Venapro Review – My Personal Experience

My Battle with Hemorrhoids

Hello, guys!

My name is Ann (that's me on the right 🙂 )  and I openly admit that I've suffered from chronic Piles for years. 

I used to suffer daily until  I happened, by chance, across a product that has literally given me my life back. So, if your looking for the best hemorrhoids remedy, then I am extremely happy you found this website and I strongly suggest that you read on.

However, I understand that some people just want the answer and are not interested in how I came across the solution to my own personal problem. This is fine. If this sounds like you then simply click on the link that I've provided below! 🙂


The Curse of Piles

If you’ve ever suffered from haemorrhoids for any period of time, then, as I did, I'm sure you've searched high and low for a solution that can give you the instant relief when you need it most.

The itch alone is enough to make it irritating to a maddening extent. 🙁

This is indeed one terrible condition to have and it's also a very inconvenient one to have - the pain it causes when you move around or sit down impairs your ability to even go through daily routines properly, let alone go out to meet and interact with people.

I should know what I'm talking about - I had had external Piles for years. It wasn't fun. 

This means that I know exactly how you feel…

For that reason, I decided to write a piece of content on this particular topic. 

I remember that when I was looking on the internet for solutions the problem that I encountered was that I just didn’t know what to believe. Even the doctors that I visited couldn’t prescribe me anything that really worked. Some creams gave me instant relief, but it was never permanent.

It was about this time when I was nearly giving up that I came across the Venapro brand. It literally changed my life. And, because of this, I decided I ought to make an honest review so that anyone else in my situation would benefit from my experience. That's my motivation for writing this piece so now let's get to it! 🙂

My Personal Experience

When it comes to haemorrhoids, I feel that I know what I'm talking about considering I suffered with this ailment for so long. I went from product to product, vaguely seeing any results. I'm pretty sure that I tried most of the products out there without seeing much success.

What really became frustrating for me was the fact that no matter what I tried the haemorrhoids wouldn’t go away. By the end of it, I felt as if this problem was never going to go away because there was something wrong with my body. As you can imagine, this line of thinking started to get me very worried.

The pain was detrimental and constantly residing in my body. I was close to getting it surgically removed. What made my situation even worse was that I felt embarrassed, even to the point that I wouldn't discuss it with anyone. I really was at the end of my rope when, thankfully, Venapro entered into my life.

Learn from your mistake

I truly want anyone that is reading this piece to realize just how truly amazing this product is. For example, recently my sister's daughter was pregnant and she too had severe Piles. I suggested that she try this product due to my own experience with it. After 2-3 weeks the pain had eased off and now she is perfectly fine! So, as you can see, it didn’t just work for me. It wasn't just a fluke. It's the real deal!

The great thing about Venapro was the quickness in how it alleviated my condition. We're talking weeks here, not months. These results really shocked me. I was feeling so much better and could go about my day like I used to be able to. People even saw how much happier I was. After years of pain I had finally overcome my health issues once and for all. The relief, well, I can still feel it!! It sill makes me smile. 🙂

It has been roughly six months now that I have been using this brand and all I can say is I'm so happy I did - all the burning sensations and the pain and itching have completely vanished. The results really do speak for themselves.

But don't just take my word for it. On this page  (click here to see actual results) I found multiple customers who have all benefited massively from this treatment method. The positive results seem universal.

Venapro Relief Formula

Venapro is a proprietary formula of natural ingredients that is safe and effective in giving you quick relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids without requiring a prescription from a doctor.

It is actually a two part system of natural herbs sand minerals formulated to help you deal with the short-term irritating symptoms, and also improving your colon health in the long term.

How Does it Work?

In the picture I've given, the one on the left is the Haemorrhoid Formula Spray, and is administered by a couple of sprays each time under the tongue.

The reason for under-the-tongue administration is that it allows for quicker absorption into the blood stream. This allows users to get relief from the itch and pain of Piles much faster. Instant impact 🙂

Venapro Cream

Also, since this is unlike the creams that require you to apply them to the affected areas, you would worry about causing abrasion to the swelling parts when you use the spray.

I tried it with the understanding that it was an anti-inflammatory formula that is safe for use, and I was pleased with the effectiveness of the fast relief it provided.

I must note that this is not some sort of magic pill as it won't cure you of all the pain in an instant. Instead, you can expect it to alleviate a large part of the discomfort caused by the outbreaks when you use it according to the instructions as provided in the manual.

Natural Colon Supplement

colon cancer

The second component of this solution is the bottle of herbal based pills that improves your overall colon health. Used as a dietary supplement,  it's intended to help users keep away the recurrence of another Piles episode in the long term by targeting the factors that lead to it.

Several different reasons can result in this ailment forming in your body. These include, but are not limited to, irregular bowel habits (constipation or diarrhoea); lack of exercise; and poor nutrition (low-fiber diet).

What the Colon supplement pill does is that it calms the inflamed rectal tissues immediately upon contact. It then works to repair and accelerate the healing of any torn or damaged tissues.

Also by lubricating the sensitive passage ways and acting as a natural aesthetic to make bowel movements more comfortable, it thus works to restore normal blood flow to the rectal area. This overall reduces constipation and is therefore a good preventive measure to further outbreaks.

Again, as effective as this is in keeping Haemorrhoids away in the long term for me and thousands of others who have tried it, I would like to remind you that this is no silver bullet. Persistent treatment is needed if you are going to remove this condition once and for all.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of this product are there for everyone to see - the tonnes and tonnes of customer reviews and testimonials online prove this ten fold. Below is a quick summary of the positives that I, and others, have gained from using Venapro:

  • This cream doesn't require a prescription yet still works better than 99.9% of prescribed options

  • 100% natural ingredients means no worries regarding side-effects

  • Effectively promotes the flow of blood to the rectal area

  • Relieves the pain associated with this affliction

  • Treats damaged tissues

  • Lubricates the sensitive areas

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee which means this is a risk-free method

  • The Venapro brand possess a top quality customer service & support department

How Natural Are The Ingredients?

Some people prefer to use steroids and anesthetics to alleviate the swelling and pain while others prefer homeopathic formulas such as the product you're reading about now.

In this section I've chosen to outline some of the many ingredients that are found in the natural formula of this product.

One such ingredient is horse chestnut. This helps deal with impaired circulation that is caused by haemorrhoids. It has been used for quite some time by many cultures and has been incorporated into modern medicine with time.

Horse chestnut strengthens veins, therefore alleviating this health issue. It also deals with swellings that accelerate the disorder, therefore providing relief for the user.

Zinc oxide is also contained in this product. It builds a barrier around the anus, which is the area where this affliction usually is concentrated. This barrier is essential in relieving pain and itching being experienced. It also reduces contact between stool and anal skin, therefore reducing the pain experienced when defecating.

Bilberry helps in the development of circulatory processes in the body. It also relieves pain from varicose veins. For these reasons, bilberry is added to deal with some of the symptoms experienced when one has haemorrhoids. It deals with the impaired circulation and it is therefore used to relieve peripheral blood flow deficit. This ingredient also deals with discomforts of piles.

Fluoride and lime are effective tissue remedies for stony, hard glands and varicose veins. They both work towards reducing the size of the Piles and alleviating the inflammation experienced. They are therefore incorporated in order to effectively deal with this issue.

Krameria Mapato is another component of this formula. It is added in order to reduce the pain experienced in the rectal area when passing stool. It is therefore helpful when one is dealing with haemorrhoids, hence its addition to the ingredients.

Cascara Sagrada has active elements that aid the movement of matter across the alimentary canal. These elements are helpful in curing piles and eliminating its chances of return. It also reduces strain that can flare up when solid stool is being passed.

Red sage is a Chinese herb whose role in this formula is to stimulate blood flow and lessen stasis. It also reduces chances of contracting an anal bacterial infection and also reduces inflammation. It has been tested in many clinical studies, which have confirmed its effectiveness and safety.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

Users of prescription medicine often suffer from unwanted side effects. This is despite the medication effectively eliminating the infection/disorder that such individuals were hitherto suffering from. However, cases of any side effect with this product are few; users rarely have complaints of secondary symptoms.

There are many products used to counter the negative symptoms of hemorrhoids. These include steroids and anesthetics, which are used to alleviate pain and swelling. Both of these products have negative consequences. This is not the case with this brand.

Ingredients used in this formula are 100% natural. They are also derived from substances that have been used by communities for several centuries to deal with various disorders. Homeopathic components of this drug are also derived from natural minerals and plants.

Worth considering

The site run by the manufacturer issues some usage directions which also have several caveats. These include getting the approval of a qualified physician before commencing use and sticking to the prescribed formula. They also advise people who are allergic to any of the ingredients to steer clear of the product. Apart from this, no possible side issues are listed.

Some people use this product for a couple of months successfully and gotten cleared of any negative reactions. Various organizations have also studied the formula and given it a clean bill of health. This serves to prove claims made by the manufacturer, declaring the product as completely safe to use.

Currently, there are scant documented cases of secondary symptoms resulting from the use of this medication. It is said that symptoms experienced by a number of users result from pharmaceutical drugs used alongside the formula. Such people experience indigestion and allergies.

For instance, one may experience some discomfort if they have a latex allergy. Users are however advised to remain on proper diets and drink lots of fluid when they are on this medication. Strenuous activities should also be avoided to prevent strain on the alimentary canal. To enhance digestion, users are advised to eat foods rich in fiber.

As mentioned earlier, negative symptoms may be experienced if one is on prescription drugs. Possible detrimental interactions may occur. If you happen to be using any prescription medicine, you are advised to first consult a physician before using. People are also cautioned to buy the product from the official site only, and users are directed to stick to the prescribed directions. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised to be cautious when using this product.

The Bottom Line - What Can You Expect?

The spray will be able to drastically relieve the stress, strain, and pain caused to the anal area when you need it, and it relieves your discomfort even better when you have used it for 2 weeks or more.

It is also very simple to use, and works very well in helping you deal with the symptoms in the short term. In addition, when you take the supplement pills regularly with a high in fiber diet and sufficient water and exercise, your condition will definitely see significant improvement over several weeks.

 - Hydration is important as this flushes toxins from your body and keeps your stools soft, so that they pass through easily causing less strain and hence pain.

 - Meeting your daily requirement of fiber helps improve your bowel motions become more regular. Remember that constipation is one of the key causes of hemorrhoids.

As alluded to already, the ingredients that can be found inside this product are excellent in assisting and reducing the amount of inflammation in the rectum and hence reduces the pain and swelling even further. As your colon health improves, it is also a wise move to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle to boost your body’s immune system even further.

In a nutshell, this brand's treatment method was exactly what I was yearning for – an attractive solution and remedy for my haemorrhoid problems without the hassle, high cost, and embarrassment that accompanies surgery, prescription medication, and endless specialist appointments.

What's more, this brand is so confident in its product that if it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back via the incredible 90 Money Back Guarantee. Therefore, if you’re looking to get rid of the itching, bleeding, swelling and pain, and want to do it with any financial risk, the Venapro may just be what you've been  looking for.

Customer Testimonials

reviews venapro

Real Consumer Feedback

“Pain lessened after two weeks of use. Pain and symptoms at almost two months of use are 85% better. Not totally gone, but I do think it will be gone once I have completed the full six months of use. I would recommend this product. It really does work.” – Actual Customer Feedback from

“I also purchased Venapro after reading some other reviews. From my use of two weeks, the irritation has gone away and the external swelling is totally gone.” – Actual Customer Feedback from

“I’m sure the length of time it takes varies from patient to patient but this product absolutely saved me from any surgery and I would recommend this to anyone! Thanks for such a great product.” – Actual Customer Feedback from

“I’ve been using this product for a couple of months and it is working. Pain has noticeably lessened after two weeks of use.” – Actual Customer Feedback from

Buying the Product

From my own personal experiences, I was somewhat reluctant to buy this product in a drugstore. Why? Because buying hemorrhoid cream can be quite embarrassing!!

Ultimately, this was why I chose to buy my cream online. As fortune had it, this was also the cheapest option! 🙂

If you're like me, and you're a bit conscious about your privacy, then buying online may be the ideal mode of purchase for you too.


After doing some thorough research on the web, I soon figured out that the best place to buy this treatment was actually from the official website. This source supplies the best deals and also has the added benefit of cutting out the middle man. What I mean by this is that if you have any order problems you can simply contact Venapro's excellent customer service team and sort the issue in a prompt fashion.

Take a look at the Official Website for yourself:

The benefits of buying this product from the official vendor:

  • Venapro deliver worldwide - no matter where you are worldwide, you can avail of this cream

  • Buy directly from the official website will allow you to avail the brand's top class customer service department

  • Buying through the official Venapro site means you can avail of their latest promotion which currently allowed for 2 FREE creams with certain orders

Also, I must add that when I went to my doctor I never actually received any remedy for my hemorrhoid. Most products that they recommend were nothing more than a temporary solution to the problem. These treatments targeted the outside while the real problem lay unperturbed on the inside. Only by tackling the internal issue can you banish this affliction from your body in a permanent fashion.

Common FAQs

What is Piles?

They are veins located in the rectal region that become enlarged due to excessive stress and strain.

How to Treat External Hemorrhoids?

Using a top-quality cream like the one I've focused on this review is without doubt the most effective treatment type.

How Long do Piles Last?

This will really depend on a whole host of varying factors such as: 1) Is the problem external or internal? 2) How severe are the lumps? 3) What treatment type are your planning to use? 4) The steadfastness of your efforts.

How to Get Rid of Piles Without Seeing a Doctor?

We at the Health Base always recommend that you visit a doctor when it comes to any type of health issue - this is just common sense. However, if you are dead set on trying to solve this issue from the comfort and privacy of your own home, then I highly recommend that you give Venapro a try. It certainly worked for me and I can see no reason why you couldn't gain the same results.

How Long Does it Take for a Hemorrhoid to Shrink?

I found that my own lumps began to noticeable shrink in size within a few days of when I first applied this cream. Again though, this will vary from person to person.

My Final Word & Verdict

Well, there brings an end to my review on this particular product. As I'm sure you're aware of by now, I fully endorse this treatment method - it worked miracles for my and I have no doubts that it will do likewise for you or your loved ones. 

Haemorrhoids are an absolute nightmare, there's no getting away from this. Yes, it's possible to live with them, but it will be a life riddled with pain and discomfort. Nobody wants this! Whether you try this option or not, I wish you all the best with your treatment attempts.

Just remember, these types of afflictions can indeed be removed from your life. Be proactive and you'll soon be back to full health 🙂

Take Care & Be Well,


P.S. - For more of a general look on this topic, please check out our comprehensive Hemorrhoid treatment guide.

The Best Treatment for Hemorrhoids
  • Ingredients
  • Customer Service
  • Effectiveness
  • Packaging


If you’ve suffered in silence with the excruciating pain and itch associated with hemorrhoids, then this might be  the solution for you.

Introducing to you Venapro – A uniquely designed formula that has allowed 100,000’s of sufferers worldwide find a solution to their issue.

We’ve rated this on the following criteria:

  1. Ingredients – 100% Natural
  2. Customer Service – We tested response times and how helpful the customer service team were.
  3.  Effectiveness – How well does it work
  4. Packaging – Discreet


My name is Ann and I am a Senior Editor for the The Health Base Team. I've accumulated a wealth of life experience over the years concerning health and beauty issues. This is why I decided to write for the Health Base - so I can share what I've learnt. I hope you find it helpful :) For a personal conversation, you can get in touch with me here. Take care!