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Hemorrhoid home treatment


Hello, guys, Ann here with a quick article based on a topic that we get asked about quite a bit. That topic being one once centered around home remedies for haemorrhoids. In particular, I will be focusing on which remedies are most common and which ones are actually effective.

Piles are a particularly nasty affliction, and, unfortunately, it’s also one that is commonplace in the modern world. A serious problem with this issue lies in the psychological impact that it can have on a person.

People who suffer from haemorrhoids are often too ashamed or self-conscious to visit a doctor or health specialist. This is understandable, and thus the reason why home remedies like top rated creams or essential oils are all the rage.

I used to suffer quite badly with this health issue so, unfortunately, what I speak of comes from personal experience.

Below I will outline some of the more popular home remedies for hemorrhoids, so hopefully you will see something that’ll catch your fancy. 😊

How to Treat Hemorrhoids at Home?

I think it’s fair to say that everyone would prefer to treat their health issues in the comfort of their own home.

Visiting doctors and hospitals takes effort and time; it can be quite expensive; and, as is with this particular issue, it can bring about feelings of embarrassment and angst.

Now, we at theHealthBase always advocate that you make use of your local health professional if you indeed have a health issue – that’ what they are there for, after all. 

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However, there’s no harm in also trying some home methods of treatment as well. Below are some proven methods of how to treat haemorrhoids at home. Once you have the correct information then there's no reason why some of the following options couldn't work for you.

1 – Sitz Baths

A Sitz bath is one of the more commonly attempted remedies for haemorrhoids pain as it softens and soothes the effected area. With regards to what this treatment actually entails, it’s basically a small bath that is designed so a person can place their posterior in it.

There are a few different variations, but the most common type of a Sitz bath comes in the form of a small apparatus that fits over your toilet bowl. You then fill this bath apparatus with warm water and add in some essential oils that are specifically designed to treat such issues as Piles (I’ll discuss these oils in more depth in a short while).

Below are the pros and cons of this treatment type:


  • Relaxing and Soothing – will bring relief to the affected area in terms of the pain associated with this issue. 

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    Positive Impact – due to the use of essential oils, this method will result in a positive change in your condition.


  • Time Restrictive – it’s widely advised that you use this treatment after you’ve had a bowel movement, more for practical reasons rather than any health benefits. This means that you’ll have to plan when to avail this treatment in advance. This is something that’s not always going to be feasible. For example, bringing the Sitz bath into work isn’t exactly a great idea!! If you have a bowel movement schedule that rivals Sheldon Cooper’s, then this probably won’t be an issue (😊). However, for most people, it can be a bit tricky to gauge exact bowel movements so it’s something that’s worth noting.                                                                                
  • Time Consuming and Effort – it’s recommended that you stay sitting in your Sitz bath for 15 minutes and then to repeat this treatment twice daily time. This means that this method is more time consuming than some of the other remedies I’ll be looking at.                               
  • Cost – this treatment altogether will cost in and around $30 - $40. This is including the actual Sitz bath device and enough essential oils for a couple of weeks. This isn’t an exorbitant amount of money by any means, but it’s certainly more expensive than other available options.

2 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar to treat any type of skin issue is something that is a highly contentious approach. Yes, this product can potentially remove such skin maladies like skin tags; warts; and even hemrrohoids.

However, this really doesn’t tell the whole story. A main ingredient of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid…the key word here being acid!

Acid and skin are very rarely a good combination and this is where the problem lies with regards to using this as a treatment method.

Apple cider vinegar can very easily burn and irritate your skin if not used properly, something that will only exacerbate the issue that you’re trying to cure.

Bottle of apple cider vinegar

Verdict: Any possible positives are outweighed by the major con that this substance is potentially harmful to the skin. Therefore, this is a really risky treatment method that should be avoided, especially when there are other options that are completely safe and also more effective.

3 – Psyllium Husk

This is a bit of an out of the box option but one that has been proven to help to a certain degree. It’s not an option that you should solely rely upon, but it’s definitely one that can be helpful when used in conjunction with other treatment methods.

With regards to what this substance is, psyllium husk is a fiber supplement that people often take so as to ensure they consume the recommended amount of fiber on a daily basis. By taking this supplement, and thus boosting your fiber intake, this ensures your stools are nice and soft which will make them easier to pass.


  • Boosts Fibre Intake – this will be advantageous in minimizing the irritation of existing haemorrhoids.


  • Won’t Treat the Existing Issue – this supplement will not actively treat existing Piles but rather will just have an impact on your fibre intake.                                           
  • Additional Treatment Options Required – because of the above reason, you’ll need to use other treatment options in conjunction with this supplement.                                           
  • Too Much Fibre – remember that you can get quite a large amount of fibre from food sources, so you’ll need to be careful about over doing it by also taking psyllium husk. Too much fibre will lead to such stomach issues as cramps and gas building up.                                     
  • More Water – you will need to drink more water than normal if you are taking this supplement. This is so as to ensure that there are no digestive issues brought about from the boost in fibre intake.                                    

4 – A Top Quality Cream*

(*The Health Base’s Recommendation)

This home treatment option is an obvious one and pretty self-explanatory. After all, it should come as no surprise that the best remedy for haemorrhoids is a product that has been specifically created to solve this issue.

A top-quality cream will have been scientifically tested and proven to be effective in dealing with Piles – both the internal and external variety.

But what are the key points to look for when considering a cream?

There are two key elements: 1) the ingredients and 2) the reputation.

Ingredients: when it comes to finding the best cream available, you definitely want to go with an option that uses an all-natural formula. There are certain brands that insist on incorporating different types of non-natural ingredients like preservatives and the like into the formula.

My advice is that you stay clear of these. There are plenty of brands that supply top quality creams that consist of nothing but natural ingredients. These are the creams that will work effectively without resulting in any adverse side effects.

Reputation: as with every product that you’re thinking of purchasing, it’s important to take into account the feedback that the product has received to date. This can be found by looking at reviews and testimonials of people who have tried and tested this product.

By looking at these reviews, you will soon see if the cream in question is worth the money or if you need to keep looking.


  • Designed to Work – a top haemorrhoid cream has been a specifically designed to treat this issue; this obviously makes it very effective at doing just this.

  • Cost Effective – these creams tend to be very affordable, and the price is even more attractive when you take into account the effectiveness and positivity that they can provide.

  • Instant Relief – the big issue with this health problem is the pain and discomfort that goes in hand in hand with it. A top cream will sooth these issues and make this affliction far more manageable. It will also work to provide an overall cure for the issue.

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    100% Natural Ingredients – as mentioned before, availing of a product that comes from natural sources is so beneficial as it dramatically reduces the chances that you will experience any negative side effects. The only thing that you’d have to look out for would be any potential allergic reactions.

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    Easy Application – an attractive element of using creams is the ease in which they can be applied. Simply rubbing the required amount of the cream into the affected area is really all there is to it! Simples. 😊


  • Locating a Top Brand – this is really the only negative aspect that comes with this treatment option. Putting in the necessary time and energy into researching different brands and products can be a bit exhausting. However, doing the leg work is certainly a better plan than simply buying the first cream that you come across only to find out that it's rubbish!!                               

5 – Essential Oils

We all want to know how to cure hemorrhoids at home fast and in an effective manner – this, after all, is the whole reason behind this article. However, another factor that can be added to the criteria of speed and effectiveness is naturalness.

Finding a natural solution is always desirable.

With this in mind, it comes with no surprise that essential oils enter into the conversation. These marvelous slices of nature are world renowned for having a litany of health benefits and uses.

Each one (and there are numerous types) is uniquely different but they all share one similarity – they’re all great for your health!

essential oils

When it comes to treating Piles, there are quite a few different types of oils that can be used to alleviate the immediate problems as well as working to provide a long-term solution for this vexing issue.


  • Variety – the different oil types have varying benefits and uses so it gives you room to experiment until you find the one, or combination, that works best.

  • Cost-Effectiveness – EOs are very affordable when you take into account the massive benefits that they can supply.

  • All Natural – EOs are purely natural in their design, this supplies peace of mind as you’ll know exactly what’s in them.


  • close

    Which Oil to Use – like I've said, there are numerous different types of oils...and then there are multiple different brands for each of these oils! As such, it can be tough deciding where to start.     A good plan of action is to either start with an individual oil or a top quality home kit - it really depends on your wants and needs are. 

 For a more thorough look at exactly how essential oils can benefit you in combatting this issue, please take a look at our relevant article by clicking on the image below:

Essential oils that treat hemorrhoids

Key Piece of Advice

The importance of your dietary habits in helping with this health issue cannot be overstated. It’s vital. The reason for this is because the better that your diet is, and the more conscious that you are about staying hydrated, then the easier and smoother your bowel movements will be.

This will then result in there being far less aggravation and pain. There are two key things to keep in mind with regards to this element of your treatment:

  • Fiber – This is a vital food type when it comes to having healthy digestive capabilities. It’s recommended that men eat 35 – 40 grams of fiber per day, while a women’s RDA is roughly 25 grams.
  • Water – It’s so important that you stay properly hydrated throughout the day. 6-8 glasses/2.5-3.5 liters of water is what you should be aiming for.

Both of these above steps will greatly improve your ability to pass stool in a smooth fashion. This will overall then prevent your haemorrhoid issue from getting worse while you treat the existing problem.

Is the Treatment Worthwhile?

So, this is what it boils down to – is there an effective way of treating this issue from the comfort and privacy of your own home? Well, as I’ve said before, it’s always advisable that you book an appointment with your local doctor if you have a health issue, especially one such as Piles.

However, despite saying this, there are indeed home remedies that have been tried, tested, and proven to work. Theses options are safe and well worth a go if you’re having reservations about visiting a doctor, or perhaps if you’re waiting for an appointment. As stated above, I believe that a top quality cream and/or the use of essential oils are the two top home remedies that I've come across.

I hope you found this article helpful and please check out our relevant articles located below.

Take Care & Be Well,


P.S. Also, if you have the time, you might find it beneficial to take a look at our complete guide on this issue - https://thehealthbase.com/hemorrhoid-treatment-guide/.


My name is Ann and I am a Senior Editor for the The Health Base Team. I've accumulated a wealth of life experience over the years concerning health and beauty issues. This is why I decided to write for the Health Base - so I can share what I've learnt. I hope you find it helpful :) For a personal conversation, you can get in touch with me here. Take care!