Benefits and Uses of Basil Oil

Basil oil

A Quick Word on EOs

This article will primarily focus on the uses and benefits of basil essential oil. But, to whet the appetite, let me first explain what exactly these substances are and why they are viewed as being ​key to numerous people’s health and happiness.

These substances aren’t exactly a new prospect – they’ve been around in various forms for thousands of years. You name it, Egyptian; Greek; Roman, all the great ancient civilizations used these natural substances for a whole host of different reasons.

Unlike these great dynasties, however, EOs have indeed survived the test of time and are today being used just as frequently.

Aromatherapy oils

This is quite understandable. Why? Well, because not only are the ingredients of these substances 100% natural and organic as well as being abundant in supply, these amazing oils also have massive benefits and numerous applications. These benefits and applications cover some of the most vital areas of our everyday lives, like health, medicinal, and beauty. These also oils also impact on smaller areas like cooking, relaxing, or boosting energy output.

In terms of the actual physical construct, these natural substances can be described as being a concentrated amount of compounds from a particular plant/herb that have been distilled into liquid form. This means that you can get all the goodness from nature in a manner that can be easily rubbed in, inhaled, or swallowed.

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Basil Essential Oil

This natural substance that is automatically linked with health and freshness. The main reason for this is because the basil leaf is quite commonly used in cooking. Even while writing this now I’m imagining a lovely bowl of my favourite pasta dish with a sprinkling of this herb as garnish on top. Yum. 😊

In terms of the technical stuff, the botanical name for this substance is ocimum basilicum and it belongs to the labiatae/lamiaceae family – also known, quite adorably, as the mint family! This herb is native to Asia and Africa but different versions of it can be located all over the globe.

Due to its adaptability to different terrains and climates, this herb is grown on every continent and each place supplies a different variation of this healthy plant.

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Uses for Basil Essential Oil

This substance is a perfect example of an EO in that it has numerous uses. This then, obviously, results in it having many, many benefits. I’ll get to the benefits in a little bit, but for now let me explain some of the uses of this terrific oil.

Uses of a Mental Nature

Improves Concentration Levels

We all suffer from lagging levels of focus, especially in the latter hours of a Thursday and Friday in work! While some people rely on caffeine to get them through to the weekend, other, more health-conscious people, employ the power of basil to give them that badly needed mental boost.

Inhaling even just a little bit of this oil will instantly cause your brain to kick into a higher gear. The best method of achieving this that I’ve come across is to use an home dispersing machine – simply leave it running in the background and allow the device to fill your immediate surroundings with the super relaxation scent that this oil can provide.

​​​​Relieves Stress

Relieve stress

Another thing that we cannot escape from in the modern world is stress. I don’t care how much yoga you do; how many times a week you exercise; or are how “zen” you may be, stress will enter into your life at some point.

That’s why it’s a great idea…nay it’s an ESSENTIAL one (pun intended) to have methods of easing stress levels. Yes, yoga and exercising are two great ones, but they do involve actually physically moving.

Sometimes, if you’re like me at the end of hard working day, the thoughts of moving only add to my stress levels!!

This is where using a relaxing agent like this EO can be super effective as it has a natural capability of relaxing muscles and thus works wonders on easing the tension that can build up at our temples. This brings me nicely to….


Metal fatigue can often lead to headaches. Unfortunately. There is very little worse than a splitting headache – it’s a sure-fire way to ruin your concentration levels and quite possibly your entire day!!

As I said before, a great use of this herbal agent is to relax the muscles in your forehead. This will work wonders for banishing that annoying ache in your head. Peppermint is also a great alternative for pains in the head. 

TOP TIP: Use a top-drawer home machine – as mentioned before, this is by far the best way of getting the maximum out of any of these natural substances.

Uses of Physical Nature

Eases Sore Muscles

I’ve already touched on this in the previous paragraphs when I noted that this EO can work wonders to ease the pain and stiffness in muscles. This also goes for muscles in your body and not just your head.

Massaging a liberal amount of this substance into your sore and aching muscles will immediately have the effect of causing them to relax.



This is a super habit to get into if you’re the type of person that lifts heavy weights. Not only will it ease the pain in your body, but it will also speed up the recovery time so that you can hit the weights again sooner!

Rosemary essence is also extremely good for this.

Cuts & Irritated skin

Another, lesser known, use of this herbal agent is the fact that it can help in the treatment and recovery of skin that has been irritated or cut. The oil will soothe the affected area and help with the healing process.

Though, it must be added that this will only work on minor cuts or sources of irritation. As always is the case, any cut or scrape should be treated with antiseptic cream and then bandaged correctly.

Frankincense is another great EO for this particular issue because of the antiseptic properties that it naturally possesses. 

Uses of a Health & Beauty Nature

Cold & Flu

I may be beginning to sound like a broken record at this point…but, as with stress and concentration levels, colds and flues are another thing that we really cannot avoid throughout our lives. Having a cold or flu certainly isn’t the worst health matter that could afflict you, but such ailments are still quite annoying.

A result of a cold or flu is usually having your nose and/or chest become congested with nasty gunk. Inhaling a bit of basil EO can work wonders to soften this gunk. This will then expediate the process of getting rid of it from your body.

Stomach issues

Stomach issues covers quite a large scope of possible problems. From cramps associated with that time of the month; to stomach bugs; to digestive difficulties, there are a whole host of issues that could cause our tummies to be in pain.

As with headaches and lactic acid, one of the major uses of basil is to ease the muscles in our stomachs. By helping these muscles to relax, such things as cramps or digestive issues can be greatly diminished. Again, Peppermint oil is a great for this particular problem.


Our nails are perhaps not something that we overly concern ourselves with. Certainly, the majority of males pay little to no attention to their nails! Once their cut every now and again then their fine. Women put a little bit more time and effort into their nail appearance.

In saying this, a surprising number of people, both male and female, fall victim to fungal infections in their nails – this especially prevalent for the nails on our feet. The herbal compound that I'm discussing in this article is a commonly used solution for such infections.

This oil, applied to the affected area, can work wonders in clearing up any infection that may have sprang up. The reason for this is that this substancel has an element in it known as chemotype methyl chavicol. This element possesses a high quantity of anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties which works to combat any infection.

Oily hair

Another example of the many uses of this herbal compound is to reduce the oil/sebum that can sometimes be exuded from our scalp. This overabundance of sebum can then cause our hair to look very greasy and shiny – something that isn’t a particularly good look.

Massaging a bit of basil into your scalp can will actually work to control the sebum production. It will also have the added benefit of strengthening your hair and stimulating follicle growth.

Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

As you can see from the uses that I’ve already outlined, there are a whole host of benefits associated with this herb-based oil. In no particular order, here are some of those key benefits:



- This herb has been used foe countless years to add a bit of freshness and taste to meals all over the world


- Whether struggling with nausea, cramps, vomiting, or digestive issues, this EO has been proven to relax the muscles of your stomach & ease any discomfort


- Incorporated into a EO home diffusing machine, this natural substance can take your relaxation and stress relief attempts to the next level

Mental Fatigue

- Stress & lack of concentration can severely affect our health & productivity. Incorporating a little of this EO into your health & beauty regime can work miracles to alleviate any mental issues


- Whether it be fungal or a flu or cold, this particular essential oil benefits the body by supplying it with anti-fungal & antimicrobial agents that work to combat the unwanted invaders

Acne & Skin Care

- High on the list of benefits for this substance it its ability to soothe & heal irritated skin - this includes small scars; dry & irritated skin; sun damaged skin; or mild acne. Simply rub in a small amount of the oil

Below is a quick bullet pointed list of what I believe are the most pertinent benefits of this marvelous herb:

Benefits of Basil

Video - Benefits & Uses

During my research into this EO, I came across this great video that adds credence to the elements that I've mentioned in this article. I hope you enjoy, it's worth a look! 🙂

Final Word

There you have it folks – there are the key uses and benefits of basil essential oil. There are of course more uses and benefits, but for the sake of conciseness, I distilled the information into what I believed were the key points.

As I’m sure you aware of by this point, this is a super effective substance that is a 100% natural agent which can be used for a whole host of different reasons. EOs have been used for centuries all over the world, and the basil version is a prime example of why that has been the case.

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