Frankincense Oil Uses and Benefits – Top 8

Uses and benefits of Frankincense oil

A Short Introduction

Hello there, Maggie here again with another EO related article. Essential oils are an everyday tool in countless people’s health and beauty regimes – thus the reason why we at the Health Base feel the need to write about them.

The main reason why these little slices of nature are so ubiquitous is because each oil possesses a multitude of uses and benefits that cover a whole host of difference areas.

Frankincense is a prime example of this. In this article, I will delve into this EO and list the 8 top benefits and uses for Frankincense essential oil.

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What is Frankincense?

As with all EOs, this one also comes from a completely natural source – the Olibanum tree, or Boswellia carteri if you prefer the Latin version. The oil itself is extracted from the gum/resin that runs throughout this tree.

This gum/resin possesses certain components that are super effective when it comes to health benefits. These components include incensole; linalool; octyl acetate; incensole acetate; alpha-pine, actanol; and boranyl acetate. Don’t worry too much if you’re not familiar with any (or all) of these terms!! 😉

In a nutshell, the important thing to recognise is that the above list means that this EO is packed full of powerful, all-natural agents. This is basically what makes this substance such a terrific oil.

So, that’s an explanation of what this EO is, but what makes it so special?  Below are a list of the properties and capabilities that answers this question:

  • Expectorant  
  • Sedative
  • Tonic
  • Vulnerary
  • Uterine
  • Astringent
  •  Disinfectant  
  • Carminative  
  • Antiseptic
  • Cicatrizant
  • Cytophylactic
  • Digestive
  • Diuretic
  • Emmenagogue 

The Benefits & Uses

This EO has been used for health and medicinal issues even has far back to when the Egyptian Pharaohs walked the world. More than one Ancient Civilization believed that this EO had mythical or supernatural elements to it. This can be seen in it having been used in numerous religious rituals and manners.

In the modern world, this EO is used in a wide variety of ways. While there are dozens of examples, I’ve chosen to list the top 8 that continuously pop up when this oil is being discussed. So, let’s get to it and discuss exactly what is Frankincense essential oil used for. 😊

1 – Boosts Healing Ability

No matter how careful we are in life, at some point we all get cuts, scrapes, or skin blemishes. These can happen in numerous ways, varying from a scraped knee if we fall, or a scab that can be left after a zit or an acne breakout.

This is why it’s key to have some tricks up your sleeve that you can use to treat such issues. One such trick is availing of one of the key Frankincense essential oil benefits. Due to its antiseptic properties, this EO will protect you from any infections that can occur when our skin is damaged and/or broken.

In addition, this EO will also speed up the recovery process which is always something that we’re keen on…especially if the skin blemish is on our face! A perfect example of this one-two combo of fighting infection and boosting recovery is the effectiveness that this EO has on haemorrhoids.

2 – Stress Relief

In the modern world, stress and pressure are unfortunately terms that everyone is oh too familiar with. The world we live in is all hustle and bustle on a 24/7 timeframe. This can often make us feel like there’s not enough hours in the day in which to get everything done.

This is why the majority of people need, and rely upon, different methods in which to alleviate stress. There are a lot of EOs that are excellent at relaxing both mind and body. This because many of them have properties that are ideally suited for easing feelings of pain and discomfort.

The oil we're looking at here today is one such perfect oil for stress relief as it brings on a feeling of peace and relaxation within the body. This will go a long way to banishing any negative energy that is living in your body. 


The best way to maximize this particular benefit is to use a specifically designed EO home machine – this machine will fill your immediate environment with all the goodness that this oil has to offer.

This ability to relax both the body and mind is rightfully seen as being one of the most prominent Frankincense oil uses. I personally run a home diffusing machine in the background of my office while I’m working. I find that it supplies my mind with clarity and focus – two things that can often disappear if I’m tired or stressed.

3 – Improves Immune System

Having a healthy immune system is such an important aspect of a person’s body. The reason for this importance is quite clear as it’s the immune system’s job to combat and defend us from external threats.

Such threats as viral infections and harmful bacteria are constantly being thwarted and repelled by our immune system’s defensive capabilities. However, if the immune system is not functioning at a healthy level, then these threats can cause us serious problems.

Benefits of Frankincense oil include providing a method of helping out your immune system run at its optimal levels. As explained before, this EO has antiseptic and disinfectant elements which are brilliant at combatting any potential infections. This obviously then gives your immune system a welcome dig out! 😊

4 – Battles the Aging Process

Father Time comes for us all!!! This is something that, unfortunately, cannot be prevented. As such, the majority of people take steps to try and maintain their youthful looks for as long possible.

This can range anywhere from spending vast amounts of money on plastic surgery, or to simply moisturizing your skin on a regular basis.

Whatever your particular tricks or methods are, using an EO is something that is well worth considering, with Frankincense being a prime candidate.

father time

This oil also happens to be a cytophyactic, which means that it can actively cause cell regeneration as well as improve the overall health of tissues.

Include the fact that this EO has strong astringent elements which further increases the powerful anti-aging treatment capabilities of this oil. Below is a quick list of some aging signs and symptoms that this EO can help combat:

  • Sagging Skin

  • Crows Feet

  • Dark Circles

As I’m sure you can see, there are quite a lot of Frankincense essential oil uses and benefits. Fighting the effect that time has on our bodies is certainly one of the more attractive examples. I we could, we’d all choose to look 21 for the extent of our time on this planet! While this may not be feasible, we most definitely can slow the aging process by adopting some proven methods, such as the one I’m discussing in this article.

5 – Keeps Your Breath Fresh!

Oral health is something that is quite often neglected. People tend to brush their teeth, maybe floss every now and again, and…well, that’s it really!! Unfortunately, there are actually a fair few issues that could cause problems within your mouth.

Such issues include toothaches; bad breath; cavities; ulcers; mouth sores; and plaque building up. The EO I'm looking at in this article is often included in a wide range of products that are used to treat these issues because of the antiseptic qualities contained within this oil. A couple of prime examples of this are toothpastes and mouthwashes. Peppermint EO is also a very common ingredient in such products – usually for its minty flavour!  

It’s also worth understanding how to use Frankincense oil in a safe and effective manner. This EO is very safe and suitable for our bodies, so there’s no real concern with regards to side effects. In terms of how to actually apply it, it really depends on what you’re using the oil for. For example, it can be rubbed directly into our skin; inhaled via steam from a Diffusing unit; or drank when diluted with some water.

6 – Improves Digestive Functions & Aids with Hemorrhoid Relief

Having a health digestive system is key for a body’s health. This system is used to break down food and sort through all the different elements contained in this food.

The positive elements will then be redistributed throughout the body, while the waste and negative elements will be expelled.

A major problem that can occur with regards to digestion, is heartburn.

Digestive system

Also known as indigestion, this unpleasant and painful burning sensation at the center of the chest indicates that there is something wrong with the way food is being digested. The reasons for these are numerous. Of course, if you suffer from consistent heartburn then it’s always advisable that you go see your local doctor.

In the short term, a clever way of alleviating indigestion is to mix a drop or two of Frankincense oil with some water and drink it. This EO has the ability of aiding the digestive juices that are needed to break food down in a proper fashion – such juices like acids and bile.

The same goes for gas build up. Using this EO can greatly help to alleviate any gas building up within the stomach. Such a build-up can very easily lead to gastronomical issues such as aches; cramps; and sweating amongst other things.

Another massive benefit of this oil is the way it can decrease the chances of haemorrhoids appearing. It does this by helping to regulate our digestive system which in turn will help to  ensure that we have the ability to pass stool in a smooth, unobstructed manner.  

Overall, using this EO on a regular basis will result in consumed food being passed through the digestive tract in a smooth manner. This, therefore, will vastly reduce the risk of any heartburn, gas building up, or Piles from emerging.

7 – Normalizes Menstruation & Uterus Health

Another great benefit that this EO can supply is that it’s been proven to be effective in helping with the issues that come hand in hand with menopause and pre-menstrual syndrome. Some of these issues include:

Stomach ailments

Frankincense can also help with uterine health as it regulates estrogen creation – estrogen being a key hormone. This can result in the risk of post-menopause tumors being lowered. The same can be said for the formation of cysts in the uterus.

8 – Helps with Respiratory Issues

There are many types of issues that can cause respiratory problems. Colds and flus can lead to coughs and phlegm building up in the lungs and passageways. Asthma, bronchitis, or allergies can also cause issues in this part of the body. All of these things can then obstruct our ability to breathe.

Frankincense’s antidepressant and anti-inflammatory elements can help with the above health issues by soothing and clearing your passageways of any obstructing factors. This, overall, will help you breathe at a far more peaceful and steady rate.

Also, as mentioned before, the antiseptic properties of this EO will boost the functioning of the immune system which will then aid in combatting any of the above health concerns.

Final Word

Thanks for reading my article, I hope that you found educational. Essential oils truly are super healthy tools that are unsurprisingly a dominating force in so many different health and beauty topics.

If you’re interested in learning more about EOs, then please take a look at our EO overview piece. Or, for content that’s a bit shorter and a bit more specific, feel free to have a peek at some of our related articles and reviews. I’ve attached these pieces to the bottom of this page.

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