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Hello, my name is Adam and welcome to my Health Base review of the top three Premium Marine Collagen products on the market today.

In this article, I will look at the brands in question; the ins and outs of what exactly this protein is; the products themselves; and how Marine Powder can benefit you.

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XYZ Smart Collagen

Kollagen Intensiv


XYZ Collagen
Correxiko powder


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What Exactly is Marine Collagen Powder?

As the name suggests, this product is a collagen supplement – usually either coming in powder or pill form. To give it its technical description, this powder can also be referred to as hydrolysed protein peptide.

If you’re like us, the term collagen powder will do just fine!! 😉

This peptide supplement has become increasingly popular over the past number of years in the health and beauty industry. This is because this Maine based supplement can deliver a number of different collagen related benefits for a person.

collagen powder benefits

Not sure exactly why it’s so important or what the benefits are? I’ll briefly explain both these questions in the next section.

The Importance of Collagen

Since the times of the Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptian pharaohs, collagen has been recognized in some form as being a vital source of protein for the human body. Why? Because this protein is key in renewing and maintaining the strength, durability, flexibility, and overall health of some vital parts of the human body. Below is a list of these parts:

  • Skin

  • Hair

  • Eyes

  • Tendons

  • Muscles

  • Teeth

  • Nails​

  • Catilage

  • Ligaments

  • Joints

  • Internal Organs

  • Bones

  • Blood Vessels

  • Immune System

  • Digestive System

Now, the problem that occurs is that when we age the amount of collagen in our bodies, as well as the rate in which we produce this protein, both began to diminish. This, obviously, is not something that we want to happen too quickly. It’s estimated that our levels start to drop off after 18 years of age, with this then decreasing to a rate of 1.5% per year when we turn 30. Natural happenings like menopause can further speed up this decrease.

This is where a top-level collagen product comes into the equation. By restocking your body with this protein, such a product can prevent you from succumbing to health issues that come hand in hand with low collagen levels.

The Proven Benefits

The key benefits of this product have been established after thorough research . his research and testing have proven that Marine Powder is the most effective form of a collagen supplement because of the small particle size and low weight of the molecules.

These characteristics result in these peptides being absorbed into a person’s bloodstream in a far more efficient manner. This means that the collagen will begin to heal; repair; and provide nourishment for the body at a super effective rate.

Another benefit of Marine Powder is that it’s been proven to be very easy going on the gut – something that is an issue when it comes to other supplements. This makes this product a perfect choice for people who perhaps have sensitive digestive systems.  

  • Provides Type 1 Collagen Protein Peptides

  • Improves the healing capabilities of the body
  • Supplies elasticity to the skin
  • Can visibly reduce signs of aging & scarring

  • Supplies the vital amino acid Glycine
  • Can provide fuel for the body
  • Keeps skin looking younger for longer

  • Actively promotes healthier looking skin
  • Contributes to shiny, full hair

The Top Rated Brands

XYZ Smart Collagen

  • The Brand
  • The Ingredients
  • Clinically proven
  • how it works

It works via a patented system known as Smart Collagen Management. Ultimately, this system is centered on perfecting the natural balance that exists between both the synthesis and breakdown of collagen in the human body. This is achieved by carefully controlling how the collagen interacts with your body when introduced.

By achieving this aim, this product works to boost the overall look and feel of your skin, ensuring that it remains as youthful for as long as possible. 

Customer Satisfaction
Reduction in Wrinkles
Lessening of Stretch Marks
Improvement in Skin Texture
Enhancement in Skin Firmness


  • The Brand
  • The Ingredients
  • The Distribution

Much as the same as the ingredients, the distribution of the product needs to be top level in order to guarantee the overall quality. As explained in the previous paragraph, the core ingredient for the Marine Powder is sourced from Canadian waters. This means that the powder is also manufactured in Canada.

The powder is then shipped to the USA where it is packaged in GMP certified facilities. A key element of these processes is that Correxiko stand by their promise to never use artificial additives; sugars; bulking agents; sweeteners; or fillers of any description.

Best Place to Buy

When it comes to buying any product, you want to know you’re purchasing from a tried and trusted vendor. This is particularly vital when it comes to online shopping. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people being ripped off online after purchasing something from a dodgy site.

We have two rules when it comes to online shopping – either buy directly from the source, or buy from a worldwide trusted wholesaler who has an unquestionable reputation. Follow these two rules and you won’t go wrong!

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