TrilAstin-SH Review – The Answer to Stretch Marks?

TrilAstin Product Range

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Stretch Marks - What Are They?

For a full breakdown of what exactly stretch marks are and why they occur, please take a look at my on this matter please check out the following link -

In this guide, I look in-depth at the causes of these skin tears– including the three main reasons they occur and how to prevent these occurrences.

For now, I’ll quickly explain what these skin lines are and then I’ll proceed with my review of the products.

Tears in our skin occur when a portion of the body grows and expands too quickly for our collagen to keep up.

Skin lacking in collagen leads to tears

Collagen serves to regulate our skin’s strength and elasticity, so when it gets caught out tiny little tears can occur within our skin. These tears then result in stretch lines. They come in the form of dark lines that run across our skin’s surface.

When we gain considerable weight in a short period of time, and then lose that weight, this is when these tears happen. This can come about because of pregnancy; bodybuilding; or increases in body weight because of dietary or medical issues.

A top quality cream or treatment kit is then used to minimize the aesthetic appearance of these tears. While this skin affliction can never fully be healed and removed from our bodies, they can be minimized to the extent that they become invisible. This is what the TrilAstin product range excels in achieving.

Be Proactive, Don’t Be Reactive

As with any medical or physical issue, the importance of taking preventative steps cannot be stated enough. What I mean by this is the following; there’s no use in being reactive to medical issues – i.e. dealing with them when they occur and not before.

It’s key that we are proactive in our lives instead of being reactive. This means that we consciously decide to live health lives WHILE we are healthy, and not to decide to go healthy when our actual health starts to suffer.

With regards to the issue we're discussing, the following  list of lifestyle choices can greatly increase your chances of avoiding as well as treating skin problems. They are logical and pretty obvious steps…see how many you can tick off! 🙂

Key healthy lifestyle choices

However, despite our best efforts, issues can still occur when it comes to our skin's health. Even if you follow all the above guidelines, the taxing effect of pregnancy; muscle gain; or weight gain/loss can still cause tears to occur. This is when a quality cream then becomes your best friend! Therefore, with no further ado, I present...

The Brand

As we do with all our reviews, we take special care to investigate the actual brand behind the product that has caught our eye. We do this for a very simple and logical reason – we refuse to promote or give time to unethical or untrustworthy brands, no matter how good their products are. Just no. 🙁

Therefore, when we began to become impressed by TrilAstin’s range of stretch line treatments, we paused and took a step back. We forgot the products for a short time. Instead, we focused on the brand itself. The products had impressed us…but could the brand do the same?


When reviewing a brand, we look at two things – the ethos and message that the brand promotes, and the customer feedback that will either support this ethos and message, or else find it lacking. In terms of their ethos, this company openly admits on their website that beauty is not just skin deep, but that aesthetic appearance is indeed important to all of us.

This is true – there are far more important facets to a human being than simply how they look. But, despite this, looking good is still something that we all seek. There is no shame in this, it’s perfectly natural. This brand seem to understand this which is good as they do not then go out of their way to appeal to peoples’ vanity and insecurities in their marketing.


         True beauty emanates from within. We all share a common desire to feel good about ourselves, to know ourselves, to like ourselves, to project that in our daily lives and to inspire it in others. Looking beautiful is only a part of that journey; feeling beautiful is the true prize. We craft all of our skincare solutions to produce positive, visible change that transform your skin and reveal your true inner beauty. We demand results from our products because results matter—results change lives.”

~ the TrilAstin Ethos

So, the ethos and message sounds good. It sounds positive and of a healthy origin. But does the customer feedback and testimonials backup this health conscious ethos? Well, as far as our research has ascertained, the answer to this a resounding yes.

From product testimonials, to customer service issues, to packaging and shipping queries, this brand has an overwhelmingly positive score with its customer base. Since its inclusion in the health and beauty niche in 2003, TrilAstin has repeatedly proven its credentials and quality in terms of its products. It’s safe to say that myself and the Health Base Team are quite satisfied with this particular brand! 🙂

Essentially…What Does it Do?

Firstly, it’s important to note that the TrilAstin-SH product range is an improvement on their previous product range. In the next section I’ll talk more about why this new range of creams is superior to what came before.

When it comes to stretch mark creams, the aim of the game is, as you can imagine, quite self-explanatory – to remove as much of the damage as possible so that your skin tone and complexion reverts back to its normal shade.

For this, a quality cream is needed that will penetrate your skin with ease.

Question mark

Here the cream will supply the damaged area with nutritional benefits as well as promoting your body’s ability to recover and heal. This, essentially, is all that there is to it!

A key element of this process is that the treatment provides support for your skin in the production of collagen and elastin. Elastin is a protein that is key in the production of collagen, and collagen is the key weapon that battles against any skin afflictions like skin tears.

Ultimately, this product range delivers exactly what you’d want in such a treatment. Below, I’ll explain just how they do this.

Why is This a Superior Product Range?

The main reason that TrilAstin-SH has taken a massive positive step forward in its effectiveness is because they have refined their proprietary technologies – thus supplying a better product range.

This company are renowned for their effective technologies that are key in creating the formulas that make up their products. The main technology that they use is known as the SSDS™ - or the Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System to give it its rather long and laborious name!! 😉

The SSDS™ is essential in creating a protective skin patch which helps the skin quickly absorb the agents of the creams over an extended period of time – this thus provides a specially designed sequenced release of ingredients to the skin. This technology also aids in rehydrating the skin. 

Learn from your mistake

In addition to this, the LipoTrisome™ is a proprietary complex of three compounds that are super effective fat-burning agents. This complex works to boost the body’s natural ability to metabolize fat. This is key to stretch line recovery as it results in cellulite being replaced by firm, elastic tissue.

In terms of application and aesthetics – the products produced by this brand are non-greasy and very easy to apply. They are also unscented which means that they become invisible within seconds of being applied. These products also do not stain clothes which is always something that is greatly appreciated in a health and beauty product.

Key ingredients

A formula is only as good as the ingredients that created it. These ingredients and the volumes that are used are just as important as the technology or the brand reputation. Below are some of the key ingredients that TrilAstin incorporates into their SH product line and why they are so beneficial.

  • Zea May Kernel Extract: proven to aid in healing of wounds - stimulates production of fibronectin; key in tissue repair
  • BeauPlex™: powerful multivitamin complex - include Vitamin C, B3, B5, & B6
  • Hydromanil H.GL™: a three dimensional glycol-matrix delivery system - provides a sequential release of moisturizing molecules
  •  D-Stria™: boosts skin firmness; elasticity; suppleness; and reduces color of stretch marks 
  • Vitamin E: takes the form of fat-soluble compound which possesses distinctive antioxidant properties - helps to protect cell membranes & also works to prevent damage from free radicals
  • BVOSC™: stable and potent form of Vitamin C ester - super-effective anti-oxidant - increases fibroblast activity in the skin 
  • Active Soy Protein: renowned for its nutritional value - contains 8 amino acids - promotes cellular growth and moisture retention
  • Collagen: structural protein - essential for the skin to maintain its framework - provides strength & elasticity to the skin
  • Chlorella Vulgaris Extract: contains 8 amino acids - promotes the formation of structural proteins - aids in creation of collagen   
  • Elastin: a protein that allows skin to stretch - body stops producing it after puberty therefore needed from another source

The Packages & Discount Deals


Package One – The Stretch Mark Prevention Starter Pack

Contains:  Preventative Cream &  Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum

As I mentioned before, taking preventative steps is a key thing to keep in mind when it comes to stretch lines and dealing with them. TrilAstin understands this and this why they have created preventative products as well as products that deal with the emergence of skin lines.

The aim of this starter pack is to prepare your body for possible skin tears. It can work to even avoid them in some cases.

The Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum works to warm your skin and prep it for the Preventative Cream – by warming your skin; it makes the application and effectiveness of the cream all the better.

The Maternity Preventative Cream then helps your skin to keep its strength and elasticity as it undergoes the change of gaining and losing weight. Overall, this super effective combo boosts your skin’s health.

Important Note: It must be added that stretch marks are very common after a pregnancy or after a serious weight loss. I add this to ensure that you don’t think this prevention package will automatically mean that you’ll never get tears in your skin. While this can happen, it’s more likely that the any tears will instead be greatly reduced because of this package’s efforts. This is why it is well worth your time to look at the “Mommy Bundle” and the “Bodybuilder’s Dream” packages as they also incorporate the TrilAstin-SH Cream which will work to combat tears.

Package Type


Three Month Supply

- Preventative Cream x 3

- Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum x 2

One Month Supply

- Preventative Cream x 1

- Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum x 1


Two Month Supply

- Preventative Cream x 2

- Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum x 1

Application: Twice a day to the areas where you feel you are susceptible to stretch lines. For more on this, have a look at our guide on the top rated Stretch Mark Treatments.

Verdict: Suitable for women who are expecting a child or for people who are planning to lose a lot of weight over a relatively short period of time. Effective at avoiding tears from occurring or limiting their emergence.

With regards to package type, naturally the price goes with size but so does the overall value. For example, the three month supply is far better value than the one month version, but, of course, it's a fair bit more expensive as well. It really comes down to how much of the cream and serum you think you might use. With a product such as this, I always think it's better to have some left over rather than to run out of either the cream or serum!

Package Two – The Stretch Mark Starter Pack

Contains: Maximum Strength SH Cream & Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum.

This starter pack is essentially what this brand are all about – supplying a one-two punch to skin lines that will leave them floored! (I robbed this analogy from their site – openly admit to this! :))

The Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum preps the skin by heating it and supplying the damaged area with a vitamin infused blast.

Once your skin is ready, the SR Max Strength Cream is then applied so it can do its magic. The sustained-release technology works to deliver active ingredients to the damaged skin as well as boosting the skin’s ability to repair itself. Dynamite!!

Package Type



One Month Supply


(Normally $98)

- SR Maximum Strength Cream x 1

- Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum x 1


Two Month Supply


(Normally $87)

- SR Maximum Strength x 2

- Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum x 1

Three Month Supply


(Normally $140)

- SR Maximum Strength Cream x 3

- Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serum x 2

Application: Apply once or twice daily, depending on size and severity of the issue.

Verdict: Suitable for all old and new stretch marks, as well as for all skin types. Super effective at greatly diminishing these lines within a month of use.

Again, as with the Preventative kits, the bigger the supply then the better the value but also the more it will cost. It really depends on your own preference.

Package ThreeThe Mommy Bundle

(Specifically designed for, but not limited to, maternity related skin tears)

Contains: Three Prevention Creams, two Hydro-Thermal Accelerator Serums, & one SR Max Strength Cream.

In a nutshell, this is the perfect cream package for any woman who is expecting to experience a pregnancy in the near future. It contains three elements that will work to both prevent stretch lines from appearing; limit their appearance; and then diminish them entirely.

The Preventative Cream is designed to be used for during pregnancy, in conjunction with the Accelerator Serum. While the SR Max Strength Cream will also team up with the Accelerator Serum to help combat skin lines that appear after pregnancy

Prevent and treatment for mothers

Application: The preventive cream twice daily; the SR Cream once to twice daily depending on severity and size of the stretch marks.

Verdict: Suitable for all skin types and all sorts of skin lines. Covers absolutely all angles and areas of the body. Even though it is advertised for Mothers and pregnancy, it is also a very effective package for anyone who feels that they might be susceptible to this skin issue.

Package Four The Bodybuilder’s Dream Package

(Specifically designed for Bodybuilders or anyone putting on muscle size)

Contains: One Prevention Cream, three SR Max Strength Creams, & one Hydro-thermal Accelerator Serum.

This is much the same as the “Mommy Bundle” package – it features the same products yet the emphasis is more on treating the stretch lines rather than preventing them.

This can been in the addition of the three TrilAstin-SR Creams and only one of the Prevention Creams.

Cost: $249 (Discounted price – usually $311.97).

Application: Same as the above package.

Skin Tear Treatment kit

Verdict: This package is more suited to those people who know that they will be experiencing tears in their skin – i.e.  bodybuilders who are going to be putting on serious muscle in a short period of time.

In terms of cost effectiveness, it would actually cost the exact same to buy these products individually. You would save on shipping and it’s always far more convenient to purchase all of these in one go rather than separately.

Bundle Offers

Offer No. 15 for the Price of 3  (The Health Base’s Pick)

Contains: Four SR Max Strength Creams & one Hydro-thermal Accelerator Serum.

Cost: $196 (Discounted price- usually $255)

Verdict: This offer gives you three of the TrilAstin-SR Creams with an additional Cream and one Accelerator Serum for free.

This deal is quite good in terms of saving money as buying these products individually would cost you $255.

The Health Base recommendation

So, therefore, you can save $59 and also an extra amount from only having one shipment. I personally think that this is the best offer for people who have existing stretch marks.

Offer No. 27 for the Price of 4

Contains: Six SR Creams & one HT Hydro-thermal Accelerator Serum.

Cost: $317.96.

Verdict: A bigger version of the 5 for 3 bundle offer. In terms of cost, you’d save $55.04 by purchasing this offer over buying individually.

There is a lot of Cream in this bundle, arguably too much for one person. It’s great value if you find someone to split it with, or perhaps if you are a professional bodybuilder. Other than that, I’d recommend going for the 5 for 3 bundle.

Customer Testimonials - Written & Video

All testimonials are taken from this brand's official site or from YouTube

 I developed stretch marks when I got pregnant and then I lost about almost 100 pounds in a year so I had really dark purple deep lines that I could not get rid of with any product! I thought about laser surgery but was quoted at $600 per treatment. I did more research and I came across this product which received great reviews so I decided to give it a try. It has been 3 weeks and I love it so far! I can totally tell a difference with my lines; they have definitely lightened. I can’t wait to keep watching them disappear!”

~ Kristina

 This cream wasn’t in my budget but I figured if it didn’t work I’ll send it back since it’s money back guaranteed. I only used it on my breasts where I had stretch marks from sudden weight loss. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and I highly recommend it. Just use it twice a day with the accelerator cream and I’m confident you will see major results in 3-4 weeks.”

~ Anna

~ Anna

 I started using this product after the birth of my son. I developed stretch lines all over my stomach. After my son was born, they were still there and they were very dark and visible. A few months after my son was born was when I discovered TrilAstin-SR. I started really noticing a difference after a month of using this product. My dark and visible marks became just faint white marks on my skin. I continue to faithfully use this product because everything I had used prior did not work for me. I am extremely pleased with this product.”

~ Alba

The Guarantee

This is a super incentive that comes with TrilAstin and their product range. They offer a whopping 90 money back guarantee with all their products and packages.

This is a very impressive and noteworthy guarantee when compared to other such offers in the health and beauty industry.

In the majority of cases, you’ll see an improvement in your stretch marks by using the products mentioned above within 3-4 weeks, so that’s 21-28 days. Because the warranty is 90 full days, this gives you plenty of time to try out the creams and serums and to judge their effectiveness.

90 Day Guarantee

However, it must be noted that this guarantee comes with certain stipulations that you need to be familiar with. I doubt very much that you’ll want to return any of this brand's products, but if you do, then take special care to read the following:

  • The 90 Day Guarantee only applies for first time customers
  • Returning products must be postmarked no later than 90 days after the purchase date
  • Most customers utilize two bottles to see results with recommended application. Because of this, our guarantee applies to only 3 bottles in your order. However, you may return unopened tubes to receive a full refund of your purchase amount
  • If your order was damaged during delivery, we must be contacted within 48 hours of delivery date
  • The full purchase price - LESS SHIPPING - will be returned to your method of payment within 48 hours of processing
  • Please note that we cannot refund more than three tubes of product per customer under this guarantee*
  • Please include a note with your order number and reason for return

*This is further reason I believe to buy the 5 for the Price of 3 bundle offer. The TrilAstin guarantee only covers three bottles of your first order. So, therefore, if you buy a single bottle then you won’t be able to get a refund. Just as if you buy twenty, then you’ll only be able to get a refund on three of the twenty. Not much good.

However, as I said, if you buy the 5 for 3, and there’s an issue, then you can get a full refund. And since you’ve only actually paid for three (two are free), then you won’t have lost anything. I believe this is the shrewdest way to go about purchasing your first treatment package.

Common FAQs

What results can I expect to see?

Answer: Existing stretch marks will be reduced in appearance within 3-4 weeks. Future lines can be diminished and even prevented by using the appropriate cream.      

Are these products effective on all skin types, ages, and colors?

Answer: Absolutely. The products have been rigorously tested on all differing skin types.

Are there any side effects from any of the creams or serums?

Answer: The FDA approved all TrilAstin products, a main reason why these products are available in 130 countries worldwide since 2005. Also, the formula used is both hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.     

Do these products work on scars – either surgical or general ones?

Answer: In most cases the answer is yes. The SR Cream can help to normalize scar tissues and return the damaged area to the normal complexion of the surrounding skin.                       

How long will an average tube/bottle last?

Answer: Each tube/bottle is 5.5ounces in terms of volume and should last you for approximately 4 – 6 weeks. Again, this will differ depending on such factors like the size of the stretch lines; the severity of the tear involved; the depth of the damage; and the area in which the lines are present.

Do this Brand test on animals?

Answer: Absolutely not. This is a query that (rightfully so) is becoming more and more important and prevalent in the minds of consumers.

Is the TrilAstin website a safe one in which to order from?

Answer: Yes, extremely safe. This brand has a strict policy of never sharing, selling, or providing information to any third parties. All transactions that take place on their site are 100% secure and conducted through secure SSL pages. For more information, have a look at their Privacy Policy page.

My Final Word & Verdict

For New Stretch Marks

If you use the Hydro-thermal Accelerator Serum in conjunction with the SR Max Strength Cream, then you will see a noticeable difference in your stretch lines within 3-4 weeks. After this, these line will become increasingly less visible over time.

As mentioned before, the key with this skin issue to try and be proactive rather than reactive. If you can get ahead of possible skin problems, then great, that's the best course of action. However, sometimes that isn't possible. Therefore...

For Old Stretch Marks

Old tears will take longer to dissipate as they have been present on your body for an extended period. In our judgment, old marks won’t begin to disappear until after a few months of the same as treatment as outlined above. However, they will indeed fade just as well as new ones.

Again, it’s worth noting that factors such as age; area; length; depth; and severity will dictate how long it takes for a skin line to become less visible.

Best Place to Buy

We recommend that you either go straight to the source when you are thinking about trying one of these products, or else use a trusted wholesaler such as Amazon. 

Also, as seen in this review, this brand offers discounted prices every now and again; these discounts won’t be available from every vendor and are usually just located on their official site which can be reached via the link below. 

Final Word

Overall, the TrilAstin product range is super effective at what it was intended to do. The Prevention Cream works wonders to prepare your skin for potential tears, while the Hydro-thermal Accelerator Serum ensures that the skin is at its most receivable for the SR Cream.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, I’ve said that the 5 for the price of 3 bundle offer is the best option by far I think. This gives you a good amount of Cream and Serum for a very good price. It also means that you can fully avail of the 90 day guarantee if anything amiss happens.

That brings an end to my review. I hope that you found it insightful and, as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or other members of the Health Base team via our Contact Page or through the contact form supplied at the end of this page. Also, if you’ve time, take a look at the related content that is available at the bottom as well.

Until next time, stay healthy & happy,




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