It is FDA-approved and completely safe to use. There aren’t any reported side-effects associated with it. It can give you a fuller and thicker head of hair. Because it is based on actual science, it is virtually guaranteed to work for anyone with hair loss.


Repair Damaged Hair

This device can also repair damaged hair, restoring its shine, texture and overall appearance. If your hair is damaged from dying it one too many times, this is the perfect solution. The increase in nutrients that your follicles will receive can transform fried hair into beautiful locks again.


6 Month Guarantee

When you purchase this product you can rest assured knowing that it comes with 180 full days of a guarantee, something not offered by many merchants. The company are putting trust in their product and it's benefits and due to the quality of this product can easily offer this guarantee.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Using This Product?

One of the only drawbacks of using the device is that it can take time to see results.

As with all hair regrowth solutions you need to be patient and consistently use the product. Some people see results faster than others, but the company states that it takes about two to three months. 

You will need to be patient and wear the cap on a daily basis, which can get a bit annoying.

This can be especially off-putting if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to wear hats.

There is also the fact that this device is rather expensive. And while the cap is not adjustable, it does fit well for most people.

It fits best on those who have a head circumference of about 24”.

Where To Buy


You can purchase the device on the official Capillus website.

They accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Apple Pay, and it comes with a six month money back guarantee. It also comes with a three year warranty, making it a completely risk-free purchase. There aren’t many other products like this one that offer a guarantee that is this long. It is important to consider that this device can take up to four or five months to produce optimal results.

Their website has detailed information on the product that you can look through before making a final decision. You can select the quantity of this product that you want to purchase and simple click the “Add to Cart” option to continue.

When you order this product you will receive the cap itself, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack, battery case, carrying case, A/C adapter, a manual, and the warranty.

The travel case is sturdy and convenient for when you are traveling or on the go. The battery that this device uses lasts a long time, so you won’t have to recharge it very often. The manual has detailed instructions on how to use the device that are easy to follow.

You get everything you need to start using it right away.

How To Use

  • It is recommended that you use the product every single day for at least two months for the best possible results.
  • All you have to do is simply activate the device with the button on the inside of the cap and keep it on for six minutes.
  • It is important that you do not leave the cap on any longer than this, as it could result in irritation to the scalp.
  • You will receive detailed instructions with this product.


The Capillus Pro is the most expensive model this company offers, and is priced at $2,999.

The cost of this device is quite high, but it’s well worth it when you consider everything that you are getting. (No to mention the results) Those who can afford to spend the money should consider doing so. Shipping is completely free, so you won’t be charged anything extra.

While there are less expensive options available on the market, none of them work quite as well as this product.

The company offers a number of more affordable products with the entire list below. To get maximum coverage we recommend using the Pro version.






1 year

82 laser diodes



2 year

202 laser diodes


Capillus Pro

3 year

272 laser diodes


Who Should Use This Product?

  • Anyone who wants to reverse the effects of their alopecia should immediately look into buying the CapillusPro device.
  • It can benefit both men and women who have issues with hair loss. 
  • It is even well-suited to those who have had bald spots for years.
  • Check Circle
    Whether you have a small bald spot or have lost a good portion of your hair, this device can be highly useful.
  • Those who are conscious of their appearance
  • Anyone prepared to spend a few minutes daily to regain their hair growth

Customer Reviews

The online customer reviews for CapillusPro are very positive as a whole. It is generally lauded for its ability to effectively regrow hair in a safe and convenient way.

People love the fact that this device only needs to be worn for several minutes a day. There are also quite a few compliments on the overall style/design of this cap.

When you take the time to read through these reviews, it becomes clear that many people have benefited from it. Quite a few customers claim to have seen noticeable hair growth results from this device within as little as four or five weeks. Not all of the reviews are completely positive, but there are very few negative ones.

Customers have also claimed that they began experiencing a significant decrease in shedding after using this cap for just a few weeks. Many of the people who buy this product end up using it long term because of how well it works for them. While you only have to wear it for up to six months, there are benefits of using it regularly on a long term basis. Most people who use this device also see a marked improvement in hair density, which gives a fuller appearance.

There are also a number of reviews from experts who specialize in hair restoration and laser light therapy. These professionals generally seem very impressed by the design of this product and how well it works. One professor of dermatology from Weill Cornell Medical College was particularly astonished by the potential of this device.

Does It Really Work?

This hair growth cap device works far better than most similar products on the market. It uses laser light technology to stimulate hair growth in a way that is both effective and scientifically sound. There is no guarantee when it comes to how long it takes to work, as it is different with everyone. It might take some people only a month or so to notice results while others have to wait eight or ten weeks.

There is no question that the device has the potential to help those with alopecia regrow their lost hair. The first thing that most people who use this device experience is a positive change in the texture and overall quality of their existing hair. After this change has occurred, it doesn’t take long for new hair to start growing.

While it’s true that there are plenty of hair growth products that are nothing more than scams, this product is not one of them. This is a legitimate solution for those who want to regrow hair completely over time. It is perhaps not the fastest solution available, but it is one of the safest and most effective options.

Side Effects and Risks

The only potential risks or side-effects of using the device is irritation to the scalp if it is worn for longer than the recommended amount of time.

You should make a point of reading the instructions that come with this product before using it.

It is a good idea to speak with your doctor before using the device just in case.

There is no information on how safe this device is for pregnant women. If you are currently pregnant, you should avoid using it until after giving birth.

This product has been FDA approved.

fda approved


The CapillusPro offers men and women who suffer from alopecia with a definitive way to regrow hair.

While it can take up to a few months to start noticing results, it is worth the wait.

It is designed to be safe and comfortable for just about everyone.

The scientific design behind this device makes it a unique hair restoration solution. This is one of the more expensive hair regrowth products on the market, but it’s still more affordable than hair plugs. With virtually no risks or side-effects, this device is an excellent option for anyone who wants to have a full head of hair again.

If you're looking for a different solution then we recommend trying out the most well known product on the market - provillus, which is available for males and females.


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