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Hey, guys, Beth from the HealthBase team here once again. Today I’ve got a really interesting article for you. The topic is a bit out of the box, but it’s one that we still get asked about from time to time – this topic being homemade dermabrasion techniques.

Such questions like “is it possible to achieve a quality DIY attempt”; and “what are the best ingredients to use”, are often send our way. So, today, I said I’d spent some time addressing this issue.

I’m a big fan of this particular exfoliating technique and that of microdermabrasion so hopefully I’ll be able to impart some knowledge onto you that I’ve gained from my own experiences. If you'd like a more broader and thorough look at the latter then please take a look a my comprehensive guide: https://thehealthbase.com/best-microdermabrasion-machines/.

With regards to this article, a tried and tested DIY version of this cleansing method incorporates the use of eggs…I know, it sounds quite left field!! 😊 However, before we get stuck into the minutia of exactly how this treatment is performed and the potential benefits, allow me first to briefly explain the overall treatment.

What is Dermabrasion?

Not to be confused with microdermabrasion, this cleansing treatment is widely seen as being one of the best exfoliation methods that there is.

With regards to removing such elements as dead skin cells; excess sebum/oil; dirt; sun damage; and air pollution, this method has been proven to be super effective at removing accumulated substances.

However, when someone normally thinks of a dermabrasion definition, they usually link it with surgery. 

Question mark

To some extent, the above belief is correct. You see, the usual form of this treatment does indeed revolve around visiting a medical clinic.

In such a clinic you will undergo a mildly invasive procedure that strips the superficial layer of skin from your face – thus removing all that unwanted material that I mentioned before. This is achieved by using a medical device. I must add that this process can be quite a painful experience, even to the point that some people need to avail of anaesthetics.

Now, this raises an obvious question – how can I avail of this treatment from the comfort of my home if I cannot get my hands on such a medical device? Well, we’ll look at that next. 😊

Dermabrasion at Home

It may seem a bit fanciful that eggs could be used to cleanse and exfoliate our faces, but, in fact, this food source is quite a common tool used by beauty salons all over the world. The reason for this lies in the inner layer of skin located in an egg shell.

This skin has the marvellous ability of being ability to suck impurities and other nastiness up out of your pores. This will obviously then remove these unwanted substances from your skin.

In regards of how to actually perform this method, simply crack a boiled egg and remove the outer shell. Then remove the layer of skin that is attached to this shell – it’s very thin so be careful. Once this is accomplished, place this egg skin onto the area of your face that you want to exfoliate – you might need a couple of eggs if you’re looking to exfoliate the entirety of your face.

Leave the egg skin in place on your face for 15 minutes, then remove it and bin the skin along with the shell. The end result should be that you’ll also remove quite a bit of unwanted residues that have been sucked up by, and are now stuck to, the egg skin.

You’ll also have a boiled egg or two ready to eat. A healthy Lunch and an exfoliation session, what more could ask for? 😉

The Benefits

With regards to the dermabrasion before and after comparison, your skin should both feel and look refreshed. I’ve outlined the some of the key benefits of this practice below:


DIY Option v Home Microdermabrasion Machine

Cost Effect

OK, the main question that is born from this conversation is, of course, whether or not this treatment method is worth doing.

Are the results worth the effort and, if not, then are there better options out there and what are they?

Straight off the bat, it’s important to understand that the DIY method I’ve outlined in this article, and other such versions, will not be as effective as a dermabrasion session conducted in a professional clinic – this is just a fact so please don’t fall for the sources that say otherwise.

And there are quite a few that do!!

This is understandable when you take into account what’s actually entailed in both options. A professional clinic uses a high-tech machine that has been specifically designed to scour unwanted substances from your face. The DIY dermabrasion method that I outlined in this article uses eggs and…well, that’s it. 😊

Though, despite this, the DIY version can indeed have a very noticeable cleansing effect on your face. Also, it’ll be a heck of a lot less painful than a machine, as well as being far cheaper. A professional treatment could cost you anywhere from $1,000 upwards – not exactly cheap.

OK, so let’s say you don’t fancy the cost nor the pain of the professional route, but you’re also not convinced by the DIY options. What’s the alternative? This bring us to…

Home Microdermabrasion Machine

These kits/machines are kind of the best of both worlds if you ask me, and the benefits really do speak for themselves. To begin with, they are far superior to any DIY method due to the fact that they revolve around using specially designed machines with either diamond or crystal tips that exfoliate our skin – this is certainly more effective than egg shells!

Also, such a home kit is far cheaper than a full blow dermabrasion session. In fact, it could be less than a third of the price, depending on what brand of machine you go for. Microdermabrasion is also far more invasion in nature so that eliminates the pain factor. A mild tingling sensation is all that will be felt from this treatment type, something that I actually find quite pleasant! 😊

The other massive benefits that these home kits have over a visit to a professional clinic is the time and effort factors. People prefer to be able do things from their homes because it’s far less time consuming and the effort levels needed are minimal. There’s no having to make a booking with a clinic; no driving to the location; no wasting time in the waiting room; et cetera et cetera.

If this sounds like something that tickles your fancy, then click on the image below and take a look at our full comprehensive guide on this issue. Or, if you want to see an example of a top-rated machine, click here.

Microderm guide

The Verdict

A home dermabrasion attempt using natural ingredients will never really be as effective as a professional clinic. This is something I believe to be true as the logic behind this line of thinking is pretty straightforward and concrete as I’ve explained above.

However, this doesn’t mean that the DIY method I mentioned earlier can’t be of use. Why not give it a go and see what effects it can have on your skin. It’s cheap and easy to administer so it’s definitely worth a go.

With this said, if you are looking for a more thoroughly tried, tested, and proven method of deeply exfoliating your face, then I’d recommend you take a look at our complete microdermabrasion guide. I personally have one of these machines and use it every week or so to scour all that accumulated rubbish that clings to all our faces.

If you have any questions on about this article, or indeed on any topic that’s on this site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 😊

Wishing You the Best Health,



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