How to Reduce Pore Size – Four Proven Methods

the key steps to gaining healthy pores


Hello, guys, Rachel from theHealthBase here once again with another informational article. As always, we center these articles on topics that you guys are asking questions about. So, if you’ve sent us queries concerning this issue, then thank you very much and hopefully the following piece will help you out.

Not a week goes by that we don’t receive questions along the lines of the following: How to get rid of large pores? How to close pores? How to minimise pores? How to open Pores? Et cetera et cetera!

You get the point – people are very interested in the size of these facial vents and how they can go about minimizing and cleaning them. The reason for this is straightforward, as can be seen in the below formula:

Healthy pores -> healthy complexion -> optimal skin appearance = 🙂

So, now let’s have a look at this issue and break down the individual issues and concerns surrounding this topic. To begin with….

What is a Facial Pore?

These naturally occurring orifices can be found all over a person’s face – appearing as varying sized dots that are aligned on the surface of your skin. These dots will vary in size depending on where on the face they’re located. For example, these dots will appear larger in and around the nose region.

But what exactly are they? Well, in the simplest terms, they are tiny openings on your skin’s surface from which hair follicles emerge. These small openings also have minuscule glands located in them.

These glands are known as the sebaceous gland and have the job of creating and exuding sebum/oil.

Question mark

Sebum is a natural oil that the body produces for many reasons – a key one being that it lubricates and helps remove certain unwanted substances from our facial openings. These substances include things like dirt and dead skin cells.

When it comes to talking about such questions like what’s the best idea on how to clean pores, then it’s important to know the above facts, such as that sebum/oil actually plays a natural role of cleansing your face.

However, issues can appear if these entry points in our skin are too large. Below are some such problems:

  • Skin can become excessively oily
  • Regular emergence of blackheads & whiteheads
  • Blockages becomes a common occurence
  • exclamation-triangle
    The application of makeup can be disrupted
  • exclamation-triangle
    Acne breakouts can occur

The above are all physical concerns that can come about due to enlarged pores, but there is also a psychological worry that is well worth mentioning.

Large pores are quite noticeable on a person’s face, and they’re not particularly appealing if I’m being honest. Why? Well, because they kind of ruin the ideal skin complexion that we all crave – that being a smooth and blemish free look.

Therefore, because of their appearance and the problems that they can bring about, enlarged ones can indeed have negative impacts on our mental well-being. This is not a case of vanity, but rather just human nature. We all want to look our best, there’s nothing wrong with this, so it’s natural that our confidence might take a hit if this particular skin issue was to appear.

So, with that in mind, the important question is then what to do if you believe your own facial vents are too large in size? This brings us nicely to…

Reducing the Size…Is it Possible?

Not only is it possible, but it’s also highly recommended because of the potential problems that I outlined in the above section. Therefore, the important information revolves around the different ways of achieving this and attempting to sort the good ideas from the non-effective ones.

Now, if you were to Google search “reduce pore size” you’d soon be bombarded by a multitude of different sources which would outline certain methods and techniques. Furthermore, all these sources would invariably say that their way is the best…such is the subjective nature of the internet! 😊

Of course, they all can’t be the best – they are going to be effective techniques just as there will be rubbish ones. We at the Health Base did a fair amount of research and testing on this matter as we were constructing our face steaming and acne as the topic of this article is inherently linked with these two topics.

From this research and testing, we believed that we have narrowed down the best pore minimizing methods that are available today. I’ve outlined them below so have a read and hopefully you’ll find something that will catch your eye.

What is the Best Pore Minimiser?

1 – Keep Your Skin Toned

This one is very simple and straightforward – the more toned that your skin is, then the tighter and more firm it’ll be.

This will have the effect of ensuring that your facial vents are also tight and narrow, thus dramatically reducing the chances of them becoming enlarged.

An incredibly effective skin toner can be found in a particular substance known as witch hazel. 

Toned skin

This substance contains very powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well antibacterial agents. Also, not to be dismissed is the fact that this is a 100% natural treatment method – something that is always desirable, especially in the modern world.


2 – Facial Steaming

(The Health Base’s Top Choice)

A key reason why our pores can become enlarged and widened is because they become full to the brim with nasty elements such as dead skin cells; hair follicles; excess sebum/oil; dirt; substances from air pollution and sun damage; et cetera et cetera. All of these elements can block up our natural facial openings and force them to expand – this will leave them unnaturally enlarged.

Therefore, what’s needed is for you to cleanse your face in an effective and timely manner. By doing this you will remove all this rubbish from you pores - thus reducing inflammation and returning them to their normal size. The key to achieving this lies in your ability to fully open up your pores so as to achieve the maximum exfoliation.

This is where facial steaming comes into the conversation. Steaming has been proven without doubt to be the premier method of opening pores to their maximum levels. Not only is this exfoliation method very gentle and invasive, it’s also incredibly soothing and relaxing – this means that it has many additional benefits other than cleansing.

For a full breakdown of face steaming, which we believe is the best pore minimizer technique, click on the image below:

Facial Steaming guide

3 – You Are What You Eat

Healthy Diet

When it comes to the health of your skin, and indeed your overall body, then the above adage is pretty much spot on! For the majority of us, our skin and bodies will accurately reflect our dietary habits.

Now, there are some people who can eat whatever they want and still look amazing (I begrudgingly congratulate you if you fall into this minority), but, for rest of us, “you are what you eat” is a very truthful saying.

When it comes to pore size, diet can play an important role in preventing and reducing enlargement occurring. This is because a proper, nutritional, balanced diet goes a long way to providing our skin with that vital elasticity and strength – two things that are absolutely essential for a healthy complexion.

Possessing healthy skin will automatically negate the risk of any enlargement occurring with these opening in your skin. But what types of food can help with this issue? I find that the best course of action is to adhere to the rule of variety is best – whether it be fish, meat, veg, or fruit, the trick is try and consume as many different options as possible.

In particular though, foods that are high in zinc or fatty acids are great for the health of our complexion. The former can be found in red meats and grain while the latter is common in nuts and fish that have an oily composition.

4 – Beware of the Sun

I cannot stress the following enough…the sun needs to be respected!! Oh so many people do not give the sun its proper respect and ultimately pay the price. In the short term, skin can become burnt and blistered, while in the long term a person’s complexion can suffer from accumulative damage that can end up being quite serious.

Yes, the sun can make our skin go nice and brown. But, and this is something that a lot of people don’t understand, the sun is also a leading factor in the premature aging of our skin. This in turn can then lead to our pores becoming enlarged beyond their normal state.


The above highlights why it’s vital that you take the correct precautionary steps when it comes to the sun. Look, it’s not rocket science – if you’re going to be out in the blazing heat for a prolonged period of time, then simply apply the proper level of sunscreen. Your skin will thank you for it!


How to Close Pores?

Closing them on an indefinite basis would be counter-productive to your aim of having a healthy complexion. These skin vents are essential in allowing our skin to breathe as well as serving as a natural method of cleansing our faces.

However, these vents can become enlarged to an unhealthy extent, especially if exposed to extreme heat. An easy way to reduce them to their normal state is to splash some cold water onto your face. This is why this is often the final step in an exfoliating session.

How to Clean Pores?

There are many ways to successfully cleanse your skin. Whether it be a simple wash of the face; a cleansing agent; acne home kit; or even microdermabrasion, the options really are quite varied.

My personal favorite, as I stated in this article, is to steam my face. I believe that this is the best method in which to open up your skin which is necessary for the cleansing process. I use a home face steamer in order to achieve this.

How to Reduce Pores?

As explained in the methods 1 – 4, the best techniques of reducing the size of them is to maintain a healthy diet; to be wary of sun damage; to steam every now and again; and to ensure that your skin remains toned.

In addition, if you apply some common sense with regards to the health of your skin and overall body then you shouldn’t have a problem with maintaining an overall healthy complexion.

Concluding Thoughts

So, that pretty much covers all the pertinent information regarding the question of how to reduce pore size. As I’m sure you’re aware of by this point, this particular health issue isn’t a major one and it can be avoided by following some very simple steps.

While this may not exactly be a serious health matter, it’s still something that you’d rather avoid. If you follow the steps that I’ve outlined in the above sections, then you’ll manage this with ease.

I’ll finish this piece by once more recommending facial steaming as a key health and beauty technique that can really benefit your complexion. I personally steam 2 – 3 times a week and my skin has improved significantly to the point where I’m pretty much blemish free all year round.

For more on this premier exfoliating and cleansing technique, check out our face steaming guide.

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