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Hey guys, Beth here from theHealthBase once more. 🙂 In this review I will be discussing and evaluating the different types of acne products that Zenmed have released, as well as the treatment kits that they are so well renowned for. As you’ll see, this brand have produced several different cleansing methods that have been designed to coexist with the gel treatment and the moisturizer.

The Zenmed Treatment Kits provide a balanced combination of cleansing, treatment, and moisturizing products. However, if you’d like to mix and match, then they also supply their different products on a solitary basis. I find this a useful selling policy as it gives the customer (me & you) full control over what exactly goes into our acne treatment kits.

Before I begin my review, I’d also like to mention that I’ve written a Comprehensive Guide to acne treatment so please to check that out as well!

Also, click here to visit the Official Zenmed Website.

The All Important Brand Reputation

The company is an extremely well known brand in the beauty and healthcare niche. It has been in operation since 2000 so that makes it quite experienced…and yes, the year 2000 means that it’s been around for nearly two decades!! If you’re anything like me, the year 2000 does not seem 18 odd years ago!! 🙂

Created by a lady of the name of Mandy Shahi, at first this brand was a mixture of homeopathy products and alternative healthcare treatments. Naturally, over time, Zenmed started to zone in on the skincare niche – this area is so lucrative that every health and beauty related business looks to enter into it.

Brand reputation

The ethos of this brand is one that is very attractive and encouraging as the onus of the company is to create natural, organic products that are free from the chemicals and man-made agents that plague the beauty and health industry. Such things like additives and preservatives used to be the norm in such products as acne treatments – thankfully these substances are being weaned out of products as companies and customers become aware that these elements cause more damage than good.

This natural and organic focused ethos was something that attracted the Health Base team as we were doing our research into the top treatment kits. I’m glad to say that this product most definitely ticked this particular box.

Due to this, the products of this brand are created using only the best and safest ingredients. This is what I will be discussing next in my review so let’s get to it!

Real User Results


Quick Pros List

  • Kits available for all skin types

  • Completely natural & organic formula

  • Scientifically & medically proven to work

  • Endorsed by medical & healthcare professionals

  • Paraben & alcohol free

  • Cost effective products & kits

  • Top brand reputation with excellent customer service

  • check-square-o
    Cruelty free testing methods
  • check-square-o
    No animal ingredients
  • check-square-o
    100% Money Back Guarantee

Here are some of the best kits offered by the brand & where to find them for the best price. Click on the relevant link for the latest prices on Amazon and also for more information:

The Formula 

As alluded to already, the ingredients that are used in its formulaic process are all natural and organic. This is something that is known as being “bioidentical” – simply meaning that the ingredients used are no different than what is being produced in the human body.

The massive advantage of using bioidentical ingredients is twofold – one, your body will have no adverse reactions to these ingredients because it will be used to the individual elements as it already produces them itself. And two, this familiarity will mean that it won’t take any bedding in time for your skin to get used to these ingredients. This results in these products being ultra-safe as well as being super effective.


The products get their ingredients from vegetable and plantation sources. This means that the ingredients will be jammed packed full of natural minerals, vitamins, and countless other beneficial elements.

Cruelty Free Guaranteed

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that, on a personal level, a key element of the formulation process is how exactly the formula was tested. I know that some people don’t care – and shame on them – but I would never buy any type of product that has been tested on animals. I wouldn’t even review one.

Animal testing is cruel, inhumane, and proven to be unnecessary. Thankfully, governing bodies, companies, and customers are putting a stop to such barbaric behavior. This is a company that has a strict policy of NEVER using animal testing as part of their research technique.

The Absence of Benzoyl Peroxide

If you have read my Complete Guide available on the market today, then you’ll have noticed that I heavily mention the term benzoyl peroxide. More commonly known as peroxide benzoyl, this agent is used in a whole host of acne related products.

It works to flush your skin with oxygen that then kills the bacteria that is acne vulgaris. Furthermore, this agent also works to rid your face of dead skin cells, dirt, and excessive oil/sebum which is key to the exfoliation process. Sounds all good, yes? Well, kind of. There is a downside, and this downside is the reason why the good people at the brand have purposefully left peroxide benzoyl out of their products.

You see, peroxide benzoyl may indeed by a super cleanser, but this aggressive and abrasive nature also means that it can be quite rough on your skin. Symptoms like excessive drying of skin; a red, blotchy complexion; skin irritation; and even allergic attacks have been known to happen because of this ingredient. Peroxide benzoyl can even ruin towels and clothes by tainting them via bleaching!! 🙁

The above reasons are why this brand have declined to add this ingredient into their products. Also, it keeps in line with their natural and organic policy for them to refrain from using peroxide benzoyl. Zen med prefer to go the more natural route, something that a large percentage of people approve of.

Who Does This Formula Suit?

Well, in a nutshell, it suits everyone! Because the  products are created from naturally occurring elements, it means that there should not be any person who suffers adverse reactions.

In terms of specific groups, there are products that cover all the different skin types and ailments that one might have. Dry; oily; sensitive; or combination skin, Zenmed has natural products that will benefit your skin and boost the health of your complexion.

If you're not sure what skin type best describes yours, then have a look at our article that discusses the best 4 methods to identify skin type. 

Question mark

Also on offer are treatments for those who suffer from acne, eczema, rosacea, and a whole host of other facial related maladies. These types of ailments can wreak havoc on a person’s life – trust me, I know, I’ve been there.  A lot of the time ailments such as acne disappear as we mature; with some only appearing due to the fact that our bodies are changing.

However, if you’ve ever suffered from a facial affliction, then I’m sure you’ll vehemently agree with me when I say that the sooner you find a cure then the better! Even one week with bad acne or eczema can be a nightmare. Self-confidence level = 0. 🙁

This is why a company like this is so priceless. They offer a tried and tested cure for your face related worries. But which product is the one to go for? Well, next I’ll go through some of the most popular ones so hopefully that’ll give you your answer!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though products such as the ones detailed in this review can indeed greatly improve your battle against facial maladies, it is always advisable that you first visit your local doctor or dermatologist before commencing a treatment.

The obvious reason for adhering to this thinking is that these health care professionals will be able to correctly diagnose the issue that you are suffering from as well as gauging its severity. Many facial maladies can have similar appearances so it’s important that you first identify the one that’s annoying you. Only then can you go about finding the best cure.

The Products, the Promises, & the Results

As stated in the headline, the three criteria that I focused on when I went about reviewing the treatments were the products themselves; the effect and benefits that they were meant to provide; and finally the reality in terms of the actual results. Below is a quick breakdown of what I looked for when I was gauging these three areas:


The Product

I focused on things like the ingredients; the formula; the packaging; the warranties; et cetera. Essentially, I looked at all the physical elements of the individual products.

Questions I considered included: are the ingredients organic and natural? Are the concentration and volume of ingredients correct? Is the formula well balanced? Will the ingredients cause any negative side effects? Is the packaging suitable for the product in question? Will the packaging aid or halt ingredient degradation?


The Promise

For this area I looked at the benefits that the products were supposed to deliver. All health and beauty related products have been created to provide a certain specific benefit or set of benefits for the person using them. These benefits are what I honed in on for this section of my critique.

Questions I considered included: What are the promised benefits? Are the benefits realistic or are they simply marketing gimmicks? Is this the best method for gaining these benefits? Are the benefits worth the cost of the product? Are the benefits worth the possible negative side effects (if any)?


The Result

The final section of my critique is dedicated to giving a honest verdict of the product in question. I achieve this by compiling the information that I obtained from the first two areas. By answering the relevant questions and studying the tests and research undertaken by the Health Care team, I feel I was in a perfect place to give a solid assessment of each product.

Questions I considered included: Does the product actually work? Does it supply the promised benefits? Is it worth the cost? Is it cost effective? Is there a better alternative on the market?  Would I recommend it to a friend or family member?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Below are a list of the products supplied by this brand, each being available to be bought separately. While this is a benefit of this brand, I feel it's necessary to point out that these products were designed to work in conjunction with one another - this is how you get the best out of them.

This is why Zenmed supplies the below kits, because they realize that in order to fully treat acne, rosacea or other such skin conditions you need to utilize a few different creams, scrubs and serums. Click on links below to have a look for yourself. 

1st Product: Facial Cleansing Gel

This cleansing gel is the first of several exfoliating products that I tested and looked into. As with any exfoliating or cleansing product, the aim of the product is to clear the surface of your skin of such things as dirt; excess sebum/oil; dead skin cells; et cetera.

This gel is largely made from aloe vera gel which is a super ingredient to use as it provides easy application as well as working as a soothing agent for your skin. The addition of cucumber also helps with delivering a smooth, refreshing finish.

The fact that this gel doesn’t have peroxide benzoyl or alcohol in its formula greatly reduces the risk of dryness or irritation.

Facial Cleansing Gel

Instead, this gel is packed full of herbal actives that do the same job as these two more abrasive agents.

The company chose to use milder surfactants – there’s originating from coconut extracts. I find that these are far more compatible with a person’s skin than some other choices. The same can be said for the types of preservatives employed – these being Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, and Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin. These three are far more natural and healthy than some of the man-made creations seen in other products.

VERDICT: this amber-colored gel is very gentle on the skin and super easy to apply. It cleanses the skin perfectly and is a fine way to begin your acne treatment or to perform a routine exfoliation effort. I found that there was no dryness afterwards, something that is a common flaw in cleansing products.

The gel also smells quite pleasant I thought! The herbal mixture delivers a suitably herbal smell, something that is certainly preferable to the forced scents that some brands manufacture for their undecidedly non-natural cleansers.

This product, like all the ones mentioned in this review, is also paraben- and alcohol-free which is something that is fast becoming the norm and preferred option in the health and beauty industry.


  •    Sage  
  •    Yarrow
  •    Balm Mint
  •    Chamomile
  •    Horsetail
  •    Disodium C 14-16 Olefin Sulfonate
  •    Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel  
  •    Ergocalciferol
  • leaf
       Tetrasodium EDTA
  • leaf
       Sodium PCA
  • leaf
       Vegetable Gycerin
  • leaf
       Disodium Oleamido Sulfsuccinate
  • leaf
       PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate
  • leaf
       Potassium Sorbate
  •    Rosemary   
  •    Althea
  •    Coltsfoot
  •    Wild Thyme
  •    Cucumber in Purified Water
  •    Cocamidopropylbetaine
  •    Vitamin A, B5, C & E  
  •    Allantoin
  • leaf
       Sodium Benzoate
  • leaf
       Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin
  • leaf
       Blend of Essential Oils of Rose
  • leaf
  • leaf
  • leaf

2nd Product – AHA/BHA Complex

This rather fancy named individual is a toner that is designed to work in conjunction with the cleansing gel. As is with toners, this product is designed to work as a secondary exfoliation step for your face – preparing your face for the acne treatment.

This product works to promote cell turnover by removing excessive buildup of undesirable entities on your skin’s surface. This will result in your face being a clean canvas which is vital if the coming acne serum is to have its maximum effect.

I found that the best way to apply this toner was to use a cotton pad or ball, even an ear bud if you’re only spot treating.

It’s very easy to apply and there’s no mess to be had. Just ensure that you’ve cleansed your face and then patted it dry before applying the AHA/BHA Complex.

Zenmed AHA/BHA Complex

VERDICT: Much like the gel, I found that this toner was a great exfoliating product that cleansed my face without leaving it dry and irritated. It’s rather simple in its design yet this does not affect is effectiveness.

The witch hazel I found was a great addition as this agent is a well-known acne fighting ingredient. Also, the specially formulated blend of salicylic and glycolic attacks bacteria as well as exfoliating the skin and reducing scarring.

Also, this product supplies more of that lovely herbal scent. 😉


  •    Purified Water   
  •    Witch Hazel Distillate
  •    Propylene Glycol
  •    Glycolic Acid  
  •    Salicylic Acid

3rd Product – Derma Cleanse Acne Mask & Spot Treatment

The treatment mask is a rather new mainstay in the health and beauty niche. This is one that has really started to gain traction in recent years with a surge of popularity. Essentially, it works as an alternative to the more traditional method of the cleansers already mentioned.

In fact, this mask consists of the same herbal concoction as the cleanser gel.

Acne masks are super effective for calming a severe breakout or if you suffer regularly from this ailment. This is because the mask application method is far more comprehensive than rubbing in a serum.

The mask works to suck any impurities and toxins out of you face through your pores. Sounds yucky but it's super effective at relieving your face of all those nasty residues.

The star of the show in terms of ingredients is undoubtedly the kaolin and montmorillonite which are basic clay compounds that work to detox the skin through the method explained above. 

Derma Cleanse Acne Mask

Notable mentions also include the use of Vitamin B5/panthenol and witch hazel water – the latter is great at reducing the size of pores as well as providing anti-inflammatory properties.

The best method of applying this Derma Cleanse Mask is to apply a thin layer all over your face and leave it to dry for 5 minutes. Take care not to use too much as 1) only a thin layer is needed, and 2) the more you put on then the quicker you’ll get through the bottle!!

This acne mask can also be used as a spot treatment which makes it a far more practical and effective product. Simply dab a small bit of the mixture onto zits and pimples (whiteheads) and then allow it to dry.

VERDICT: If you’re a mask type of gal or guy then I’d definitely recommend giving this option a go. I don’t particularly use these masks a lot, but I have to say that I found this one super refreshing. It removed so much bad stuff from skin and didn’t leave my face dehydrated in any way.

A friend of mine uses this mask religiously and she even leaves it on at night for that extra hit of exfoliation. While I haven’t tried the overnight routine, I did take her advice on using a mask before a night out. I was blown away! I’ve never before gone out with my skin looking as well as it did after using the cleansing mask – it really does work wonders in terms of a short, powerful cleansing impact.

It’s recommend that you use the cleansing mask firstly then apply the AHA/BHA Complex and finally the Oil Free Day Lotion to finish off with a moisturizing agent. The brand say that you should use the mask twice a week to get its max benefits, which is something that I’m contemplating trying.

My only real issue with the mask treatment is that I’m old fashioned!! I enjoy the rub and scrub of the serum and cleansers, but, after using the Derma Cleanse Mask, I may be beginning to be tempted by modernity. 🙂


  •    Witch Hazel
  •    Chamomile
  •    Vitamin B5
  •    Vitamin E
  •    Sea Kelp
  •    Sage
  • leaf
  • leaf
  • leaf
  • leaf
       Witch Hazel Distillate
  • leaf
       Oregano Oil
  • leaf
       Vegetable Glycerin
  • leaf
  • leaf
  • leaf
       Balm Mint
  • leaf
  • leaf
  • leaf
       Wild Thyme & Horsetail
  • leaf
       Zinc Oxide
  • leaf
       Stearic Acid
  • leaf
       Citric Acid
  • leaf
       Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin

4th Product – Refining Scrub

This is another cleanser variant that they provide. The product's aim, as with the previously mentioned cleansers, is to clear the face of anything that might obstruct the effectiveness of the acne gel that will next be administered.

The Refining Scrub uses a nifty combination of fruit acids, aloe vera gel, and glycerin to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed both during and after the cleanse. Jojoba beads are incorporated into the formula as they are a perfect tool to slough off all that unwanted dirt and grime that accumulates on our faces.

Allantoin has also been added to the scrub's inventory of ingredients which is a clever move as this element is super at offering a soothing sensation as well as preventing irritation from occurring. 

Zenmed Refining Scrub

Allantoin has also been proven to aid in boosting the healing factor of skin – something that is very welcome when dealing with acne and its aftermath.

VERDICT: I personally loved this cleanser, mainly because of the incorporation of the jojoba beads! Not only are they a great cleansing ingredient, they feel incredibly therapeutic when being massaged over the skin’s surface. 

As with most of the products in this review, the genius and triumph lies in the simple design and formula. No product is over stuffed with ingredients and instead only have exactly what they need to get the job done.

I incorporated this scrub into my cleansing routine for two weeks and found that using it twice weekly was the best way to administer this cleanser. I noticed a subtle yet noticeable difference in my skin complexion after a few days. My skin was much more refreshed and softer to the touch.


  •    Purified Water  
  •    Vegetable Glycerin
  •    Vitamin B5
  •    Lactic Acid
  •    Sodium PCA
  •    Carbomer
  •    Peppermint & Eucalyptus 
  •    Phenoxyethanol
  •    Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel   
  •    Glycereth-7 Cocoate
  •    Glycolic Acid
  •    Allantoin
  •    Jojoba Beads
  •    Oils of Tea Tree
  •    Benzethonium Chloride   
  •    Ethyhexylglycerin

5th Product – Derma Cleanse Acne Gel

Ok, so you’ve used a cleanser or three to clear your face of all that nasty accumulative rubbish that we all collect over time. Now that the way has been cleared, it’s time to get down to the serious business…it’s time to attack that acne!!

This is where a top class gel comes to the fore. Such gels have been scientifically designed to combat and destroy the bacteria – thus killing it at its source and preventing any further spreading.

I must point out straight away that this product is an acne gel and not a cleanser. There is a fair bit of confusion over this because of the name – Derma Cleanse. It’s a strange move by the brand to include the word “cleanse” in their gel’s description, perhaps they’ll eventually realize their error and make a change. Maybe because of this review. Doubtful. 😉

The great thing about this particular gel is that it can be used for blanketed treatment or spot treatment.

Zenmed Cleanse Acne Gel

What I mean by this is that it can be rubbed into the entirety of your face if you suffer from severe acne vulgaris. Or, it can also be used on rogue zits and sole pimples by simply dabbing a bit on the offended area.

Salicylic acid and glycolic acid work to attack and kill the bacteria while vitamin B5 and witch hazel water offer the same advantages as outlined in the previous products. The scientists and doctors behind their products have also included a new active going by the “catchy” name of spirea ulmaria meadowsweet extract.

This rather nifty ingredient works to counteract the over production of sebum/oil that can occur in people who have oily skin. By slowing this production, this ingredient helps to prevent pores from becoming clogged as well as reducing the risk that existing acne will spread.

Chlorhexidine Gluconate and methylisothiazolinone are also included in this gel concoction. They serve to act as preservatives and are far healthier and milder sources than what is used in other brand’s products. However, it must be noted that methylisothiazolinone has been known to cause mild allergic reactions for some people.

Therefore, rather than just rub this gel all over your face and hope for the best, it might be wise to firstly do a patch test. Simply dab a bit of the gel onto a tiny area of your skin and see if there is any reaction. You should be able to tell within a day if you’re allergic. In saying this, the cases of people having such a reaction to this ingredient are minimal, but it’s still worth mentioning.

VERDICT: I do not suffer from acne anymore so I could only try this product on the sporadic zit and pimple that appeared every now and again. In terms of effectiveness, I found that this gel reduced the inflamed look and swelling of my outbreak within no time at all. This means that this gel works quickly and effectively which is something that is vital for a cure.

The transparent look of this gel is also a bonus as it remains invisible to the human eye when applied. Some alternative gels and creams are actually white in color and therefore are quite noticeable when applied on the skin. I much prefer the stealthier option rather than highlighting my zit!!

Top Tip

Before using this gel, make sure that give the bottle a good shake. When left undisturbed the gel can become quite watery in places as the heavier elements drift to the bottom of the bottle. But a quick shake of the bottle will sort this issue.


  •    Salicylic Acid
  •    Purified Water
  •    Witch Hazel Distillate
  •    Vegetable Glycerin
  •    Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • leaf
       Sodium Glycolate
  • leaf
       Spiraea Ulmaria Extract
  • leaf
       Vitamin B5
  • leaf
       Chlorhexidine Gluconate
  • leaf

6th Product – Derma Cleanse Capsules

This one was a new one for me, I’d never actually heard of such a product until I began my research into this area. Like most people, I presumed that tackling acne issues started and ended with the exterior approach. It never occurred to me that the battle can be won from the interior as well!

As with all their products, these Cleanse Capsules are packed to bursting point with organic and natural herbal ingredients. What these capsules do is that they encourage your body to increase and enhance its detoxification capabilities. This will mean that your body will detox from the inside.

In a nutshell, the gals and guys in this company have managed to create a pill that is full with all the best purifying and detoxifying agents that nature has to offer. This idea is roughly based on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine practices and principles. They all share the same goal and result: to get your body to naturally eliminate any unwanted and harmful agents.

Zenmed Derma Cleanse Capsules

Top Tip

It’s a good idea to start on low dosages with these capsules rather than beginning with the recommended 6 capsules per day. This is because the capsules have quite large concentrations of herbal ingredients – something that may take time for your body to get used to.

I started on the 6 tablets right off the bat and found that I actually had a zit or two pop up in short time. However, once I thought about it and adjusted the dosage to 3 tablets, then I quickly saw the benefits. Over time, as your body gets used to the Cleanse Capsules, you can then raise the dosage to the recommended 6 capsules per day.

VERDICT: At first I was quite skeptical about these tablets. Despite the top reputation of this brand, I was half convinced that these Cleanse Capsules were nothing more than a marketing stunt. Or a nice little upsell to increase profits. Well, I’ll hold my hands up, I was wrong!!

After looking into the science, reading reviews and testimonials, and testing the product myself, I am convinced that these Cleanse Capsules are a brilliant additional supplement to anybody’s diet. Dare I even say that they are a necessary addition!

I’m still a bit amazed as to how many super ingredients their crew managed to cram into these little capsules. The main benefit as I see it is straightforward – these Cleanse Capsules gives the consumer the chance to fight acne both from the outside as well as from the inside. Dynamite! 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Cleanse Capsules are…deep breath… 100% vegetarian suitable; gluten-free; dairy free; soy free; gelatin free; and have no animal by-products whatsoever. This means that they are suitable for pretty much everybody on the planet, no matter what you’re dietary inclinations might be.


  •     Neem
  •     Forsythia
  •     Red Dahlia
  •     Burdock
  •     Chamomile
  •     Chaste Tree
  •     Schizonepeta
  •     Cellulose
  •    Gardenia
  •    Honeysuckle
  •    Yellow Dock
  •    Dandelion
  •    Sarsaparilla
  •    Milk Thistle
  •    Red Peony Root
  •    Magnesium Stearate

7th Product – Omegaceramide Moisturizer

Ok, so we’re down to the final step. As I’m sure you’re aware, whenever you undertake any cleansing or other treatment on your face, it is vital that you finish by applying some moisturizer. The necessity of this cannot be overstated.

Whether you use a rubbish product that sucks the hydration and nutrients out of your skin, or you use a quality acne treatment kit like Zenmed’s, the fact remains that your face will still need to be rehydrated and re-supplied with nutrients.

This is just an unavoidable element of cleansing and exfoliating our faces.


Luckily, there is a moisturizer available that works in harmony with the rest of their products – their Omgaceramide Moisturizer. This product has a bountiful amount of vitamins and nutrients included in its makeup, including Vitamin B5 and E which are both key when it comes to rehydrating your skin. These vitamins also have anti-inflammatory properties which further boost the proactive impact of this lotion.

There are no petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, nor parabens in this lotion’s formulation. Instead, the likes of a glyceryl stearate and cetearyl alcohol works as a joint emulsifier. These elements aid in the application of the lotion as well as creating a protective barrier on your skin’s surface.

Now, if you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that there is one thing that is of the utmost importance…NO ALCOHOL!!! Alcohol used to be a common ingredient in beauty and healthcare products. Why? Because it is exceptional at stripping skin of pretty much everything.

A key ingredient of this moisturizer is the inclusion of Omega 3. This superb ingredient is very effective at softening complexions and releasing any pent up tension. In addition to this, micro-active peptides that are also preset in the formula work to penetrate deep into the skin. These peptides then boost the production of collagen - collagen being an essential protein that supplies strength and suppleness to our skin. 

VERDICT: I’ve often said that it’s a good idea to stick with the same brand when you are buying related health and beauty products. The logic behind this is simple – companies like this create their products to work in unison with one another. This means that if you mix and match products from different brands then you might miss out on certain benefits. Often what happens when someone does this is that they get too much of a certain ingredient, or too little.

I found this to be the case with the Omgaceramide Moisturizer . It has been specifically designed to work with the cleansing products and the gel products they've manufactured. In terms of its quality, I found that it was a top notch moisturizer that nicely finished off the acne treatment – refreshing my skin and giving it that all important nourishment.     


  •    Purified Water
  •    Vitamin E
  •    Glyceryl Stearate
  •    Sweet Almond Oil
  •    Shea Butter
  •    Vitamin C
  •    Ethylhexylglycerin
  • leaf
       Sesame Seed Oil
  • leaf
  •    Vitamin A
  •    Disodium EDTA
  •    Caprylyl Glycol
  •    Vitamin B5
  •    Ethylhexyglycerin
  •    Carbomer
  •    Phenoxyethanol
  • leaf
       SC12-15 Alkyl Benzoate
  • leaf
       Sorbitan Olivate

My Final Word

Overall, we at the Health Base rank the products created by the brand quite highly. The fact that the brand has a superb reputation is a real peace of mind. Also, the adherence to only using organic and herbal ingredients is something that we have a lot of time for. We believe that this will be the future trend in terms of health and beauty products.

By replacing manmade ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and ethyl alcohol with natural substitutes, Zenmed has greatly increased the healthiness of their products. This makes them far more attractive to a market that is becoming more and more health conscious.

Cost Effectiveness

In terms of cost effectiveness, the individual products mentioned here deliver exactly what you want from acne treatment products. They are also fairly priced which keeps in faith with the ethos of the brand. The prices are overall very affordable when considering the volume and quality that you'll receive from them.

The Zenmed Treatment Kits comes in three distinct types with the differences between the kits being which skin types they target and the amount of products you receive. Again, these kits are exceptional value with regards to the quality of the products as well as the amount that you receive. Each kit will last about two months, give or take a day or two.

Cost Effect

I’d like to note that this brand do indeed offer a kit for people who suffer from oily skin. While this kit is top class, it would be remiss of me not to say that I personally prefer the product range supplied by the Exposed brand. While there is not a whole lot between the two in terms of quality, I have been used the Exposed kit for several years now and would give it the slight edge. However, everyone to their own. 🙂

Money Back Guarantee Safety Net

This was something that really impressed me when I discovered it. They are offering a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. This is quite an excessive guarantee which is great! When it comes to guarantees there is only one rule…the longer the better!!

With an acne treatment product, you’ll know inside a month whether or not it is having a positive impact on your affected skin areas. So, the fact that you are given 60 days (two full months) with these products, guarantees that you can buy and try out these products without any fear of getting financially stung.

Money Back Guarantee

Best Place to Buy

This bit is quite straightforward! As is the case with most products, Amazon is the top dog when it comes to price and quality. Also, by buying from Amazon, this gives you added peace of mind as you know you are dealing with a reputable source and no middle men.

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