SkinBright Review – Skin Lightening at its Best?

Skin brightener

A Quick Introduction

Hello, guys, Hannah here. Today I’m going to be reviewing the skin lightening cream created by SkinBright. This will be a carry on from my Health Base Comprehensive Guide in which I covered all the major lightening creams on the market today.

We at the Health Base enjoy doing these types of reviews as it gives us the opportunity to point people in the right direction. As we tackle our chosen health and beauty topics, we work our way through the possible treatments and products until inevitably we are left with what we think are the best ones.

It would be kind of pointless, not to mention counterproductive and immoral, if we were to then hoard this knowledge for ourselves! We’re all about sharing here at theHealthBase so this is why ensure that we add in some reviews every now and again. 🙂

So, with that said, I’ll now get stuck into my review of this particular cream we've seen amazing results with. Enjoy!

(P.S. Click here if you're looking for SkinBright's Official Website.)

What Does this Cream Deliver?

Well, in a nutshell, this product delivers exactly what you’d want from a skin lightening cream - a powerful yet subtle method of brightening the overall tone of your skin. This cream was created through after years of constant research and testing which resulted in an end product that is not only super effective, but also completely natural in its ingredients. 

The formulated mixture of Alpha-Arbutin and Kojic Acid in particular are proven methods to lighten the color of a person's skin which is something that more and more people are preferring in the modern world

Lighten skin

In addition, this cream can help with a whole host of health issues and is not just suitable for people who are looking to brighten their overall complexion. Below are some ailments that this product can help with:

  • Melasma

  • Age Spots​​​​

  • Accumulative Effects

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Sun Spots

  • Aging

This double impact is what makes this product such a popular choice among both men and women: 1) It can work brighten a person's overall skin tone. 2) It can treat a wide variety of skin issues..

What Size Package to Go For?

This is a very pertinent question when it comes to deciding which skin whitening cream package to buy. It’s even more relevant with the brand I'm looking at today as they offer several different packages that contain different numbers of bottles. Below, I’ve done a quick breakdown of the four packages on offer.


*Amount of Bottles 

**Length of Use



6 - 9 months



4 - 6 months



2 - 3 months



1 - 1.5 months

*All bottles have a volume of 50ml/1.7ounces

**Depending on area of body the cream is being used on

As with most products, the bigger the package is in terms of bottles, then the lower the price is on average per single bottle.

This is a common selling tactic used by brands all over the world – it’s also one that can be very beneficial if you choose the right package.

My personal recommendation is to go for either Package One or Two - this way you'll get 4 - 6 or 6 - 9 month's worth of cream. This is important for a very logical reason.

Cost Effect

With skin lighteners, it will take 90 days or so for you to really being to see results - this means that buying a package that supplies cream that'll only last a month or two (as is the case with Packages 3 & 4) might very well leave you short.

The end result with buying these lesser packages could very well be that you'll end up running our of cream just when you're starting to see a hint of the results that you're after! Not ideal.

Also, not only will Package One & Two mean that you will have plenty of cream, it also works out far cheaper per bottle. Win, win. 🙂

It's also worth pointing out that SkinBright themselves claim that Package One is by far their best seller. In my eyes this proves that people have weighed up the cost effectiveness of this package and this is why it's flying off the digital shelves.

The Key Ingredients

As with any health and beauty product, the end result is only as good as the ingredients incorporated into the formula. If the ingredients are not good, or if the measurements are off, then the resulting formula and product will pay the price.

One of the great things about the SkinBright brand is that they insist on using only natural and organic ingredient sources in their products. This is the way the health and beauty industry is going in the modern world as more and more people are becoming health conscious. The quicker the better, I say! 🙂

Below is a list of some of the top ingredients in this lightening cream and the benefits that they deliver.

  • Alpha Arbutin: extracted from the Bearbery Plant - works prevent the formation of  melanin & is a powerful lightener
  • Kojic Acid: by-product of malting rice process - super effective pigmentation inhibitor 
  • Vitamin A Palmitate: turns into Retinol when absorbed into body - aids in resurfacing & rejuvenating of skin - significantly improves complexion
  • Lemon Extract: strong exfoliant - helps body shed cells
  • Passionflower Extract: decrease appearance of dark circles & discolorations
  • Aloe Vera: a​​​​ids exfoliant ingredients minimize skin irritation & boost smoothness
  • Allantoin: also boosts smoothness of your complexion - increase skin cell proliferation & healing of damaged areas   
  • Ascorbic Acid: purest form of Vitamin C - super strong antioxidant ingredient - protects skin from free radicals
  • Squalene: 100% natural moisturizer - super permeable & non-greasy 
  • Hydrogenated Polydecene: boosts hydration & possesses anti-aging properties
  • Lemongrass Extract: versatile skin care ingredient - rich in anti-microbial & anti-bacterial properties - one of nature's best astringents; minimizes pores; limits secretion of sebum/oil; & boosts skin's firmness 
  • Jojoba Oil: exceptionally good moisturizing agent - studies have proven that this ingredient prevents infections
  • Sunflower Oil: works to help your complexion retain its moisture
  • Hemp Oil: anti-inflammatory agent that works with exfoliant ingredients - soothes skin & minimizes irritation 
  • Malachite Extract: extra strong detoxifying agent & super antioxidant agent

Other ingredients include paraben-free Water, Cosmedia SP, Silica, Calcarea Carbonica, Graphites, Veegum Ultra, Xanthan Gum, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Capric Triglycerides, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone / Cyclopentasiloxane, Optiphen Plus, Potassium Sorbate.

As you can see, this product is loaded with natural goodness and nutritional value. More importantly, this cream is jam packed with ingredients and agents that are specifically chosen because of their ability to lighten complexion tone in various ways. Exactly the kind of stuff that we need in our cream in order to brighten our complexions and/or get rid of those pesky skin problems! 🙂

Three Added Benefits

Strong Anti-Aging Capabilities

A further advantage that this product delivers is that its formula makes it a great weapon in the fight against Father Time. Our skin is always aging, there's very little that we can do about this fact. However, a proactive step that we can take is to use the best ingredients and agents that will ensure our skin remains healthy and young for as long as possible.

Two of the most powerful anti-aging agents that nature can provide are Allantoin and Vitamin A Palmitate...both of which are incorporated into the SkinBright formula! These two marvelous compounds work to strengthen and tone our skin, something that is vital in preventing wrinkles and lines appearing. 

Air Dispenser Technology

When it comes to products of this nature, a key element is the packaging in which they come in. If the packaging is poor, then the product may very well spoil and quickly become rather useless. One of the most dangerous risks of this occurring lies in oxidation.

Oxidation is where too much air gets into the product's container which can cause the ingredients within to degrade at a rapid rate. Not good!!

SkinBright have foreseen this issue and prevented it by placing their skin brightening cream in large 50 ml dispensers. These nifty dispensers use the latest and greatest technology to protect the formula within. What's more, every order also comes with a helpful reusable light shielding pouch that works to keep your cream safe from the harmful rays of the sun - something that is also a key degradation factor.

Money Back Guarantee

A key element to every purchase is what, if any, type of warranty the manufacturer adds to their product. If there is none, then it's probably best that you move on!!

SkinBright offer a super 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. This basically means that you can try out this product for two months risk free.

If, after 5 or 6 weeks, you do not think that this brand is the one for you, then you can easily contact this brand's customer service department and they'll swiftly set about sorting you out with a refund. 

Money Back Guarantee

This ultimately makes trying this product 100% Risk Free, which is not something that can be said about some of the other leading brands in this niche.

brighten skin


These following reviews have been taken from this brand's official site so you know that they are legit.

 My name is Morufat. I'm from Queens, New York. SkinBright has been so good to my skin. I've been using their cream for 4 weeks now to get rid of my discoloration after pregnancy. My results have been so wonderful. My skin is flawless and radiant. My friends have seen my results, especially my mother, who has just ordered a set herself. This cream has made me more comfortable with my skin. Thanks!"

~ Morufat

     Queens, NY

 Hello, My name is Lauren from Miami, Florida, and I've been using this cream now for 3 months. Prior to using it I had splotches on my arms and on my legs, from sun exposure. I did try a couple products to try to get them to go away and none of them did work until I did try this brand. I used this cream...after the first month I saw the spots on my arms starting to blend away and after the third month now I can't see them at all. I feel more confident now. I remember looking back at pictures and actually seeing the spots in pictures and now they're all gone, so I thank you so much SkinBright and recommend it to anyone!"

~ Lauren

     Miami, FL

 Hello, my name is Elisa and I'm from San Marcos, California. I think SkinBright is amazing. I have been using their cream for one month now for the dark scars on my arms and legs and the results have been amazing. The dark scars have been dramatically lightened. My family members have definitely noticed how the ugly scars have improved and they are always asking me what I did to improve my skin and I'm always telling them how this brand's cream is great and I feel really happy how others notice how my skin has changed and I'm definitely more confident now. Thank you for this great product!"

~ Elisa

     Marcos, CA


 “I’ve always had problems with freckles, especially when I’ve been out in the sun. I started using this product about 3 months ago, with a strong sunscreen, and it’s been amazing how much they’ve been reduced. My mom noticed right away when I got back from college. She said I had a lot less freckles than the last time I came home to visit. I would recommend SkinBright to anyone with annoying freckles that they want to get rid of. Thanks!”

~ Jim

     Bakersfield, CA


 “Hi, My name is Lawrence. I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. I had been using SkinBright because it doesn’t contain any hydroquinone and has all natural and safe ingredients. After using this brand, my acne scars which I had before have all faded away, revealing a healthy glowing complexion. I have gotten compliments from all my friends. That made me feel very good and has skyrocketed my confidence level. So, it really, really works!”

~ Lawrence

     Silver Spring, MD


Top 10 FAQs

Question 1 – Does this brand do product testing on Animals?

Answer – This brand that has never treated on animals. It would go completely against the ethos of the company. They have a strict policy of creating cruelty-free products.

I personally would never buy, nor would I review, a product that has been tested on animals. It’s barbaric, inhumane, and completely unnecessary in these modern times.

Question 2 – How should I store a bottle of this cream?

Answer – This brand's products are packaged and delivered to customers in airless dispensers. This is because it is essential that the ingredients that make up the cream are not exposed to any undue sun or air.

Due to this special packaging, this results in your skin whitening cream having a far longer shelf life. Other than this, it’s key that you store the cream in a cold, dry area. If you are not going to use it within a year, then store the product in a fridge in order to best persevere it

Question 3 – Is there anything that I should use in conjunction with this skin lightening cream?

Answer – As with any health and beauty product, it’s key that you also use a quality moisturizer. This is to ensure that your body is supplied with the necessary nutrients and also stays hydrated. One such quality moisturizer is the one created by Zenmed – look for the Zenmed's Moisturizing Lotion (Product 7 in the Table of Contents).

In addition to this, it’s a good idea to also apply some sunscreen during the times that you’ve applied your skin whitening cream. This is simply advisable so that excessive sun does not diminish the effect of this cream while it is working its magic.

Question 4 – Can makeup up be used in conjunction with this cream?

Answer – this question can be answered with one word…YES! The only step that you have to take is to allow the cream to be absorbed into your skin before you apply your makeup. I find that giving the cream ten minutes is plenty.

Question 5 – Is it safe to order from this brand's website?

Answer – I have provided links to the official site throughout this review because of one simple reason – 9/10 times it best to buy from the source. Cut out the middle man and go directly to the origin. The only time you should not do this is if you are using a world renowned wholesaler like Amazon or the like.

The guys and gals at SkinBright use an online ordering system that is secured by the latest SSL technology. This means that any information that you enter is 100% secure. It also means that if you have any issues, or want to return something, you can directly contact this brand instead of an intermediary.

Question 6 – How do I contact the Customer Service department?

Answer – In the event that you have an issue with one of your products, then it’s quite easy to contact themt in order to solve it. Either visit their site – – where you’ll see the contact section. Simply then fill in the contact form with whatever query that’s on your mind.

As always, we put this brand's customer service team to the test by contacting them a few times in sporadic fashion with a variety of queries and complaints. All the messages that we sent go a reply within 3 working days – usually within 1-2 working day. The replies were also courteous and helpful. Therefore, we were more than happy with this!

Question 7 – Does this cream have any negative side effects?

Answer – During our research and testing, we thoroughly put the this skin lightening cream through its paces just so we could feel confident in answering this particular question. We personally found that there weren’t any issues.

However, we did notice that this brand does have a disclaimer on their site saying that there might be a small chance of someone having an allergic reaction to their products. This is something that is quite common with health and beauty brands. The reason is simple – everyone’s complexion is different and these types of products consist of quite a few varying degree of ingredient. In saying this, because this brand only use natural and organic ingredients in their cream, the likelihood of anyone having an adverse reaction is hardly even worth worrying about.

To be 100% safe, you could always patch test this product before applying it in full. Simply choose a small area of your body and apply it to see if anything happens. We didn’t come across any such reactions during our research and testing, though we did appreciate it being mentioned on the official site.

Question 8 – Can this cream be used by anyone of any age?

Answer – Yes, this cream can be used safely by both sexes. It is suitable and effective for all complexion types.. In terms of age, this brand recommends that you refrain from using their products if you are under 13 years of age.

This is a pretty standard restriction when it comes to health and beauty products. In the case of skin lightening creams, it’s not a major issue as children under the age of 13 very rarely find themselves with this affliction.

Question 9 – How long will a single bottle last for?

Answer – A standard bottle comes in at 50mls in terms of volume – 1.7 ounces in other words. This volume should last a person between one and one and a half months if used in the correct manner. Obviously, if used incorrectly like loading it onto your body then it’ll last considerably less time! Try and remember, more is not always better! 😉

The Best Place to Buy & My Final Word

Before I wrap up my review of this cream supplied by SkinBright, I’ll quickly mention where the best place to buy this product can be found. When buying online, we at the Health Base always recommend two options – the first is that you buy from a trusted wholesaler. Amazon would be a perfect example of such a place. They have an unquestionable brand reputation and will always put the customer ahead of the manufacturer.

The second is that you buy directly from the brand’s website, cutting out any middle men in the process. This guarantees that you are dealing directly with the brand in which you are buying from. This is probably the best method of online shopping, as long as the brand is a good, trustworthy one.

This second method is the one that we recommend if you decide to go with this particular cream. This brand is a super one, with a top notch reputation and customer service record. What’s more, this brand offer deals and coupons on their website that significantly reduce the cost of their products – such things cannot be found anywhere else.

Well, that’s my review done! I hope that you found it helpful and informative. Feel free to fire any questions or wonderings my way and also check out the related content that I’ve added to the bottom of this page. In particular, our guide on skin lighting is very relevant - Thanks! 🙂

Until next time, stay healthy & happy,



I'm Hannah and I've been writing for The Health Base for three years now. When not doing so, I'm kept busy running my beauty salon and keeping my three young kids out of trouble! Sometimes both at the same time! Shoot me any queries that you might have - let's talk!.