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Treating stretch marks

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A Quick Word

Hi guys, Hannah here. 🙂 Today I’ll be discussing everything and anything that has to do with stretch marks. For example, I’ll be touching upon what exactly these skin tears are; what are the mains reasons for their emergence; some common myths concerning them; and course, the best methods in terms of both preventing and minimizing their appearance. I will also mention the top methods of treatment that my and the Health Base team’s research and testing have unearthed.

When the Health Base team sat down quite some time ago to draw up a list of areas and topics that we wanted to focus on, I was immediately drawn to this particular area.

Why this particular area? Well, for two reasons: 1) I know it is a very common affliction for both men and women, and 2) because I have the honor of having stretch lines myself! Yes, heavy sarcasm. 😉

So, therefore, I, more than anyone, was super keen to delve into this area. I wanted to hunt down the answers to the key questions regarding this topic. Due to the fact that I’ve had this issue for many years now, I know quite a bit about them and how to treat them.

However, with the combined existing knowledge of the Health Base’s team and community, as well as the extensive research and testing that we performed, I now feel ultra-informed on this subject – to the point where I want to share what I’ve learnt.

I hope that this guide supplies the answer to any questions that you may have regarding these tears in our skin. If there’s anything that you think that I haven’t touched upon, or if you have any general queries or comments, then please get in touch via the area supplied at the bottom of this page or through our Contact Page. Let’s begin. 

(P.S. Through this guide you will see me use the following terms - stretch marks; tears; stretch lines; skin marks et cetera et cetera. They all mean the same thing in the context of this guide! I've chosen to do this simply because that brands and specialists often use these words/terms when discussing stretch lines so it's good for you to get used to them. I hope that prevents any confusion. 🙂 )

What Exactly Are They?

Well, for one thing, they’re very unseemly! They’re a particular physical ailment that occurs within the surface of our skin. Unfortunately, these marks are also quite a visible occurrence – thus the reason why we put so much time and effort into figuring out how to get rid them!!

In technical terms, this ailment occurs when miniscule tears or openings along the skin’s surface. These tears are caused when portions of your body grow at a rapid rate – too rapid for your natural collagen production to effectively maintain the balance in the skin. Collagen is a protein whose role is to maintain strength and elasticity.

Problems with collagen deficiency

When the collagen fails to do this, then stretch lines occur. But why don’t we feel this tearing? Surely it would hurt! Well, the reason why we didn’t feel anything is because these tears happen at the middle layer – the dermis. So, it’s not the outer, visible layer where we get cuts and scrapes – these we can definitely feel!!

In terms of appearance, these tears look like long thin lines that run across our bodies. They often start off as red or purples lines, and then settle down into a silvery-white color. You see, when the tear occurs in the dermis, this allows the deep layer of skin to be exposed. This area will be a different color to your outer layer and thus will stand out.

Ok, so that’s a pretty good description of what this affliction and how it occurs. Next, I’ll discuss why exactly they appear on our bodies. There are several reasons, all of which have a similar origin.

What are the Causes - The Three Culprits

As I’ve explained, these skin tears form when our bodies undergo extreme growth in a certain area.

These marks are often associated with getting older, which is kind of true. Yes, we are more susceptible to getting scars as we age because 1) our bodies undergo greater change, and 2) the functions and systems of our bodies slow in efficiency as we age. 

However, it’s not as simple as that. Young people in the prime of their health can get stretch lines as well. Simply put, there is a good chance they might appear on any particular body if that body undergoes a great, rapid change. 

Below, I’ve compiled three of the most common changes that can cause our bodies to be afflicted by these tears. There are other examples, like puberty, but the three outlined below are by far the most common.

Stretch Marks


It’s safe to say that the period of pregnancy is a very challenging and trying period for a woman’s body and skin. The abdomen area undergoes extreme change as the skin is stretched with then expanding belly. A considerable change also occurs in a female’s breasts during this time.

Pregnancy is probably the single most considerable change that a human body can go through in a lifetime. The changes that occur from day one till the day the baby is born are quite remarkable. Therefore, it is quite common that, after giving birth, a woman will be left with stretch lines on her belly, breasts, upper things, or perhaps on all three areas.

If the above sounds like you, then make sure you check out our article which explains how to prevent pregnancy related tears.

Prevent Pregnancy Skin Tears

Weight Loss/Gain

This is similar to pregnancy except obviously not as extreme or as rapid. If your body was to expand considerably over a short period of time, then the skin would expand in order to compensate for this new bulk. This can cause great strain and thus can lead to tears.

This tearing occurs if the expansion is too great for our skin to cope with. The thing is, you won’t notice these new skin tears until you actually lose the weight that you’ve gained. Gaining weight will cause tears, but only by losing the weight will the marks become visible. 

I know what you’re thinking…so, if I put on a whole lot of weight then surely it’s better to just keep eating rather than be left with tears in your skin!! Well, come on, that’s not a great plan or mindset to have! Stretch lines are always more preferable than being obese. Also, as I’ll explain in a short time, these tears can be treated. So, put down that pizza slice, there’s no good excuse for not exercising and being healthy, my friend. 😉

Speaking of being healthy, it’s worth noting the type of diet that can lead to rapid weight gain and probably issues with your skin as well. Diets that are high in calories, or low in them, will cause weight gain or loss. Especially if these calories are negative ones like junk food and the like.

In terms of where obesity related tears might occur, they can be most commonly found on a person’s hips, thighs, breasts, stomach, and even arms. All in all, this is just another completely logical reason for keeping your body in good shape!! As if another reason was needed, right. 🙂

Prevent Stretch Marks

Body Building

A common perception is that only women can get such tears. Why?

Because skin lines are most commonly associated with pregnancy and the aftermath of this physical exertion.

However, as I’ve shown with weight gain, men are very much prone to getting these visible lines as well.


A type of person who often suffers from this affliction is the guy/gal who likes to body build. Bodybuilders undergo amazing levels of physical stress, strain, and overall change. That’s right, just as unhealthy weight gain can cause tearing in our skin, rapid growth or loss in muscle mass can also leave people with the same end result.

This is even more worrying for bodybuilders as aesthetics are a major part of any bodybuilder’s psyche – especially if he or she regularly competes in competitions. Though, in saying this, elite bodybuilders are keenly aware of the threat posed by stretch lines. The vast majority of them understand how to minimize the dangers and chance.

It’s worth also noting that it’s not just bodybuilders who can suffer from muscle expanding related skin lines. Any gym goer is at risk. Especially newbies who launch themselves into a new training regime that there body has never experienced before. Whenever a person lifts heavy weights for a prolonged period, the muscles that are used expand and change the shape our bodies.

This is why people often looked pumped when they have finished training heavy weights. This muscle expansion can very well cause tears to occur. The areas of the body that you would most likely see these kinds of lines are on the arms, thighs, or buttocks. These are the areas that are most prone to rapid growth in terms of muscle. Your chest and back are already pretty big muscle groups with lots of room for expansion. And most people’s abdomens have extra skin which aid in muscle related stretching.

For more on this particular topic take a look at my article on Stretch Marks From Muscle Gain - Prevention & Treatment. 

Prevent Skin Tears from weight lifting

Five Common Myths

The majority of things in this world have some sort of mythology attached to them. The can take the form of factually based opinions, half-truths, or straight up falsehoods. Skin lines are no different!

The tricky part is trying to separate the reality from the mythology. It can be very easy to get suckered into believing something that is simply not true. This lie can then shape the way you view a certain thing.

As I researched this topic, I came across five myths that seemed to be constantly circulating this topic. Below I have outlined the five and given the reality concerning them. 


Ignore it – No-One Cares About Them

This is a bit of a tricky one. I absolutely agree that it’s not a major problem if you have skin lines. They are incredibly common and are in no way dangerous to your health. So I completely agree with those people who decide to just ignore them and get on with it.

However, there is another side to this thinking. People like to look good. They like to look their best – there is no shame in this. Therefore, tears on your skin can take an emotional toll on some people. This toll can become a real problem during bikini season or if you’re attending a social function. Surely you owe it to yourself to do something rather than just ignore the problem?

Also, if it really was best to just ignore the stretch marks, then why would dermatologists and companies all over world would be working so hard to find preventative methods and treatments?

The Truth: In my opinion, if you are comfortable having these lines then more power to you. But, I don’t believe most people are – I think some people are either too lazy to find a cure or have given up. Don’t be one of these people! This particular affliction is indeed treatable as I’ll soon show.


They Cannot be Treated

This one kind of ties back into the mentality of just accepting the presence of your skin lines and ignoring them. I think this is a mistake. It’s true that these tears cannot be completely erased, but they can indeed be minimized to as good as being invisible.

The trick is to be proactive and positive, both before you get the skin tears and then, more importantly, if you do actually get any. This kind of attitude will dramatically decrease the risk.

What do I mean by being proactive and positive? Well, simply to live a healthy and balanced life! And, if skin lines do appear, understanding what they are and what’s the best way of dealing with them. Treating these tears at the early stages is vital in terms of prevention. I’ll discuss this more in a bit.

The Truth: If you have negative and nihilist mindset then I doubt you’ve read this far! Everything, and I mean everything, that life can throw at us can be made better by being proactive and positive. Dealing with tears is no different.


Only Overweight People are Affected

Well I’ve already blown this myth out of the water when I discussed the common reasons people develop tears. To sum up, they have nothing do with sex, and rather occur when we lose or gain considerable weight in a short period of time – i.e. like during pregnancy; bodybuilding; or dramatic shifts in our weight due to dietary or health factors.

Also, as I’ve noted, these tears will not appear if you pile on the pounds. They will only appear when you shift this excess weight and your body mass returns to a more natural state.

This myth is also false as it indicates that we can only get skin lines via unhealthy factors. Pregnancy is the most natural occurrence known to mankind and yet can result in these lines. Also, piling on the muscle isn’t exactly a negative thing once it’s done safely – this too can lead to tears occurring.

The Truth: this issue is indeed a result of people becoming obese and then shedding this excess weight. But this only explains one reason why they might appear – there are others.


Only Women Get Them

Yes, well, this is utter nonsense! Both women and men have skin…both women and men can undergo great change in regards to their weight and size…so how does it make sense that only women could suffer from stretch lines?! It doesn’t!!

Though, in saying this, it has been proven that women do get them more often than their male counterparts – one study showing that only one in four men will get any sort of mark. Why is this, you wonder?

Men and Women

Very simply because men (as far as I know ;)) can’t get pregnant! Other than that time Arnie Schwarzenegger gave it a go in a film with Danny DeVito!! Such a strange movie.

The Truth: both men and women are susceptible to gaining these tears throughout their lives. Tears are a direct result of skin expanding at a quicker than normal rate – something that both men and women can experience whether it be from dietary issues; health issues; or growth in muscle density. Women do have another element that might cause lines – this being pregnancy.


Losing Weight Will Remove Tears

This one is my personal favorite as it is wrong in so many ways! First of all, you can’t get stretch marks without first of all gaining an abnormal amount of weight. This growth in size is what causes the skin to tear and the marks to form.

Secondly, the marks won’t actually be visible while you have the weight gained. This is because the skin has not settled back down and the marks will not be evident. In other words, when you have the weight on, your skin will still be stretched. This will effectively hide the problem.

Thirdly, and finally, lines will only appear when you lose the weight that you’ve gained...which is the exact opposite to what this myth indicates! This happens because your skin settles back down into its normal shape when the excess weight is shifted. The tears will then be visible in the form of lines that are differing in coloring to the surrounding area.

The Truth: Losing weight will ensure your lines appear! I’ll quickly add that this is in NO WAY an acceptable reason to keep the weight on!! The other health concerns that can come with being overweight far outweigh (pun intended) the benign condition that is the focus of this guide. Also, to nail this point home, remember that tears can be treated relatively easily – problems that are associated with being obese are not only expensive and difficult to treat, they can also be life threatening. 🙁

Permanent Removal?

This is a tricky one to answer with a simple yes or no. Some can be removed from the naked eye, even though under the surface the tear will still be present. Other marks can only be diminished. It really comes down to the severity of the tear.

The best way to understand this is to view stretch lines as you would any other scar. We all have them – whether it be cuts from our childhood on our elbows and knees; nicks from a razor on our faces or necks; or more serious scars that came about from surgery. There isn’t a person on this planet that life hasn’t left its mark on!

It isn’t the end of the world though. The majority of scars are either too insignificant to notice or, even if they are noticeable, are ignored by people. These skin lines can actually be pretty cool things if you have a great story to go with it! Or, if not, invent a great story. 😉

Question mark

It’s fair to say though that the vast majority of people would choose to remove their scars and tears if given the option. It must be said that the possibility of full removal really does come down to the severity of the tear that took place.

In saying this, the high percentage of skin tears can be diminished to the point where they are not visible or barely visible to the naked eye. Later on I will look at some of the best methods for achieving this. If you’d rather know now then feel free to skip ahead, or follow this link where I review a quality product for minimizing any tears: TrilAstin treatment cream.

How to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks


In terms of prevention, a lot of things that you can do are quite logical and take nothing more than engaging some common sense. Below is a list of changes and habits that work superbly to nullify the possible emergence of tears:

  • Ensuring that you remain properly hydrated throughout the day
  • Avoiding excess sugar & junk food in your diet
  • Controlling your weight & keeping it at a healthy number
  • heartbeat
    Doing your best to cut out the empty & useless calories
  • heartbeat
    Having a nutritionally sound & diverse diet
  • heartbeat
    Consuming the RDA of Zinc, Vitamin C & D
  • heartbeat
    Exercising regularly
  • heartbeat
    Overall having a logical & commonsensical outlook on life! 

If you do the above then several things will happen: 1) You won’t pile on the pounds all of a sudden 2) Your body will be working at an optimal level 3) Your skin will be super strong and have an abundance of elasticity.

These three things will significantly improve your chances of never seeing lines appear on your body. It’s important to note that I’m not saying you should live and train like a professional athlete! The above outlined criteria can be maintained by a healthy human, it doesn’t take a superhuman one. Simply take a minute to think logically about things – this will ensure that you make the right decision more often than not.


Now we get to the interesting part – how to actually treat stretch marks. As with every medical issue, there are a whole host of different methods and techniques a person can utilize. Some are effective; some are ineffective; some are great but completely infeasible; and some are neither great nor feasible!

Below, I have created a list of the most noteworthy treatments. I have also specifically highlighted the best one – a method that has been verified and proven to work by the Health Base team. If you’d rather just read about this method then feel free to skip ahead – it’s Method Five on the following list.

Method One – Fractionated Laser Resurfacing

This FDA approved treatment incorporates the usage of fractionated laser technology to restore damaged skin to its original state. It works to return your color and tone to its normal complexion and tone while eliminating unwanted blemishes such as acne, brown spots, surgical scars, spots, and fine lines.

When it comes to stretch lines, fractionated laser treatment has the advantage of aiding in the production of collagen in the targeted area. It also is very precise in its administration which removes any danger of the surrounding area getting damaged.

However, this method is also very expensive and the studies done concerning this treatment are quite few in number and a little hard to actually interpret.


Overall, it seems that a 30-70% improvement is an achievable goal when it comes to fractionated laser treatment, but this level of success could take anywhere between 3 – 10 treatments.

A single fractionated laser treatment can cost anywhere between $900 - $1,400 so you can see how this venture might turn out to be a very, very expensive one.

VERDICT: Extremely expensive and does not have enough medical proof or consumer testimonials to be fully convincing.

Method Two – Bleaching Cream

Bleaching creams are essentially skin lightening products. They are also known as whiteners, brighteners, or fading creams. The way they work is quite straightforward – the cream works to reduce the melanin (a pigment in your skin) in the applied area. This, in theory, will then help to make the skin tear or scar blend in with the surrounding area.

Technically, the term bleaching is inaccurate as these creams do not actually bleach the skin but instead effect the production of melanin which then inhibits the change in color. The main ingredient used in pretty much all bleaching creams is hydroquinone – usually it comes in a 2% concentration dosage.


Hydroquinone, also known as benzene-1, 4-diol, or quinol, is an aromatic organic compound that has many uses when it comes to being incorporated in bleaching creams. Primarily, it is used as a reducing agent due to the fact that it is soluble to water with helps provide the desired consistency of a cream of this kind.

This chemical compound is also used in bleaching creams because it possesses the ability to lighten dark areas that can occur when skin is damaged. This ingredient helps the cream to block the natural process of discoloring these damaged areas.

In terms of cost, a quality bleaching cream will set you back between $35-$70. This is pretty good value, especially when compared to the laser cost! 

VERDICT: This is certainly a cheaper option than Method One. For some examples of top quality skin lightening creams, please refer to our guide -

Method Three – Thermage Treatment

Thermage is a treatment that people use for tightening and lifting sagging skin. It is a popular alternative for those who do not want to undergo surgery. In terms of how it works, Thermage employs radio frequency energy to expose to the deep dermis to a uniformed heating element.

By gently heating this layer of dermis, the production of collagen is stimulated which can have a profound effect on the skin. With regards to using Thermage, the evidence and cost of using this technique is unfortunately very similar to the fractionated laser technique.

The cost of Thermage session can range anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000, with more than one session being required to see effective results. This is a mad amount money if you ask me for just treating skin lines!

The reason for this is because Thermage is not really designed for something as benign has stretch marks, and rather was designed to fight the aging process by removing eye bags; heavy wrinkling; deep creases; et cetera. The fact that it is an alternative to elective surgery tells you just how heavy duty this treatment is.

VERDICT: Really not suitable for this skin issue – both in cost and what it was designed for.

Method Four – Bio-Oil

Ok, so I understand if at this point you’re starting to despair!! So far I’ve given you three methods to battle this skin issue that is at the center of this guide – two that were hopelessly expensive, and one that could potentially be harmful! I know, not great up to this point. Time for a bit of positivity so. 🙂

Bio-Oil is my second best choice when it comes to treating tears. If you suffer from this ailment, then it’s a safe bet that you’ve heard of bio-oil at some point. It’s a quite popular treatment for this issue. Simply do a quick google search for either “stretch mark” or “Bio-Oil” and you’ll be flooded with a mountain of different links and informative pieces.

Bio-Oil is a proven method for dealing with many facial and skin ailments:

Effective at treating:

  • Acne Scars

  • Blemishess

  • Stretch Marks

  • Blackheads

  • Shaving Nicks

  • Daily Scratches

  • Dry Skin

  • check-square-o
    Aging Skin
  • check-square-o
    And Many More

A massive benefit of Bio-Oil is its consistency – because it’s oil-based, it goes on very smoothly and penetrates into your skin in a super effective manner. At first, in the early days, this product used to be greasy in its application which is not a desirable trait. Later, PurCellin Oil was added to the formula which effectively removed this issue.

In terms of cost, bio-oil is very affordable. A good quality bottle will cost you between $10-$30, depending on the brand and the volume. This is obviously much better value than the methods named so far.

Alas, there is a problem though with Bio-Oil that I do need to mention. It is an effective product, but only for certain types of stretch lines. Our research and testing led us to believe that Bio-Oil doesn’t really have much impact on lines that have been present on a body for years.

While it is effective in healing and fading new tears, anything that’s over a year or two old then the Bio-Oil will have little to no effect on. In addition, due to its oily consistency, if overused Bio-Oil can result in pores becoming clogged. This can then lead to breakouts.

Furthermore, Bio-Oil can also prove problematic for people who are prone to allergic reactions. So, if you have sensitive skin, it’s probably best to try another option or else use the Bio-Oil sparingly.

VERCIT: Needs to be used with care as can cause adverse reactions. A good product for newly emerged lines, but not particularly effective on older ones.

Method Five – The Winner: Stretch Mark Cream

We’ve finally arrived at what I believe to be the best option when it comes to treating stretch marks. Finally. 🙂 The first thing I’d say about such Creams is that, unlike the other methods, this treatment has been specifically designed to treat this issue – thus the name.

In my eyes, this gives this product a clear advantage over the competition. In terms of its use, this Cream works to eliminate marks by targeting the top layer of your skin (the epidermal). It works to provide you with the nutrients and support needed to effectively diminish any scarring.

The result is that the upper layer of your skin becomes thicker and less translucent in composition – this markedly reduces the appearance and formation of lines. What’s even better, a top quality Cream is effective both on new and old scars.


Below are some of the key ingredients that are required to make a great Cream. I’ve also outlined what exactly these ingredients do.

Zea Mays Kernal Extract


Proven to aid in the healing of wounds. Studies have proven that this extract stimulates the production of fibronectin – this is a key component in the cellular process of tissue repair


Includes E, B3, B5, and B6. All of these are essential and provide a variety of benefits to the healing and regeneration process that a quality  Cream should deliver

Vitamin C Ester

A very potent form of Vitamin C. A super-effective anti-oxidant which has been proven to increase fibroblast activity in the skin. Also works to create new collagen which is paramount

Chlorella Vulgaris Extract


This ingredient consists of 8 essential amino acids that are highly nutritional. It helps to promote the creation of structural proteins which aid in the natural production of collagen as well as detoxifying the body and ridding it of harmful agents.

Also has the title of being the ingredient with the highest concentration of chlorophyll and RNA/DNA


A key ingredient. Elastin is a structural protein that works to allow our skin to stretch. The problem is that our bodies stop producing this protein a little bit after puberty. Elastin in our bodies then gradually disappears over time, thus making us more susceptible to tears. By providing the body with more elastic, this helps the body combat and cure these lines


By now you’ve probably realized that collagen is a major player when it comes to healthy skin. It is a key structural protein, much like elastin. It is vital for maintaining the framework of our skin as well as encouraging new cell growth. As with elastin, collagen production does slow down over the years and this is why an added boost of it can be invaluable to our skin

Active Soy Protein

Soy is renowned for having a high nutritional value. This ingredient is also loaded with amino acids that help to strengthen the structural proteins in our skin and bodies. It also has the added benefit of adding smoothness and aiding in the retention of moisture – too key weapons in the battle against tears

VERDICT: In my humble opinion, these Creams are the way to go when it comes to this ailment. They are cost effective – usually between $50-$70 – and have been proven to work on all sorts of stretch marks. In regards to application, the top brands produce creams that go on super smooth and leave no visible footprints on your skin. Simply rub them in twice daily and let the formulated cream do its magic.

Due to the fact that we believe that Creams are the best available option for dealing with this issue, we put considerable time and effort into narrowing down the different options that were available. And there were quite a few of them!

After researching and testing the leading brands, we finally settled on a Cream supplied by the good people at TrilAstin. This Cream is the Health Base’s top pick. If you’d like to know more about this product, then click the following links for our complete review of the TrilAstin-SH Cream. Below is a quick Summary Table of this product as well as the top skin brightening cream that our research unearthed.

Summary Table 




Skinbright brightening cream

Type of Treatment:

Skin brightening

Stretch Mark Repair

Suitable Skin Type:



Key Ingredients:

- Alpha-Arbutin

- Kojic Acid

- Vitamin E

- Pamlmitate

- Allantoin

 - Zea Mays Kernal Extract

- BeauPlex VH

- Hydromanil H.GL

- D-Stria


- Chlorella Vulgaris Extract


Exfoliating DermCloth

Hydro-Thermal Accerator -(availbale w/ 3 bottle & 4 bottle packs)

Differing Packages:

Single, 2, 3, & 4 Bottle Packs

Single, 3, & 4 Bottle Packs

Also available are creams specifically designed for Maternity & Bodybuilding issues

Money Back Guarantee:

60 Days Full Refund

90 Days Full Refund

Price Range:

$49 - $196

$34 -  $319

Package Volume Range:

50ml - 300ml

18ml - 900ml


Free - 4-7 Working Days

Free - 4-5 Working Days

Bodypart Suitability:

External use - not suitable for private parts

External use - not suitable for private parts

Age Suitability:




Important Note

As I’ve said earlier in this guide, a key element of dealing with stretch marks is to treat them as soon as humanly possible. Treating them with the above outlined method will always result in an improvement, no matter the stage. However, to get the maximum benefit, then it’s advised to begin the treatment ASAP.

I say this for people who are in the process of gaining/losing large amounts of weight – whether this is due to pregnancy; weight lifting; or dietary/medical changes. Your skin lines won’t have appeared yet, so it can be very tempting to risk it and hope that none appear. I genuinely do believe that this is a mistake!

Why take the risk and then have to wait a week or so for shipping before you can start treating your marks? Surely it’s better to get the treatment in advance, thus giving you the chance to start easing those tears from your body as soon as they appear. Once more, common sense prevails. 🙂

Skin Lightening Options

As I've alluded to throughout this guide, some people do use skin lighteners in order to tackle existing stretch marks. While we at the Health Base really do recommend a top grade skin tear cream rather than a lightener, we have made sure to incorporate skin brightening into our guide because we're conscious that this is a viable option for this particular ailment.

For more on this topic, please take a look at our ​complete​ skin lightening guide.

My Final Word

Well that’s my guide on this issue done! I sincerely hope that you found it helpful and insightful…I’ll even take slightly entertaining. 🙂

As always, do not hesitate in getting in touch with us if you have any issues or questions that were not covered in this guide. We at the Health Base are always looking to expand and improve our own knowledge and expertise. Every bit of feedback that we receive helps us to do just that so feel free to get in touch. We’ll get back to you in no time at all!

I’ve added a few additional links to the bottom of this page regarding related content that we’ve created. And, of course, you can browse our full knowledge base from the Home Page or on the tabs at the top of this page.

Until next time, stay healthy & happy,



I'm Hannah and I've been writing for The Health Base for three years now. When not doing so, I'm kept busy running my beauty salon and keeping my three young kids out of trouble! Sometimes both at the same time! Shoot me any queries that you might have - let's talk!.